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Welcome to Morning Briefings, your source for weekday inspirational messages that are sure to impact your daily life and thinking. Christine draws from the sage wisdom of Scripture, and provides an insightful and relevant perspective that will enhance your personal life and experience. Listen. Think. And grow in your faith...

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The Missing Puzzle Piece. 8.11.22

Most behaviors of any value are learned including this one.

Aug 11
Do you think God is able to get it done?

Is it possible that your God is too small? Get outside, look up . . . Creation speaks of the vastness and magnificence of our God, who is indeed ABLE!

Aug 07
What lasts? August 4, 2022

We live in a disposable world, I'm sure you've noticed. Does anything last? If so, should we invest in those things? I'm thinking so.

Aug 04
sending power, strength and love your way. 8.3.22

intriguing, challenging, wonderful prayer

Aug 03
Who is in charge of your life? 7.31.22

Paul willingly described himself a prisoner of Jesus Christ - his only desire to point others to Christ, no matter the cost. Who leads your life? Who calls your cadence?

Jul 31
What to keep in mind always, but especially at night.... 7.28.22

choices in how you think - even in tragedy and grief

Jul 28
"Christine, remind me often of God's goodness". 7.26.22

When God said "no" to her prayers and it cost her greatly, this was her request of me

Jul 26
When God says 'no" to your prayers. #1. 7.24.22

What then? How to think . . . what to do.

Jul 24
A Muslim, a Catholic and a Presbyterian walk into a bar.. wait, no!

...walked into an airport chapel. July 21, 2022

Jul 21
These two go hand in hand. July 19, 2022

Please take a moment to interview yourself

Jul 19
Who Am I? you ask. How would you know? I ask.

Right thinking about one's self is so very important -> humility

Jul 17
Let's talk about your rights . . . or should we talk about humility?

Hmmmm. What really is humility vs. self esteem? Important truths.

Jul 14
Keeping it real . . . July 12, 2022

Stain remover - like for your clothes... and Jesus?

Jul 12
What if we did this? We could change the world. July 10, 2022

Radical transformation because of the love of Christ ... expressed

Jul 10
Christianity vs. every other religion July 7, 2022

Like, what's the difference? Your colleague will tell you all religions are pretty much the same. That's not true. Here's why . . .

Jul 07
About that idea we call freedom. July 5, 2022

What if you lost it, what then? Action item

Jul 05
Fourth of July, 2022.

A day to celebrate, a day to look back and remember, a day to look forward and pray!

Jul 03
One Meaningful Search. June 30, 2022

Sooner or later, it happens

Jun 29
The job I never asked for . . . Do you want more? #5

When the God door opens, just say ‘yes'

Jun 23
“How do I grow closer to God?” Do you want more? #3. 6.20.22

This is a question I have been asked numerous times in different settings . . . might be my favorite question ever

Jun 19
Got One? Do You Want More? #2. 6.15.22

A response to your question about how to let go of that which binds us

Jun 15
Do You Want More? #1 June 14, 2022

How do we get to know and feel the presence of God more?

Jun 14
Because we need it . ., ,

In case you did not know, we who claim the name of Jesus are promised that we can access and walk in the power of God. How?

Jun 09
We do not know what to do, but June 6, 2022

The world is in chaos - what can we do??

Jun 06
Are we all praying to the same God? June 3, 2022

Hmmm . . . step a little closer. What can we learn of the God of Christianity in this passage? So important for each of us.

Jun 02
For each day and forever. June 1, 2022

Every single day, but also our ‘forever’ is impacted by my view of God!

May 31
Look back . . . remember, and why you should. Memorial Day, 2022

Millions who have served to make and keep our country free, and more importantly, the true freedom in Jesus Christ! Thank you Father, and thank you to those who serve and have served. I am so grateful.

May 29