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Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 40m
Aug 07
Essential Work

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

Aug 05

“Stewardship” preached by Pastor Nik and Pastor Payton, help further the kingdom principle and practical application of the necessity of being trustworthy stewards. We must continually renew our original commitment to being good stewards because the Lord is going to examine the quality of the work product of our lives. Here at LCM, the Lord is raising up officers who are capable and willing to strip away the things that do not belong in our lives so that the aim of our lives is for the benefit of others and furthering the kingdom of God.

1h 4m
Jul 31
Audacious Faith

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 4m
Jul 29

“Impossible” preached by Elder Eric was a foundational reminder of the simple but timeless and powerful kingdom truths. Often times, we think that we (the church of Jesus Christ) are the ones with an impossible task. This is simply not the truth. The one with the impossible task are those who stand in opposition to the church of God. They simply cannot overcome the church; it is impossible for them! As believers, we must walk in this reality that the church of the living God simply cannot be stopped and how we practically carry this out is by reminding ourselves and walking out the faith fundamentals of scripture. We must show ourselves faithful over the course of time because our victory is certain!

1h 50m
Jul 24
I Will Make You

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 12m
Jul 22

“Worthy” preached by Pastor Payton and Pastor Matt helped us re-center our focus on the trajectory the Lord is aiming our body at. We are learning how to walk in greater levels of discernment to distinguish between those who are worthy of receiving of God’s right order from you versus those who are not. While we are in the world, we are not of the world. Our good Father has established core fundamentals of faith for us, and we will not be bribed, intimidated, or seduced away from the undeniable truths of scriptures. First staring in us and then radiating outward.

1h 16m
Jul 17
Free Will

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

Jul 15
Beyond the Obligatory

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 39m
Jul 10
Light The Fire Again

No mourning, no weeping, no wailing, or drowning in despair. We've received a mandate from our heavenly father that when insidious internal obstacles are found in us, we call on the Lord to set fire to those things, we get up, and go to work. This is the encouragement that we received from Pastor Payton Parsons and brother Justin Treaster in this message entitled "Light The Fire Again". We are putting to death mission drift by setting fire to everything in us that opposes God's will in our lives. The more we do this, the more we will find the DCD spirit at work in us as we do his work.

Jul 08
Pathway to Perfection

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 11m
Jul 03
We're Not Ashamed

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 0m
Jul 01
Shouldering the Load

“Shouldering the Load” preached by Pastor Payton, Pastor Wade, and Pastor Matt stirred and spurred us onto a greater revelation of the city of Shechem. We learned that Shechem is not just a city but is rich with life, biblical revelation, and encounters that shaped the history of the nation of Israel. Men like Abraham, Isaac, and Joshua all had experiences with the God of Israel at Shechem. As saints of the living God, we are called to live and have experiences with the Lord at Shechem. Experiences that help us rightly deal with the frustration, despair, and self-disqualification that we face. When we joyfully embrace our time in Shechem, shouldering the load assigned to us, the blessing of Gerizim will come to us again and again!

1h 11m
Jun 26
Veni, Vidi, Vici

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

Jun 24
Eureka, I found it!

Elder Eric, Pastor Judah, and Pastor Wade bring a refreshing view to the subject of salvation being a journey and the ever-growing awareness that there are still things in our lives that need to be worked out in walk with the Lord. In this sermon entitled “Eureka, I found it!”, they addressed the misconception in the Christian faith that because we once met the Lord at an altar, we now no longer need to revisit the altar and are living in the “blessing” of the Lord. When in reality, the Christian’s journey is an ongoing discovery of new areas of imperfections in our lives that prove that we are still being perfected by our good father. He knows what is still in us and he is helping us discover them! This is worth celebrating! Not that we have “arrived” but through the leading of his spirit we get opportunity after opportunity to have our eyes open to these areas of imperfection. This is our Eureka moment because we are not being discarded in this process but rather being developed as our heavenly father is helping us purify our faith which is more precious than gold!

1h 18m
Jun 19
You Are

In the last 30 days, the Lord has been transforming what we define as Holy and Masculine. We have talked about dominion, cultivation, saviors, sages, and glory bearers, being admonished to become like our God. Because we have been working to put these things into practice, we can know for sure that he is multiplying our efforts. In this sermon entitled " You Are", Pastor Matthew Perot and brother Justin Linton encourage the body in that we are the glory bearers of God and that we can be confident as we continue to stretch out for even more growth.

Jun 17
Glory Rolls Downhill

“Glory Rolls Downhill” preached by Pastor Wade, Pastor Nik, and Pastor Payton walked us through a beautiful understanding of what it means to be a glory bearer. We are made in the image of God and are called to be his glory bearers. Glory from the Father that flows downhill into his right order of shalom. Unfortunately, there are other competing interest in our lives and we are being shown the way we seek our own glory. Fortunately, our heavenly father is equipping us with the revelation that shows us how to cut these inclusions out of our lives, so that we truly reflect the glory of God. When we seek the glory of the One above us, it then causes us to receive the glory of the ones below us. This is how glory rolls downhill.

1h 34m
Jun 12
You Are Still Not Special

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 6m
Jun 10
You Are Not Special

“You Are Not Special” preached by Elder Eric, Pastor Matt, and Pastor Wade is a timely message for our body and our current day. We have been told for most of our lives that we were special because of our physical traits, intellect, or the hardships we have faced. The biblical reality is none of these things actually make us special and the word of God makes this clear. Our pastors walk us through the first four steps of the 5 Traits of Holy Masculinity and we learn what actually make a man of God special. Listen now to find out!

1h 28m
Jun 05
The Savior Complex

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 8m
Jun 03
Maximizing Your Manhood

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 27m
May 29
Biblically Adherent Male

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 13m
May 27
Masculine Holiness

Today, we looked into a much-needed biblical truth that in our present day has been water down, neutered, and downright misunderstood. “Masculine Holiness” preached by Pastor Wade and Pastor Payton expound on the 5 traits that great men of God display in their actions. King Jesus who is the perfect model of these things, calls us to walk as he did. Starting first with the man of the home and then flowing down into his family. This is the biblical model, and this is who we are.

1h 10m
May 22
Semper Fidelis, Semper Gumby

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

May 20

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

1h 32m
May 15
Hands Off My Fruits

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

May 13
Training to Reproduce

“Training to Reproduce” preached by Pastor Payton, Pastor Matt, and Pastor Wade encouraged and spurred us on to what the original mandate to mankind was, to be fruitful and increase in number. The process and mechanism for this to take place requires there to be plowing, planting, growing, and harvesting that occurs in a cyclical pattern. We must take an honest assessment of our lives to know where we are in the cycle especially after an abundant harvest has taken place. When we know the condition of our soil in each phase of the cycle, it trains us to reproduce in the next. Listen now!

1h 4m
May 08
Trained to Triumph

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

May 06
International Harvesters

Elder Eric and Pastor Judah delivered this fantastic sermon this morning entitled “International Harvesters”. We are constantly faced with the reality of the death that must take place in us in order for resurrection life to spring forth. This death is not to be understood as something that happened a long time ago at the cross nor should resurrection be looked at as solely a future event. Rather we are to have a revelation that this is a cyclical process of crucifying moments that reveal the continual resurrection power of God at work in us! This is how we stand up in our heavenly status of international harvesters and produce the 30, 60, and 100 fold.

1h 29m
May 01
Donkeys, Death and Royal Studs

Called to Change One Life at a Time!

Apr 29