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The Morning Breeze. August 18, 2022.

Rain in the Bay Area???? "Quiet Quitting" is a thing. Grandma does karaoke at a Goodwill store and it goes viral. Teachers reveal the hilarious things their kids have said. Sleeping in separate beds might be good for your relationship!

Aug 18
The Morning Breeze. August 17, 2022.

Jack is playing IT manager at home! Are you comfortable with "palm paying?" Brighter Side. School start times are changing and California is paving the way. Celebrity encounters.

Aug 17
The Morning Breeze. August 16, 2022.

Heat wave in the Bay Area! 2 Toys R Us stores will join the 5 others in the Bay Area soon! Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon had a really neat experience. Most people's brains aren't meant to be awake after midnight. 4 in 10 American's say they are living a totally normal life again. Starbucks employees reveal the things customers should NOT do!

Aug 16
The Morning Breeze. August 15, 2022.

Jack's experience at a concert in Colorado this past weekend. Do you ever make plans and then instantly regret them? 94-year-old Lafayette man is competing in a HUGE diving competition! A ride at the Napa Town and Country Fair got stuck this past weekend with 12 people on it!

Aug 16
The Morning Breeze. August 11, 2022.

Good morning! Is the Golden Gate Bridge really being painted constantly? Brighter Side. Going to the store sweaty post-workout. Do you do it? Do you follow any rules on the weekend?

Aug 11
The Morning Breeze. August 10, 2022.

Do you crave weird foods really early in the morning? Car flipping is a thing now!?!?!?!? Brighter Side. Do you talk to yourself? Apparently a lot of us do! The teacher shortage in the Bay Area is growing. "Top Gun" sequel has passed the "Titanic" in sales!

Aug 10
The Morning Breeze. August 9, 2022.

Olivia Newton John passed away at 73. Gas prices are coming down. Brighter Side.

Aug 09
The Morning Breeze. August 8, 2022.

It's International Cat day! There is a cruise that will said from San Francisco to Vallejo, Napa, Sacramento, Stockton, etc. It's National PickleBall day! 7-year-old NY Jets fan gets his wish! Growing your own food is on the rise thanks to inflation.

Aug 08
The Morning Breeze. August 5, 2022.

What are your weekend plans? There is a teacher shortage nationally (as kids are going back to school). Brighter Side. Happy Hour for 3 hours?? Would you return a package that was accidentally mailed to you?

Aug 05
The Morning Breeze. August 4, 2022.

Jack has an issue with his cats. Can you help? We apparently learn more outside of the classroom in college than we do inside the classroom. 81 year old retired man wows the residents of a nursing home with his singing skills! Jack is upset with a restaurant that would serve him and his wife extra parmesan! Things from the 90's that were normal back then but don't exist now!

Aug 04
The Morning Breeze. August 3, 2022.

Vin Scully passes away at 94. Hwy. 37 to become a tollway in 2025. A mother-daughter duo become the first pilot and co-pilot on Southwest Airlines. A Maryland man found a $30k lottery ticket in his glove box! Over 1/4 of American's haven't read a book in over a year!

Aug 03
The Morning Breeze. August 2, 2022.

Jack is trying to lose weight! "SNL" might be coming to an end soon. Brighter Side. The world's largest tree (in CA) has been damaged by tourists. A SF restaurant has done away with tipping for good.

Aug 02
The Morning Breeze. August 1, 2022.

Rain this weekend and today in the Bay Area?!?!?!? Someone won the entire Mega Millions jackpot! Brighter Side. Chewing with your mouth open might make the food taste better. Today is the 41st anniversary of MTV. There might be a candy shortage this Halloween.

Aug 01
The Morning Breeze. July 29, 2022.

The Mega Millions drawing is tonight for $1 Billion! Most families want to spend at least 1 family meal together. Brighter Side. BART is reinstating the mask mandate.

Jul 29
The Morning Breeze. July 28, 2022.

Jack unloaded a bunch of junk food that his wife gave him in our kitchen! Google Maps is making it easier to spy on your friends. Brighter Side. Credit card roulette is a thing! 2/3 of millennials live within 2 hours of where they grew up. William Shatner left his wallet in a Gilroy produce shop.

Jul 28
The Morning Breeze. July 27, 2022.

There wasn't a winner in the Mega Millions drawing last night so the jackpot is now over $1 Billion! Reports of Tony Dow passing away are false. Brighter Side. SF couple gets a parking ticket for parking in a red zone that wasn't red when they parked there!

Jul 27
The Morning Breeze. July 26, 2022.

The Oak Fire should be contained by the weekend. The Mega Millions Lottery jackpot drawing is tonight. Brighter Side. 25% of American's use their home security cameras to spy on their neighbors. Weird smells that you secretly like.

Jul 26
The Morning Breeze. July 25, 2022.

Good morning! How was your weekend? The Oak Fire is raging out of control :( Brighter Side! American's are nostalgic for childhood summers. This is why you shouldn't have bumper stickers on your car. Surfers are trying out a new shark repellent

Jul 25
The Morning Breeze. July 22, 2022.

Traffic alert Friday morning. More people are doing takeout instead of dining out. Brighter Side. Jack's kids are in town . Kids calling adults by their first name. How do you feel about it? Our Train grand prize winner is announced!

Jul 22
The Morning Breeze. July 21, 2022.

It's National Junk Food Day. What's your go-to? You will soon have to pay an extra $.05-$.10 for wine and liquor bottle deposits. Brighter Side. A truck hit the Gilman overcrossing in Berkeley yesterday, heaving damaging it and drove away. Do you still have your holiday decorations up? Knotts Berry Farm has instituted a new policy that will affect kids under 17.

Jul 21
The Morning Breeze. July 20, 2022.

Jack is wearing a new shirt! Or is he???? No one won the Mega Millions last night. Brighter Side. Summer camp memories! Carolyn had a good experience with her neighbor! 12 tips on making flying an easier experience.

Jul 20
The Morning Breeze. July 19, 2022.

The lights are out on the Bay Bridge! The Mega Millions jackpot is half of a billion dollars tonight! Brighter Side. Jack used to wear cologne but Kim hates it. Why going to coffee isn't a good first date.

Jul 19
The Morning Breeze. July 18, 2022.

Christmas at Costco? Restaurant red flags (according to chefs)! Brighter Side. Is it cheaper to eat out than to cook at home now? Salmon Monday???? Hobbies that make good side hustles!

Jul 18
The Morning Breeze. July 15, 2022.

Do you throw birthday parties for your pets? Did Carolyn get scammed? And more....

Jul 15
The Morning Breeze. July 14, 2022.

Carolyn and Jack were locked out of the station! Being "hangry" is a real thing! Brighter Side. This new Disney app will help you find your parking spot. The top things that American's leave at home.

Jul 14
The Morning Breeze. July 13, 2022.

It's picture day on the Morning Breeze! Will we ever see gas at $5/gallon again? Brighter Side! Daryl is out of the dog house! It's not a party without dip! Simone Biles was mistaken for a child on a flight!?!?!?!

Jul 13
The Morning Breeze. July 12, 2022.

Carolyn is back! So is Jack's wife, Kim! Firefighters make a bit of progress on the Yosemite fires. Brighter Side. Bay Area restaurants are getting scammed by bad reviews. Jack's cat is back!

Jul 12
The Morning Breeze. July 1, 2022.

It's July 1st and Jack and Carolyn are alone at work! High Schools in CA will now start at 8:30am at the earliest. A teacher who retired after 42 years gets a big surprise at Disneyworld from her students! A Disney cruise ship is offering a $5,000 cocktail. The Oakland A's are one step closer to staying in Oakland.

Jul 01
The Morning Breeze. June 30, 2022.

Good morning! Jack and Carolyn are emotional this morning! Anchovies are falling from the sky in San Francisco! Brighter Side! Do you share your vacation photos online? Jack can't get rid of his trampoline online. Carolyn can't get rid of her punching bag! A custodian goes viral for his version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'!"

Jun 30
The Morning Breeze. June 29, 2022.

Carolyn and her mom shopping at CVS! A scammer is pretending to be the Petaluma PD! Brighter Side. SF is the best place in the nation to celebrate the 4th of July according to a survey. "Who's The Boss" is making a comeback! A Boy Scout troop is being hailed heroes in the wake of the Amtrak derailment.

Jun 29