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One More Round - Rocky - Episode 11

* * Join Ryan, Kyle and Katie as they continue their journey into the first Rocky film! * *  - Sly's Instagram  ongoing drama   - What is a dago? - Rocky is a ham and egger, like Ryan   Twitter Discord Facebook Patreon

1h 12m
Aug 07
Round 14 Podcast - Episode 11

You want Action!!!?? Join our Discord  STALLONE VS ARNOLD We’ve got the two biggest action hero’s there is!! We take a look at movies Sly and Arnold were in starting in the late 70’s, and discuss the rivalry throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s We discuss how rivalry turned business partners,turning to friendship would eventually see them work together on screen Along the way, they produce some of the biggest blockbusters in movie history

Aug 05
Rocky Minute - Rocky 3 Minute 10: Drunk Tank Jay

Drunk, Paulie hurls a whiskey bottle at Rocky’s pinball machine which lands him in jail for the night. We talk about this moment as well as classic pinball, the advancements in movie making, and the drunk tank with guest host Craig Cohen. Guest - Craig  Cohen

Aug 04
"I Must Break" This Podcast - Skin Trade

Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord On this month's episode we're chatting the 2015 martial arts thriller, Skin Trade!  In this highly ambitious direct-to-video film, Dolph Lundgren teams up with Tony Jaa as two detectives who join forces to take down a Serbian mobster and destroy his worldwide human trafficking network!  Yet for Dolph, this mission is more than serving justice... it's personal!  Also along for the ride in this film is a star-studded cast of many who are more than familiar with the action genre, including Michael Jai White, Ron Perlman, Peter Weller, and Cary Tagawa!  Returning to the show to help me discuss this one is Ben Johnson, host of the Kung Fu Movie Guide! What is it about this film that makes it look much more cinematic than so many of Dolph's other films post-Expendables?  Just how generous is Dolph to his cast in letting everyone have their moment to shine in the film?  How amazing is the fight between Dolph and Tony Jaa?  And how does the film do at tackling the very weighty subject matter of human trafficking?  Join us as Ben and I answer these questions and many more as we chat Skin Trade! Major thanks to Ben Johnson for joining me!  Please be sure to check out both his website and associated podcast -- the Kung Fu Movie Guide:!  Please feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you go to subscribe!  Please be sure to check out the show's official webpage and Facebook page:;  Show's opening and closing music is "Sports Action" by Audionautix.

1h 32m
Aug 02
All '90s Action, All The Time! - Cliffhanger

"He's finally matched his meet. You really licked his ass." - Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) Join our Discord  After "Cliffhanger" got us back on the right path we return with another episode looking at another one of our favourites "Demolition Man." And just as exciting as that we also have a very special guest in the form of renowned YouTube movie reviewer Caleb Knutson. Over the course of the episode we discuss the joy that is Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix, just how lovable Sandra Bullock is in this film and the movies many memorable one-liners and set-pieces. Plus, of course, we talk about the three seashells, Taco Bell and President Schwarzenegger! Elsewhere in the episode, the trio talk about the movie's confused politics, why it is easy to see why this film is popular with the Fox News crowd and the logistics of just how far does this "utopian" society extend (it very much seems like no further than the West Coast of the US). Plus, we decide that there are few things funnier than Stallone listing off sexual euphemisms and discover this films interesting connection with "Batman Forever."

1h 57m
Aug 01
Sylvester Stallone Podcast Network - Sly Clarifies His Rocky Franchise Fight

Ryan Rebalkin from One More Round and It's A Long Road has the honor and privilege to share Sly’s latest message to his fans regarding his thoughts and feelings and reasons behind his fight, for the Rocky franchise, against the Winkler family.

Aug 01
Sylvester Stallone Podcast Network - The Battle for Rocky: Sly vs Winkler vs Dolph

Craig Cohen from Slycast Ryan Rebalkin from One More Round and It's A Long Road join forces and breakdown the latest drama on Sly's InstaGram regarding his fight for the Rocky rights Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord 

Jul 31
It's A Long Road - First Blood - Episode 12 (Season Finale)

* * * * Join host Ryan and guest co-hosts Tim and Tony from the Round 14 Podcast as they continue the First Blood journey! Join the FB group Join the Twitter Join the Discord Join my Patreon email: *  

Jul 31
Last of the Action Heroes - F/X

Ryan from the One More Round and It's a Long Road Podcasts is joined by Craig from the Slycast Podcast Together they join forces and discuss the movie F/X Join our FB group Join our Twitter Join our Discord

1h 32m
Jul 30
VAN DAMMIT! (Bonus) - The Next Karate Kid & The Karate Kid (2010)

Moody and Groo hold their noses and dive into the messes that are The Next Karate Kid and The Karate 2010 Kid! Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord  

1h 50m
Jul 30
Round 14 Podcast - Episode 10

Well Let Me Tell Ya Something Brother!!!! Join our Discord  Episode 10 and we’re running wild as we discuss Hulk Hogan and the impact of Hulkamania!! We look at the Hulkster’s role as Thunderlips and even how Sly himself not only picked Hogan for the role, but was there to induct Hulk Hogan in the WWE hall of fame!! Join us Wednesday 7pm est on YouTube!! We hope you enjoy the channel, if so please subscribe!

1h 4m
Jul 29
Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger - Eraser Episode 2

Welcome to the 2nd episode of our breakdown of 1996’s ERASER. Join us as Kevin and John talk about the Schwarzenegger shared universe, standing orders for balloon bouquets, toxic ex behavior, major/minor hand injuries, awkward flirting, the origins of Con Air, and we debate the Arnold Schwarzenegger of bourbons. This episode covers 21:01 - 42:07; Lee meets the Eraser and learns of the danger she’s in, the evidence is IMMEDIATELY stolen, Lee makes some bad decisions, Eraser saves her from assassins, Eraser disappears Lee in NYC, a rash of witness murders, and Eraser begins to distrust DeGuerin.

Jul 26
All '90s Action, All The Time! - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Join our Discord  We continue on our 90s Stallone journey with the 1991 disaster that is "Stop! OR My Mom Will Shoot." A film that even Stallone himself considers to be the worst of his career (That is right even worse than "Rhinestone", "Driven" or "Get Carter"). Is it that bad? Well yeah, it pretty much is. But just like last week that doesn't mean we don't have a fun episode for you. Even if most of that fun will probably stem from listening Scott and Craig losing their minds as they try to comprehend how anyone wrote this. Moreover, how anybody wrote this and thought it was funny! Elsewhere in the episode, Scott and Craig discuss how this might be the most generic movie ever made, how it is visible watching the film Stallone does not want to be there and just how hard Estelle Getty works to try and save the film (it doesn't work but it is still a worthy effort - the only worthy effort in the movie). Plus, we talk about the original darker draft of the script, the wild character inconsistencies and how this film is connected to the other worst film we have covered ,"The Patriot."

1h 47m
Jul 25
One More Round - Rocky - Episode 10

Join Ryan, Kyle and Katie as they continue their journey into the first Rocky film! - Will Samaritan do well?   - Why is Sly ranting on Instagram ? - Did Rocky coerce Adrian to sexy time?     Twitter Discord Facebook Patreon email:

1h 19m
Jul 24
VAN DAMMIT! (Bonus) - The Karate Kid Part III

Moody and Groo hold their noses and dive into the world of Karate Kid 3!!!! Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord  

2h 7m
Jul 23
Round 14 Podcast - Episode 9

“ I’m Batman” it’s one of the biggest franchises and take a deep dive into the Batman franchise, which one you ask, well all of them of course. We discuss each one, the similarities and the differences, also which ones we like better. And don’t worry, we still discuss Rocky and Rambo, with a look at some the villains each character faces. Join our Discord  We hope you enjoy the show, if so please like and subscribe!!

1h 2m
Jul 22
Arnold Podcast - Conan the Barbarian

joined by Sean Malloy from I must break this Podcast Join our FB group  Join LOTAH Twitter  Join our Discord

1h 0m
Jul 21
Drunk Bond Podcast - Thunderball (Revisit)

Topics include a drink from Goldeneye, the worst ways to die, and the worst Bond villain of them all: Kevin McClory. Join our Discord 

1h 1m
Jul 18
It's A Long Road - First Blood - Episode 11

* * * * Join host Ryan and guest co-hosts Bob and Zipp from the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast  as they continue the First Blood journey! Join the FB group Join the Twitter Join the Discord Join my Patreon email: *  

Jul 17
VAN DAMMIT! (Bonus) - The Karate Kid Part II

Moody and Groo continue their journey through the Miyagi-verse with an all-expenses paid vacation to Okinawa!!! Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord  

2h 16m
Jul 16
Round 14 Podcast - Episode 8

We’re in Franchise mode!! Episode 8 we discuss Rocky’s relationship with Paulie and Mickey as well as Rambo’s relationship with Trautman We take a dive into some other movie franchises that hold up the test of time.. Join our Discord  We hope you enjoy the channel, please like and subscribe

1h 10m
Jul 15
All '90s Action, All The Time! - Rocky V

You don't own me! You don't own me! Nobody does! I want my respect." - Tommy Gunn Join our Discord  And we're back! This time looking at the 90s action films of Sylvester Stallone. Scott and Craig kick off season 2 (Kyle is on one of his top secret CIA missions so can't join us this season) with an in-depth look at what many consider to be the worst entry in the Rocky. But is it though? Yes, it turns out it still very much is but that doesn't mean it is not fun to talk about. Not at all. Listen as we talk about how the film hilariously ham-fisted attempts to bring the series back to it roots, just how inexperienced real-life boxer Tommy Morrison was an actor before taking the role of Tommy Gunn  and how Don King probably should of sued given how much George Washington Duke (Richard Gant) is based on him. Elsewhere in the episode Scott and Craig are amused by Tommy's obsession with not being a robot, the worlds shortest teen rebellion phase and the fact anyone would trust Paulie (Burt Young) with there money. Plus, Scott is mightily confused as to how Craig can be a Stallone fan and not have seen the Rocky sequels (before this episode he had only seen the original and Creed).  

1h 37m
Jul 14
Where There's A Willis There's A Way - Tears of the Sun

The boys are back after Josh got COVID last week, and we’re discussing the 2003 film: Tears of the Sun! Bruce Willis plays a hardened war-guy and lots of scary things happen onscreen, but is it worth a watch? Kendrick and Josh parse things out in this weeks’ episode!   Check us out at:   Josh’s Ranking of Bruce Willis Films:   Kendrick’s Ranking of Bruce Willis Films:   Email us: Discord link:   Josh’s Sweet Treat: 5-4 Podcast:

1h 19m
Jul 13
Sylvester Stallone Podcast Network - Bullet To The Head

Craig Cohen from Slycast Doug Greenberg from Rocky Minute  Ryan Rebalkin from One More Round and It's A Long Road join forces and breakdown the 2012 film Bullet to the Head Join our FB group  Join our Twitter  Join our Discord 

1h 12m
Jul 12
One More Round - Rocky - Episode 9

Join Ryan, Kyle and Katie as they continue their journey into the first Rocky film! - How is Rocky at negotiating?   - Rocky can't sing, dance or skate? - Is Stallone ducking Ryan?   Twitter Discord Facebook Patreon email:

Jul 10
Round 14 Podcast - Episode 7

It’s a celebration!!! We go all out for Sly on this episode as we celebrate Sly's 76th birthday!! We look at the his movies, as a actor, director, writer, producer and artist We look at some our favorite movies, scenes, and memorable lines Sly, we hope you have the Happiest of birthday's!

1h 12m
Jul 08
All '90s Action, All The Time! - Rapid Fire

Each season we will be doing a bonus episode in which we will look at a film that is in some way connected to the main season. Be it through a co-star, director or theme. In this first one we will be looking at "Rapid Fire" which was directed by "Marked for Death" director Dwight H. Little. Join our Discord  Over course of the episode you will hear Scott and Kyle merrily discover way more Seaglian connections than they thought this movie had in the first place and talk about how this might be one of the 90s most underrated and underseen action movies. As well as lamenting the fact that we were robbed of having more Brandon Lee action by his tragically young death.  Elsewhere you can hear a lot of chat about this movies love for Brandon Lee's abs, our surprise at Powers Boothe being a good guy and our complete lack of surprise at Nick Mancuso being the exact character you expect him to be. As well as discussing how Al Leong truly is one of the all time best henchmen in action cinema history. 

1h 55m
Jul 07