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Roundtable Ep. 114

In this episode, we discuss: • What does it mean to show hospitality? • Why is it important to remember the global/persecuted church? • How can we show honor for the covenant of marriage? • How do we fight the urge to love money?

Aug 09
Roundtable Ep. 113

In this episode, we discuss: • Why are some people, even some Christians, drawn to works-based salvation (keeping the law) and not the covenant of grace? • What does gratitude look like in the life of the believer? • How should we think about reverence toward God, both personally and corporately?

Aug 02
Roundtable Ep. 112

In this episode, we discuss: • What does it look like to pursue peace with all men in today's culture? • Has our culture gotten worse in the past few years? • What does the example of Esau show us from this passage?

Jul 27
Roundtable Ep. 111

In this episode, we discuss: • Does God discipline us only when we sin? • How does God's discipline point us to the character of God? • Why do bad things happen to good people? • Does God use all things for good?

Jul 19
Roundtable Ep. 110

In this episode: • What is the race that we are running? • How is a hindrance different than sin? • Why should we fix our eyes on Jesus?

Jul 12
Roundtable Ep. 108

In this episode, we discuss: • What is the Pillar Network and who is Thomas Broom? • How do you faithfully live in "Egypt?" • What should we learn about our identity in Christ from Moses and this passage? • Why do we tend to be covert Christians?

Jun 28
Roundtable Ep. 107

In this episode, we discuss: • What does it mean to be heavenly-minded? • How do we live as strangers and aliens while on earth? • What's so important about focusing on heaven and not earth?

Jun 21
Roundtable Ep. 105

In this episode, we discuss: • Who is the author talking to in this passage, believers or unbelievers? • What is the evidence of true saving faith? • What implications does this passage have on evangelism and missions?

Jun 07
Roundtable Ep. 103

In this episode: • What did Jesus do on the cross? • Who did Jesus die for on the cross? • How should we think about second tier issues? • How does our view of the atonement affect our evangelism and mission?

May 24
Roundtable Ep. 102

In this episode, we discuss: • What's so significant about the inheritance we receive from God? • How were people in the Old Testament saved? • When Christ returns, he will not deal with sins, but will save His people. What does that mean?

May 17
Roundtable Ep. 101

In this episode, we discuss: • What is the conscience and how is it different than the Holy Spirit? • What is the difference between the outward man and the inward man? • Why should we preach the Gospel to ourselves daily?

May 10
Roundtable Ep. 100

In this episode, we discuss: • How do we understand verse 9 when it says, "God showed no concern for them?" • What's the betterness of the new covenant and how then should we live? • What does it mean that the old covenant is obsolete, yet is still passing away?

May 03
Roundtable Ep. 99

In this episode, we discuss: • What is the author or Hebrews spending so much time on the High Priest? • What's the significance of the language used in verse 2 of chapter 8? • How should we think rightly about belonging to a church family?

Apr 26