Page of the Wind

Nick Alexander, Jordana Heney, & Jeremy Large


An examination of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, one page at a time.

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UNLOCKED: Sept 2021 - Preludes & Nocturnes

In honour of the long-awaited Sandman show launching on Netflix, we are unlocking this patron-episode! We read Rothfuss' wonderful introduction to the 30th anniversary edition of Neil Gaiman's Sandman and wax rhapsodic about the ways this seminal graphic novel might have influenced Kingkiller.

Aug 05
UNLOCKED: June 2019 - Nerd Trivia

It's been a little while since we've visited, and our break is still going on, so to tide you over we're unlocking an old Patreon episode from way back before the pandemic, when times were simpler. Quizmaster Jordana takes the Pager lads through a brutal test of skill, to determine once and for all who has the best command of nerd-trivia!

Jul 03
Page 654: A Dollop of Solipsism

Felurian is not a great storyteller. We wrap up this quarter of the book and embark on our break by talking about a storytelling shorthand, the difference between knowledge and trivia, and speculate as to Kvothe’s fecundity. We’ll be back to wrap up the book in September! @pageofthewind

Jun 06
Page 653: Wild Gorses

Felurian shuts Kvothe up when he tries to ask about the Chandrian. We talk about the tonal shift, how Kvothe reacts, and the similarities betweel Maer and Mael. @pageofthewind

Jun 05
Page 652: A Recurring Sin

Felurian and Kvothe exchange stories. We talk about what the Fae’s stories tell us about them, talk about Merlin’s origins, and why you can’t reason with Felurian. @pageofthewind

Jun 05
Page 651: The Red-head Connection

Kvothe learns things from Felurian - not what he asked for, but he’s not mad about it. We talk about innuendoes and the nature of magic, Jeremy resurrects a crackpot theory about Auri, and a letter makes us revisit the implications of “Ruh”. @pageofthewind

Jun 03
Page 650: Learning Magic

Kvothe learns from Felurian. We talk about the nature of what Kvothe can learn from Felurian, and a letter sparks a discussion about the questions of East vs West, Orientalism, and white saviour narratives in fantasy.

Jun 02
Page 649: He Admit It!

Page 649: He Admit It! Kvothe lays out how he builds his own reputation. We talk about disentangling truth from fiction - and when truth is stranger than fiction, in this book and in our world. @pageofthewind

Jun 01
Page 648: Battle of the Sexy Wills

Kvothe makes Felurian an offer she cannot refuse. We discuss how Felurian maintains her power and agency, even though Kvothe has got one over on her, how Felurian’s understanding of consent has evolved, and how Kvothe’s solution to his pickle smacks of the logic of faerie stories. @pageofthewind

May 31
Page 647: Apex Predators

Felurian doesn’t believe that she took Kvothe’s V-Card. Jordana puts forward a cracked pot for inspection, we discuss where Kvothe is getting his sexy books from, and other weighty matters @pageofthewind

May 30
Page 646: A Little Weasel

Kvothe sings entirely the wrong sort of song. We talk about how Rothfuss communicates the deliberate badness of Kvothe’s song, how hard it is to do something badly when you’ve spent a lifetime learning to do it well, and how much Felurian is buying what Kvothe’s selling. @pageofthewind

May 29
Page 645: Butterflies

Kvothe’s begins to compose The Lay of Felurian. We talk about the connection between butterflies, Felurian, and the Cthaeh. We talk about Kvothe as the trickster and manipulator, Kvothe’s modesty, and his lyrics. Then we commit some sacrelige. @pageofthewind

May 28
Page 644: Bush Magic

Kvothe gives Felurian a li’l something else (his name). We talk about Kvothe’s plan, a certain point of view, and what it means for Kvothe to tell Felurian his name. @pageofthewind

May 27
Page 643: Don’t Forget That Kvothe Is Naked

Kvothe plays a song. We talk about this particular music of Kvothe’s, some double-entendres, and what Felurian’s reaction says about her. @pageofthewind

May 26
Page 642: The Chicken Or The Knack?

Kvothe lets Felurian go. We talk about the Ninja Turtles, what drives Namers insane, and connect music and naming, thus solving the book FOREVER. @pageofthewind

May 25
Page 641: The Wizard’s Duel

Kvothe considers Felurian as she approaches. We talk about references to Kvothe’s other lovers, tease George R R Martin, and break down the fight between Felurian and Kvothe. @pageofthewind

May 24
PAge 640: Simple Country Law School

Kvothe’s sleeping mind is awakened, and a mighty duel begins. We talk about the nature of Kvothe and Felurian’s magical powers, how Kvothe’s sleeping mind is awakened by trauma, and the many meanings of rue. @pageofthewind

May 23
Page 639: The Stars Were Out

CW: This page discusses sexual assault. While fighting off Felurian, Kvothes calls to mind his past trauma. We discuss Kvothe’s trauma as a survivor of sexual assault, and what triggers it. We talk about Felurian’s intent and the nature of her touch, and what her nature as an avatar/elemental of sexual desire says about her understanding of consent. @pageofthewind

May 22
Page 638: Pale Perfect Teeth

CW: This page discusses sexual assault. Kvothe fights to resist Felurian’s compulsion. We talk about the contrast in the way Kvothe describes Felurian and Denna, the frightening import of this scene, and the ways in which what once made Felurian compelling now make her predatory. We also relitigate the term ‘tragic flaw’. @pageofthewind

May 21
Page 637: Inspector Faetime

Kvothe gets up to leave, and Felurian stops him. We compare Felurian to a child and a god, her place in the cosmology, and where the Fae falls in space-time. @pageofthewind

May 20
Page 636: Let Me Play You The Song of My People

Kvothe has a flash of empathy for Felurian and decides what to play. We talk about legendary creatures, Kvothe’s choice of song, and what Felurian wants. @pageofthewind

May 19
Page 635: Auri the Palpatine

Kvothe is so messed up that he has no problem doing poetry. We talk about Felurian’s animalism, the similarities between her and Auri, and come up with a new time loop. @pageofthewind

May 18
Page 634: Action Sequence

Kvothe fights against Felurian’s hotness. We talk about Felurian’s description, the lack of crudity in the sequence, and the extent to which Kvothe is in extreme danger. @pageofthewind

May 17
Page 633: Ramston-Steel Horny

Kvothe realizes the nature of his peril, and attempts to master himself. We discuss how Rothfuss rides the line between sensuality and explicitness, how Kvothe retains his control, and why this brief passage of the book is so impactful. @pageofthewind

May 16
Page 632: Under Her Spell

Kvothe wakes up after the best night ever. We talk about how Kvothe is affected by Felurian’s aura, morning-after feelings, and the present tense in the past. @pageofthewind

May 15
Page 631: Sexsubstantiation

Kvothe catches Felurian, and loses his V-card as he falls into Fae. We discuss the transportative quality of the sex they have, what it means for your first time to be with a Fae queen, and the smell of apples. @pageofthewind

May 14
Page 630: Dis Course Over Heah

The party resists her song, but Kvothe chooses to chase Felurian into Fae. We debate the different characters choices to resist or follow Felurian, and tread the cursed ground of Queer Discourse. What does it say about Kvothe that he chooses to enter Fae? We also think about how Kvothe self-identifies, and how the explicitly fantastical nature of this sequence sets it apart from the rest of the book’s relationship with the supernatural. @pageofthewind

May 13
Page 629: Tarry, Rash Wonton!

Felurian sings an eerily-familiar fae song. We discuss how Felurian’s dialogue is set apart in the text, the sensory details that signal the otherworldly, and rash wontons tarrying. @pageofthewind

May 12
Page 628: Classy Perverts

Kvothe’s party encounter Felurian in a moonlit grove. We discuss how this incident takes us into a realm of story, the sorrows of old Marten, and then give you a peek behind the scenes of our merchandising workshopping process. @pageofthewind

May 11
Page 627: Full Mooney

Kvothe’s party emerge from the swamp and into a moonlit grove. We discuss the storybook quality of what is happening, how to do smell-based flirting, and how to favour a leg. @pageofthewind

May 10