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Established in July 2017, The Night Owl Podcast was created as a means of documenting my journey as a #smallbusinessowner and a #singlemom. I explain my thought processes and my daily strategies to give you an idea of my lessons, wins, losses, roadblocks so you don't feel like you're the only one out there struggling.
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NightOwl Ep 1065 - I'm Back at It

Mar 6 - I took a serious break to sort through some internal struggles and while I didnt record audio, I did journal my thoughts.  Here they are in retrospect Intro by @thejameskumar

Jan 21
NightOwl Ep 1079 - The Fake Friend

Mar 20 - Is it fake to hold space for people or is it more important to be real with people who are not in the best mental space Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 20, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1078 - The Cure to Burnout

Mar 19 - Vacations and spa days are great! Meditation and fitness are wonderful. But if you don't improve your environment, no break will be effective as curing burnout. Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 19, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1077 - Words Unspoken

Mar 18 - Words in a moment of initial discomfort could be useful but often the choice could come at the cost of momentary peace Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 18, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1076 - Ecosystem off Balance

Mar 17 - Why is it so difficult to point out what isnt working without it looking like you are assigning blame or questioning someones worth Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 17, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1075 - The Breakdown

Mar 16 - When you finally present the list of things wrong as the reason for walking away... or do you? Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 16, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1074 - The Buildup

May 15 - Every decision you make throughout the course of the day can either build up to a big YES or a huge NO Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 16, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1073 - Acknowledge the Good

Mar 14 - I was asked how I always manage to find something positive even in dire circumstances and it is because I taught myself to notice both the bad AND the good.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 14, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1072 - Never Fear Truth

Mar 13 - Johnny Depps NFT project Never Fear Truth had me thinking about the concept of fearing truth.  Here's what I realized Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 13, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1071 - Actions Reveal Priorities

Mar 12 - Following a quote from James Clear, I thought I'd check myself and see what my actions said about my priorities even though I spoke differently  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 12, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1070 - What will you tolerate

Mar 11 - Funny how our ability to tolerate is associated somehow with how many resources we have at our disposal.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 11, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1069 - Who's Got Your Back

Mar 10 - I gotta be honest. I've seen rock bottom again in recent years and I can honestly say, my misfortune has shown me who is truly in my corner.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 10, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1068 - Success Redefined

Mar 9 - What is enough? How do I measure success during COVID? Is everything just about numbers? Hear me out as I discuss my process of redefining.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 09, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1067 - Self Diagnosed ADHD

Mar 8 - I used to think I had focus figured out but with multiple platforms and notifications and timezones, I'm scatterbrained at best Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 08, 2021
NightOwl Ep 1066 - Decisions, Decisions

Mar 7 - Do I start where I am and begin with Season 6 or go back and finish season 5 to my satisfaction? Intro by the @thejameskumar

Mar 07, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1064 - Where do the Toxic go?

Mar 5 - Once you label someone as toxic, what does that mean? If you've been labeled as toxic, what does that mean? Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 05, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1063 - Intolerance

Mar 4 - Judgement seems to go hand in hand with intolerance but much of that is taught to us.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 04, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1063 - Intolerance

Mar 4 - Judgement seems to go hand in hand with intolerance but much of that is taught to us.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 04, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1062 - Judge Not

Mar 3 - They say judge not lest ye be judged first, but how is it judgement is ingrained in us from our parents through school and into adulthood.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 03, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1061 - Back to the Future

Mar 2 - Funny how we emphasize how changing any one thing in the past has major repurcussions but dimiss the effects our present actions have on our future.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 02, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1060 - Love Your Decisions

Mar 1 - People will always have something to say.  Best love your decisions! Intro by @thejameskumar

Mar 01, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1059 - A Steady Life

Feb 28 - Growing up in chaos was difficult for me.  I found I needed a few things I could depend on no matter what in order to effectively function.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 28, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1058 - I need Choices

Feb 27 - For some people, the need for variety and independence comes from growing up in too controlled an environment.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 27, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1057 - Protect the Connection

Feb 26 - For some people, feeling connected or close to someone is a priority in life.  Being called a doormat or criticized for a lack of self confidence or self respect doesnt change the urge to meet this need.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 26, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1056 - Reward and Punishment

Feb 25 - All behavior is learned through a system of reward and punishment.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 25, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1055 - Do you Manipulate?

Feb 24 - It's easy to spot bad behavior in others.  Can you tell if you're exhibiting destructive behavior? Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 24, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1054 - Manipulative Coping

Feb 23 - Let's talk about toxic traits and how some destructive behavior hides an unmet need.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 23, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1053 - Confused or Conflicted

Feb 22 - There is a distinct difference between being confused and being conflicted.  The words used matter.  Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 22, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1052 - Fake People

Feb 21 - I believe that what some may consider being fake is just a different level of comfort around certain people Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 21, 2021
Night Owl Ep 1051 - Re Evaluating Needs

Feb 20 - Can we normalize re evaluating what makes us happy, what we need to survive, and what defines happiness at intervals throughout our life? Intro by @thejameskumar

Feb 20, 2021