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Midweek Mediawatch - political scoop hauls skeleton out of the cupboard

In this week's Midweek Mediawatch, Hayden Donnell talks to Karyn Hay about the media copping flak for how they handled MP Sam Uffindell's past misdeeds, a pair of great documentaries on student life - and why a defunct offshore outlet 's getting big bucks from the government to talk to our youth about relationships.

Aug 10
Mediawatch: A government in the gun over accidental generosity

The government came under fire over some misdirected cost of living payments this week, but the more enduring story might be who didn't get paid, rather than who did.

Aug 06
Mediawatch: Mounting fake news prompts calls for action

Two government agencies have revealed mounting concern about the intensity and the impact of online misinformation - and prompted loud calls for government action. But behind the scenes the government’s already reviewing how to regulate media content to better protect us from ‘harm’ online - and the mega-profitable digital platforms are heading in new directions.

Aug 06
Mediawatch for 7 August 2022

The cost of living cash controversy; calls for action over malicious misinformation - and the government review already underway.

Aug 06
‘Absolute scenes’ - but not on our screens

Midweek Mediawatch: Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about scurrilous rumours that hit one media company in the pocket - and also amped up calls to curb social media misinformation, just as our media minister signaled his concern. Also: ‘absolute scenes’ from a headline making, barrier-breaking football tournament that wasn't screened on TV here.

Aug 03
Public media legislation takes another step

The Bill setting out the role and obligations of the new public media entity easily passed its first reading in Parliament this week. Members of the public can finally have their say on the plan formed behind-closed-doors when a Parliamentary committee scrutinises the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill over the next six months.

Jul 31
Greens’ grass roots 'revolt' excites media

Parliament’s press pack and political pundits alike made a big deal of Greens’ grass roots dissent undermining James Shaw’s leadership after last week’s AGM. But only a few of the many reports and commentaries sounded out the people at the heart of the issue.

Jul 30
Caustic claims of conflict of interest

A media report this week suggested TVNZ allowing some personalities to promote products online could cause conflicts of interest - and pose a problem in future within the new media entity replacing the broadcaster.  But the strongest concern about that came from a surprising source.

Jul 30
Mediawatch for 31 July 2022

Revolt among Greens' grass roots excites media; new public media legislation takes another step; conflict of interest claims; shock of the news - the art of short, sharp theme tunes.

Jul 30
Shock of the news - the art of short sharp theme tunes

What makes a good tune to go with the news today? Big, bold and bombastic? Subtle and smooth? Trad or mod? Mediawatch asks a journalist with world’s biggest collection of news theme music - and get his picks of the world's best and worst.

Jul 30
Midweek Mediawatch - Climate context & Hawaiian holidays

In this week's edition of Midweek Mediawatch, Hayden Donnell talks to Bryan Crump about a big resignation at TVNZ, media outlets getting it right on climate coverage, news stories vanishing without trace, and Christopher Luxon's Hawaiian holiday timeline tangle.

Jul 27
Criticism of mini-doco funding hits a dead end

Why did criticism of a modest sum spent on a single mini-documentary made two years ago suddenly spring up in the news in two national networks this week - and then disappear?

Jul 24
Media go in boots ‘n all on ABs coach - and comms

An effort to shield the under-fire All Blacks coach from a media mauling last weekend fired up commentators already cranky about the high-handedness of rugby bosses. But given the intensity of some media calls for heads to roll, Mediawatch asks a veteran sportswriter if the move made sense.

Jul 23
Mediawatch for 24 July 2022

Media go in boots 'n' all on All Blacks coach - and comms; latest women's sports coverage stats reveal good and bad news ;criticism of mini-doco funding hits a dead end

Jul 23
Midweek Mediawatch: A nation in mourning

In this week's edition of Midweek Mediawatch, Hayden Donnell talks to Karyn Hay about an outpouring of grief and opprobrium following the All Blacks' home series loss to Ireland, an uproar over a comedian's venture into political coverage, and a threat to free speech we hardly talk about.

Jul 20
Sick and tired of the sickness

Covid has now killed around 1700 people in New Zealand, but much of our news reporting and commentary has focused on how we're learning to live with the virus. Why is there such a mismatch between the media coverage about "moving on", and the reality of a pandemic that's inflicting more suffering and death than ever before?

Jul 17
'Double your money' property pitches still circulating

Property prices are sliding after decades of big returns for investors - and property stories and ads have been highly profitable for the media in that time too. Recent warnings the ‘one way bet' on property could be a thing of the past have made headlines - but property investors with a media presence are still saying it's safe as houses.

Jul 16
Mediawatch for 17 July 2022

Sick and tired of the Covid sickness; property price predictions run hot in the media; the rugby clash that didn't make headlines.

Jul 16
The rugby clash that didn’t make headlines

The men in green won in a classic decider this weekend - after a win last weekend in which two men in black were carded after clashes of heads. Rugby writers and fans here complained the rules spoiled the spectacle - but overseas coverage carried much more concern about brand new rules to protect players’ brains being flouted.

Jul 16
Midweek Mediawatch - noise over nurses

In this week's Midweek Mediawatch, Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about an unvaccinated nurses intervening in the current crisis in healthcare - and another batch of journalism jobs and content funded from the public purse. Also: a road rage TV show pulled off the air - and a blunt assessment of a TVNZ dating show yet to screen.

Jul 13
The worst of times?

There‘s plenty of worrying news around at the moment - alongside crisis claims in the media about imminent economic recession and even collective national depression. Are the media helping us identify the structural stuff we really need to confront - or over-egging short-term problems that will come right?

Jul 09
Hospo's acute recruitment hassles hit headlines again

Hospitality's acute shortage of workers made headlines again this week after one minister told operators to up their game on pay and conditions. While bosses told media they can’t find workers no matter what they offer, the media couldn't seem to find any workers for their coverage - or useful facts for the audience about what’s on offer.

Jul 09
Radio Australia? RNZ's musical outsourcing under fire

The bombastic tunes broadcasters use for news become so familiar we barely notice them - until they change. RNZ is being criticised by local musicians and their industry bodies over its decision to outsource the $43,000 contract for new theme music to an Australian outfit.

Jul 09
Mediawatch for 10 July 2022

The worst of times?; Hospo can't find workers - but neither can the media; RNZ changes the tunes for news.

Jul 09
Midweek Mediawatch - suspected spoofs and strong satire

Midweek Mediawatch: Colin Peacock talks to Bryan Crump about a Country Calendar episode some thought was a spoof (it wasn’t) - and satire deployed to tackle two topics that are no laughing matter.

Jul 06
New minister in charge at a pivotal media moment

Legislation to create a new public media entity entered Parliament this week. Mediawatch talks to the new broadcasting minister Willie Jackson about how that will work, the future of Māori media - and how he has given mainstream media a hard time as a broadcaster himself down the years.

Jul 03
Roe v Wade ruling triggers intense media reaction

Some said the US Supreme Court’s controversial ruling on abortion was none of our business, because we don’t have the same legal or political set-up, let alone its religious cleavages and cultural conflicts. Opinion leaders in our media didn't agree - and provoked a significant political response.

Jul 03
Mediawatch for 3 July 2022

Abortion angst in America triggers media reaction here; Willie Jackson: new minister in charge at pivotal media moment.

Jul 02
Midweek Mediawatch: A sudden dose of empathy

In this week's Midweek Mediawatch, Hayden Donnell talks to Bryan Crump about the lessons ZB's Kate Hawkesby learned from a bad bout of Covid - and National leader Christopher Luxon squirming under the media spotlight following the US Supreme Court's decision on abortion.

Jun 29
Tragic crash sparks muddled media reaction

In the wake of one of our deadliest car crashes, the media upset some by lingering on the aftermath. Pundits and radio hosts claimed costly advertising campaigns came at the cost of safer roads - but deeper reporting revealed the real causes of deaths on our roads are much more complicated.

Jun 25