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Colin Smith


Open the Bible is the teaching ministry of Pastor Colin Smith. Our mission is to use a broad array of modern media to help people around the world meet Jesus. We do this by opening the Bible for them, helping them open the Bible themselves, and equipping them to open the Bible with others.

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How God Justifies Us

When God justifies us, he charges our sins to Jesus and He credits the righteousness of Jesus to us. We aren't justified by our performance, rather by faith, the perfect righteousness of Jesus becomes ours.

Aug 19
God Works through People

God could, if he chose, do all things by himself. But in His infinite wisdom, He chooses to work through vessels of clay to accomplish His ends in the world.

Aug 18
One Day You Will See Jesus

When we see Jesus as He really is, the Sovereign Lord of creation changes everything about our lives. There is no part of life that He is not sovereign over.

Aug 17
God Gives His Spirit to Every Believer

In the Bible we see God working through people in various ways and at various times. That did not stop when the Bible was complete. The Lord is still working today, and you are a part of it!

Aug 16
You Have a Part to Play

It is God’s desire to empower His people to be his witnesses throughout the world. He has done so, and continues to do so.

Aug 15
The Early Church

The early church was a ragtag group of disciples with little strengthuntil the Holy Spirit descended upon them in power!

Aug 14
Christ Is the Fulfillment of the Promises

Jesus Christ came to fulfill all of the promises that were delivered by the Old Testament Prophets. In Him, every promise is Yes and Amen.

Aug 13
Abundant Life

Jesus Christ came to give us abundant life in the Spirit, to restore to us the life that was lost in Adam.

Aug 12
We Face a Decision

The Bible presents us with the truth about Jesus Christ and his salvation. Will you choose to trust Him, or will you reject Him?

Aug 11
With You and in You

The Holy Spirit not only supports believers by being with us and strengthening us. He also lives inside of every Christian and gives life to our souls.

Aug 10
Turn on the Floodlight

The Holy Spirit shows us our need for Christ by shining Christ’s light into our lives.

Aug 09
The Spirit Delivers the Gift

We receive salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, but the faith we need to believe is itself a gift from God given by the Holy Spirit. He applies salvation to us.

Aug 08
If the Son Were Not God

If Jesus were not God, He would not be able to tell His disciples, If you have seen me you have seen the Father.

Aug 07
The Glory of Jesus Christ

Part of the glory of Christ is that He has life in Himself which the Father granted to Him.

Aug 06
The Father and the Son

What is the nature and relationship between the first and second persons of the Trinity?

Aug 05
The Mystery of the Godhead

To know the Father’s love means to obey Him, for only those who obey are able to say that they recognize His authority over their lives and experience His loving care for them.

Aug 04
The Trinity

There are very important things to know about God’s Nature. Three of those things are: There is one God, He exists in three persons, and each person in the Trinity is truly God.

Aug 03
You Can Truly Know God

The word "baptize" means to dip or drench. So the Christian life is all about being drenched in the Father, plunged into the Son, and soaked in the Spirit.

Aug 02
You Are an Unfinished Project

Though we are not what we once were before we knew Christ, we are also not yet what we will be when we see Him face to face. In that day, we will be perfected!

Aug 01
The Completed and Continuing Work of Jesus

Jesus finished His work of salvation on the cross. But now He continues to work making intercession for His people.

Jul 31
Jesus Is Our Advocate

One of our greatest needs is an Advocate with God the Father in Heaven. That is what Jesus is for all who belong to Him.

Jul 30
The Resurrection Body

When the trumpet sounds, the dead in Christ will rise and be changed, in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, and we who trust in Him shall be like Him.

Jul 29
The Body Matters

Our bodies matter to God. And He will not allow them to stay in the grave forever. Soon, everyone will rise on Judgment Day.

Jul 28
Death Is No Longer a Prison

Because Christ died and rose again, we who are united to Him by faith will also rise from the grave to be in the presence of God.

Jul 27
How You Can Know God Loves You

The cross of Christ is the proof of God’s love toward sinners. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Jul 26
Forgiveness Is Released

We are forgiven by Christ’s death on the cross because the punishment for sin fell on Him instead of us. Therefore, at the cross, God’s forgiveness is released toward us.

Jul 25
What Was Happening on the Cross

On the cross, Jesus bore the sins of the world. The cross shows us both the heinousness of sin and the love of God.

Jul 24
Jesus Is Savior AND Lord

We cannot separate Christ’s Lordship from His salvation of us. It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the gospel to think that you can receive what Jesus offers and at the same time resist what He commands.

Jul 23
Adam and Christ

In Adam, we all die. But if we are joined to Christ by faith, we shall be made alive!

Jul 22
It All Begins to Fit

The multiple theophanies that occurred in the Old Testament were pointing forward to a time when the Lord himself would come in human flesh.

Jul 21