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Ashley's back after being out w COVID and we're talking GLORY DAYS!

Glory Days! Football star? Top actor in your class? Glory days are so valuable unless they own you the rest of your life! Plus, glad to have Ashley back after being out for a week with the "ICK"

Aug 08
Obie Met the Teachers and Springs and Strings goes LIVE today

Obie shared his moment yesterday at his kids' schools Meet The Teachers night and we're also encouraging you to be sharp at 10 for these tickets before they sell out like last time

Aug 05
Country Star Dierks Bentley on piloting other artists around!

Plus, Obie's Wife and Nanny aren't the same when it comes to left overs in the fridge after so many days. Obie admits he can only eat after one day and trashes it after that! And a 2ND DATE UPDATE where both of them cried on the line!

Aug 04
We announced our next SPRINGS N' STRINGS show today!

Plus, catching up with Dierks Bentley on his first job, which surprised us and if his kids are expected to get to work! Plus, a 2ND DATE that questioned how you save a parking spot for someone

Aug 03
Obie's apologizing for judging a book by it's cover!

Obie and his Pastor went on a hog hunt and Obie stands corrected after joking about the guy. Plus, If you're a dad, we're looking for your best 2 cents on the hardest, best, beautiful, hard moments of raising a girl

Aug 02
ALL STAR JAM ANNOUNCED! The Headliners jumped on the show, too!

We're pratty proud of what we were able to present to your liking when it comes to a diverse and strong line up for our legendary show

Jul 29
Ashley's deep connected friends and Obie judged his Pastor wrongly at the shooting range

Ashley still makes plans with her elementary school friends and Obie took his Pastor to the shooting range and thought the guy was clueless til he showed Obie the opposite!

Jul 27
SHARK WEEK!!! We have a specialist on debunking myths about sharks!

Glad we have this kind of access here in Orlando to these super talented and huge hearted individuals who care for the animals at our parks and Collier is a shark expert at Sea World drenching us in his knowledge and care for the sweet beasts!

Jul 26
Obie's back from vacation the day of the AllStar Jam News

Obie shared a house with 22 people and now has stories of the highs and lows as well as the BIG announcement that we had about the K923 ALL STAR JAM

Jul 25
Obie & Ashley Show 7-20-2022

Ashley had special guest Sean "SJ" Tuohy in studio - you may know part of his story as his family was who "The Blind Side" movie was based on, but this is the real "SJ" - why he's in Orlando & the connection to UCF!

Jul 20
Dan + Shay Takeover 7-19-2022

Dan + Shay hopped in while Obie is on vacation to chat with Ashley about the Kenny Chesney tour, what it's been like to learn from Kenny, and traveling in busy airports with delays just like the rest of us!

Jul 19
Obie's out next week staying in a house with 18 people!

Obie's out on vacation with a few concerns while we also, have a healthy conversation about alarm clocks and those who have internals

Jul 15
Scallops and Sharks! Ashley got behind the scenes w sharks while Obie's getting in the water!

Ashley just received a huge download of shark intel after her media event yesterday and it so happens to be the day Obie and his kids are getting in the ocean to grab up some scallops

Jul 13
Do we care that it's Prime Day and Obie's got sibling rivalry going on

Obie's kids are working this summer but one of them has completely checked out and Obie's looking for advice. Plus, it's Amazon's Prime Day and we're interested if people care anymore

Jul 12
Ashley's back w growing pains and a convo on cloning

Obie got the baby shower gift we talked about on Friday, Ash is back in the saddle but hurting a little today and motivated to share. Plus, a conversation with YOU about cloning yourself

Jul 11
Obie's baby shower problem and Ashley's off this weekend which never happens

Ashley hasn't had this kind of a weekend in a bit and then Obie's having problems committing to the gift he wants to give at a baby shower

Jul 08
Jury Duty, just the saying of those two words brings feelings

Ashley's been summoned and we're taking it over to you and your jury duty stories. Plus, Obie's home alone with the kids while his wife is out of town & how day one was so expensive!

Jul 07
Ash is tired of our crap in her office and a Dog gets rescued at our building

Ashley's office turned into storage for all the crap that was in the studio while it was being upgraded and now she's donating Obie's cool stuff. Plus, a stray dog finds it's self at our building and glad we have huge hearts here to help reunite it with it's owner

Jul 06
Obie's manatee encounter was legit and Ashley's back in the studio!

Ashley's been out working in the name of Country music & is back to hear Obie's manatee encounter high's and low's. Plus a 2ND DATE Update where Bass Pro wasn't the best idea of a hang spot

Jul 05
It's Freedom Week & what's included in that And Obie's daughter is a wild card!

Freedom Week means tax freedom on really entertaining things for this summer but what are those things? Pls, Obie's Daughter Presley is a hoot and started gardening. She's on the show today as well as a 2ND DATE about fried food problems!

Jul 01
Ashley's dog is in heat and Obie's Daughter jumps in the financial game!

Got personal today talking about dogs and 4th of July, Ashley and her pup going into heat and then Obie's kids are taking a financial class but for what?

Jun 30
Ashley's got questions for Obie's kids on Summer jobs!

Plus, a check in from the Mayor of Orlando and a 2ND DATE that had us painting a picture of a dude in spandex!

Jun 30
Ashley been hand selected and Obie's having weird body hair conversations

Obie's taking notice of the dudes he speaks to and the topic was body hair! Plus, Ashley's out for something pretty important to Country Music

Jun 28
Ashley's back from her girls trip & Obie's on the dog house

Road trip! Ash and her friends took some time to unwind while Obie's confessing why he's in the dog house at home

Jun 27
Obie's firefighter friend & Navy SEAL buddy calls in

Obie admitted his family has no fire plan for their home and then we had Obie's Navy SEAL friend who sits on the Police Board with him is on

Jun 24
Pilot & Flight Attendant Couple share the airport secrets!

Plus, Ashley is out on a girl's trip and we find out what's so special about where she's headed. Plus, expert advice on how to avoid flight drama

Jun 23
Ashley's man has a trip she's been left out of! Plus, Obie has no fire plan!

Ashley's man is out and she's left back while he meets up with other boaters and Obie's feeling pretty unprepared for a fire after something he experienced helping his kids school move campuses

Jun 22
Obie's dog is a nasty violator & Ashley get's the real from Florida Georgia Line's Tyler

Obie's dog may get kicked out of bed for this violation and Ashley got the word from the horses mouth on why FGL's Tyler and Brian are doing solo projects!

Jun 21
Obie's Kids are back and Ashley got the royal tour at Bucs stadium

Ashley's trip to One Buc Place was amazing and revealed a ton of secrets while Obie's gushing about his kids being gone for the past 7 days. One of his kids is on with words of encouragement to parents thinking about camp for their kids

Jun 20
Country Star Ernest blew it out the water! Plus, Obie's got a new announcing gig!

We threw our first ever Springs and Strings concert yesterday with Ernest and he let us in on his song writing process. Plus, Obie's asking if he's announcing this baseball stuff correctly?

Jun 16