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New Day is a church that meets Sunday mornings at Meeker Middle School in NE Tacoma, Washington. We are a community working together to know what it means to follow Christ in the 21st Century.

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Growing the Circle - 8/14/2022

The book of Acts is the story of the gospel moving ever outward. So how does the church adapt to accommodate change as more people join the circle? Today's message looks at Acts 6 and the growing pains faced by the early church. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Aug 15
Nope - 8/7/2022

Our very own Claire Clark delivers a powerful, encouraging and convicting sermon from the book of Jonah -- all without even focusing on the whale. A timely message on God's compassion for his reluctant servants. Speaker: Claire Clark

Aug 07
John von Neumann Calls for a Priest - 7/31/22

Guest speaker Drew Clark shares how the smartest people in the world become like everyone else. Speaker: Drew Clark

Aug 02
Longhaulers - 7/24/2022

There are a lot of reports and statistics these days about people leaving churches or walking away from Christianity. This week's sermon looks at the very end of Acts 5 to see what the first disciples can teach us about a faith that keeps showing up. Speaker - Jeff Peabody

Jul 24
Discomfort - 7/17/2022

The story in Acts about Ananias and Sapphira can be unsettling. What do we do with portions of Scripture that we find disturbing or hard to understand? This week's message looks at Acts 5 with an eye on how we respond when the text gets tough. Speaker - Jeff Peabody

Jul 17
Bold -7/10/2022

Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Jul 10
Walking and Leaping

Acts series continues with a discussion of how we respond to the presence of Jesus. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Jul 04
A Conversation with the Grays

Missionaries to Niger Andrew and Nikki Gray share about their mission work to help build strong marriages.

Jul 04
Seeing Jesus - 6/19/2022

In this week's sermon we look at the incredible picture of life in the early church that is provided for us in Acts 2:42-47. Some pretty incredible things were going on. What can we expect for church in our time? Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Jun 19
Graduation Sunday 6/12/2022

We heard from three of our graduates in this week service. Listen to their testimonies as they share what God has been doing in their lives and where they are headed next.

Jun 12
Fire - 6/5/2022

Pentecost changed everything. In today's message, we continue our exploration of the book of Acts and the giving of the Holy Spirit. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Jun 05
Retool - 5/29/2022

Third message in the Acts series. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

May 29
Left - 5/22/2022

What do you do when it feels like Jesus has left you? Or left the church? This week we look at the ascension and what it means for us. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

May 22
Unfolding Church - 5/15/2022

Today we begin our new study in the book of Acts as we look at how the early church unfolded. In the very first chapter, Jesus invites his disciples to wait on God. What does that mean and how does it apply to our situation today?

May 15
Peace - 5/8/22

Guest speaker Julia Corbett explores the topic of peace through the text of 1 Samuel 25.

May 08
A New Thing - 5/1/22

Sermon on Isaiah 43:16-19 Speaker: Jeff Peabody

May 01
Silence - 4/24/22

Drew Clark explores the subject of silence.

Apr 24
Hallelujah - 4/17/22

Easter message exploring the relevance of the risen Jesus in a changing world. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Apr 17
Journey - 4/10/22

A Palm Sunday "addendum" to the Crucial sermon series, looking at how Jesus leads us through times of change. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Apr 10
Creation - 4/3/22

Final sermon in our "Crucial" series, exploring how the cross speaks to our relationship with the environment. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Apr 03
Freedom - 3/27/22

This week's message explores our freedom in Christ, as given to us through the cross. Part of our Crucial series. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Mar 27
Grace - 3/20/22

Today we look at the concept of grace through Ephesians 4:7. Part of our "Crucial" message series. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Mar 20
Prayer - 3/13/22

Guest speaker Laurine Decker leads us in an exploration of prayer, with practical encouragement to persist in it.

Mar 13
Church - 3/6/22

A look at Luke 15 and what these parables tell us about the church. Part of our Crucial series.

Mar 06
Power - 2/27/22

How does the cross give us everything we need for life and godliness? A look at 2 Peter 1:3 as part of our Crucial series. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Feb 27
Point - 2/20/22

A look at 2 Corinthians 4 and where the cross points us in our sufferings. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Feb 20
Reach - 2/13/22

This installment of our "Crucial" series examines the relationship between the cross, the kingdom and the church's role in engaging with the suffering of the world. Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Feb 13
Is Christianity True - 2/6/22

Drew Clark examines what we can say about the truth of the gospel.

Feb 06
Just Jesus - 1/30/22

Guest speaker John Stiffler shares what has been crucila for him and his family during this season.

Feb 01
Word - 1/23/22

Part of our ongoing "Crucial" series. Text for this week is Revelation 10:8-10 Speaker: Jeff Peabody

Jan 23