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Second-Listen Saturday: Playing Our Parental Roles

Today, we're talking about an article [] that outlines some of the roles parents need to play to help kids thrive (it's an interview with the coauthor of a new book, The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to raising Highly Successful Children [].) We've performed them all, and have several to add to the list.

Aug 13
Roundabout Roundup: Blackout Coffee Co. Flavored Coffee of the Month Club and Aura Bora Sparkling Water

On this week’s Roundabout Roundup, we are here for your flavored beverage needs. Terri's shouting out the Flavored Coffee of the Month Club [] from Blackout Coffee Co. (so far, she's sampled white chocolate and raspberry and then black currant). If you prefer your fruity flavors over ice, Catherine recommends the unique sparkling water flavors at Aura Bora, such as basil berry, cactus rose, and chai cranberry [].

Aug 12
What Is a Good Job Worth?

Inspired by a Follow the Herd question [], we ask: Would you rather have a job you love for $75,000 a year, or a job you hate for $125,000 a year? We think it's a pretty easy answer, but at least one of our family members surprised us with their thoughts on the topic.

Aug 11
Can Personality Be Plagiarized?

A few months ago, the No Stupid Questions podcast did an episode about whether it's okay to copy aspects of other people's personality, titled "Do You Mind If I Borrow Your Personality?" []. So we copied that topic and discussed it today.

Aug 10
What We’re Watching: Only Murders in the Building “Flipping the Pieces” and Rutherford Falls “History Fair”

On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2: It was another rough week for Mabel on Only Murders in the Building as she unlocked some traumatic memories with the help of Theo Dimas (even though he only caught about a third of what she said). We ended on a cliffhanger as the city was plunged into a blackout, setting up next week's episode: season 2, episode 8, "Hello Darkness." Rutherford Falls used "History Fair" to comment on the connection between art and artists and how past bad behavior affects current work. It was all very high-minded (even if it did mostly take place in the kitchen of a P.F. Chang's) but didn't get us anywhere on the season-long plot of the lawsuit. Next: "Negotiations (season 1, episode 6).

Aug 09
The Cure for Baby Fever

Every once in a while, we get a little nostalgic and wistful and think about how sweet it would be to have a baby around... or a baby dog. And then we have an experience like the one Terri just had to set our heads straight.

Aug 08
Speed-Round Sunday: What Age Is Best?

In a question that proved almost too hypothetical to answer, we try to determine what age we'd like to remain forever and ever. Two of us are going for 30, and the other one can't quite commit.​​

Aug 07
Second-Listen Saturday: College Sticker Shock

First we were obsessed with the college application process [], then those who cheated on that process []. Now, we're wondering how the heck anyone could pay for college once they do get in.

Aug 06
Roundabout Roundup: Beats Studio Buds, Song Quiz, Return to Me, and a 5-Minute Workout

On this week’s Roundabout Roundup, our guest Audra shouts out Beats Studio Buds and by extension, Bluetooth and audiobooks. Audra's podcast partner Hadassa is a fan of Song Quiz, which you can play on an Alexa device. Terri recently returned to Return to Me, an old movie worth revisiting (we talked about it on Round 2 way back in 2017). Finally, Catherine suggests doing a 5-minute workout for a quick burst of accomplishment. Visit for all these links.

Aug 05
Real-World Dating App Advice

Terri's daughter is trying out some dating apps, and Terri has zero experience in this area (not that that stops her from obsessing about it). Luckily, guests Audra and Hadassa do have experience, both personal and parental, to share.

Aug 04
What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

Guests Audra and Hadassa (from the A Bit Above podcast []) join us in complaining about everything that interrupts our sleep, from kids to pets to neighborhood car alarms--and of course, worries from the past, present, and future.

Aug 03
What We’re Watching: Only Murders in the Building “Performance Review” and Rutherford Falls “Terry Thomas”

On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2, it's a terrible, no-good, very bad week for poor Mabel on Only Murders in the Building, and Terri has a theory about the questioned paternity of Oliver's son. Next week: Season 2, episode 7, "Flipping the Pieces." Over in Rutherford Falls, we learn about Minishonka casino CEO Terry Thomas and the motivation for his lawsuit plan. Plus, we meet his family, including a wife who can mix it up on the lacrosse field sidelines and a daughter who has a talent for beading but doesn't care to capitalize on it. Next: Season 1, episode 5, "History Fair."

Aug 02
Podcast Life, With Special Guests

With Nicole away for the time being, we decided to bring in some help: Audra and Hadassa from the A Bit Above podcast []. They are both moms, but beyond that, lead very different lives. So on today's episode, they tell us about themselves and their podcast.

Aug 01
Speed-Round Sunday: Local Beauty

We look at the pretty places near our homes, from a New York City skyline view to the California beaches--with a stop in the Midwest for historic homes and ice shanties.

Jul 31
Second-Listen Saturday: Say No to Naysaying

Today, we complain about people who doubt our kids' abilities. And then we complain about ourselves for caring so much about proving them wrong.

Jul 30
Roundabout Roundup: Walker Hayes “Y’all Life” and Julia on HBO

On this week’s Roundabout Roundup, we are here to entertain you with a song and a show. First up, the most recent single from Walker Hayes, "Y'all Life," is a catchy ode to life in the south, complete with cute video []. And Julia, on HBO Max [], is an ode to Julia Child and her public TV cooking show, The French Chef.

Jul 29
Talking to Kids About Risk-Taking

It's kind of a chicken-and-egg problem: How much do you warn kids about risky behavior, and how much do you worry that warnings are actually invitations?

Jul 28
Shared Responsibility for Projects

Catherine's wondering how much responsibility she has for helping her husband with projects around the house that he initiates, and whether he is then responsible for caring for her after she initiates a project like a 14-mile hike. Luckily, Terri knows the legal loopholes.

Jul 27
What We’re Watching: Only Murders in the Building “The Tell” and Rutherford Falls “Aunt Ida’s 90th Birthday”

On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2, Only Murders in the Building's "The Tell" brings us Chekhov's DNA test kit, and with it, SECRETS! So many secrets, and not all of them about the unsolved murder of Bunny Folger. Next: Season 2, episode 6, the title of which is still a secret​. And on Rutherford Falls, we meet adorable radio reporter Josh, played by Dustin Milligan (recently of Schitt's Creek). He's both a love interest for Reagan and someone who's brought his reporter's curiosity to town just as the Minishonka Nation sues Nathan. Mentioned: The Parks and Recollection podcast [] and ​Parks & Rec/Rutherford Falls creator Mike Schur's affection for the band Neutral Milk Hotel []. Next: "Terry Thomas."

Jul 26
Saboteurs in Our Midst

Bobby Bones will be hosting a new reality show called Snake in the Grass [], debuting next Monday on USA, in which a group of people tries to complete challenges while outwitting and identifying the saboteur among them. Since parenting life is nothing but completing challenges while other people get in the way, we can relate.

Jul 25
Speed-Round Sunday: What's on Your Coffee Table?

If you think we live in pristine houses with immaculate furnishings and tables accented just so ... you haven't listened to this podcast before, have you? Nah, our coffee tables are a mess, but a generally amusing mess, we hope. (Mentioned: Little Free Library [].)

Jul 24
Second-Listen Saturday: Who's Sorry Now?

On Round 1 this week, we're talking about apologies. It's not so simple to help our kids learn when and how to say "sorry" [], especially if we want them to mean it. It turns out, we don't actually care that much about sincerity.

Jul 23
Roundabout Roundup: RipSkirt Wrap Skirt and Old Navy PowerLite Tank Top

On this week’s Roundabout Roundup, Terri was once again Facebook-influenced to make a purchase: A Velcro-closure wrap skirt from RipSkirt that's breezy and comfy and only clingy in the laundry [}. And for your top half, Catherine is shouting out Old Navy for its PowerLite racerback tank with built-in bra (why are these so hard to find??) [].

Jul 22
5 Ways to Annoy Teens and Young Adults

Last week, we obsessed over an article from Grown & Flown called "10 Ways This Mom Has Stopped Annoying Her Teens" []. One episode [] wasn't enough to cover all the ways we annoy our children, so we are returning to this list today to discuss the remaining 5 ways we are sooo annoying.

Jul 21
Parent-Child Road Trips

When you hear this, Catherine will be in the midst of a 3-state college tour with her son, so spare a few thoughts for her safety and sanity. How do you feel about road trips: Fun adventure, or "are we there yet?!"?

Jul 20
What We’re Watching: Only Murders in the Building “Here’s Looking at You” and Rutherford Falls “Buckhead Lodge”

On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2, we have new characters being introduced and old characters returning. Pretty soon the Arconia will need that pod that Nina's plotting to build in order to house all these people. Next: "The Tell." On Rutherford Falls, one of Nathan's former professors arrives on the scene to be an awful person with (here we go again) a podcast. Meanwhile, Reagan is running errands and doing favors all over town to try to reintegrate herself into the community. Next: "Aunt Ida's 90th Birthday."

Jul 19
Family Purchasing Decisions

Terri's family recently needed to buy a car, and since her son had Big Opinions about what to get, he did the research and his parents followed his lead. That got us talking about who gets to make the call when the family needs something pricey: One parent? Both parents? The kids? Or is it truly a family affair?

Jul 18
Speed-Round Sunday: Stressful Slang

Nicole's enjoying #Australian slang, Catherine's not enjoying being called "extra," and Terri just wishes people would stop making language harder. (Mentioned: the website Urban Dictionary; the book What Did You Say? What Do You Mean?; the podcast Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day; see for links.)

Jul 17
Second-Listen Saturday: The College Pressure Cooker

​We're still obsessing about college over here, because Nicole's daughter is in the thick of decision time and Catherine's is not far behind. How can you blame us, when the whole process is so inscrutable?

Jul 16
Roundabout Roundup: WW Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars and HumanCentric Treadmill Desk Attachment

On this week’s Roundabout Roundup, Terri has a tasty, low-guilt treat to recommend for your evening snacking needs: WW Snack Size Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars []. And Catherine's experimenting with walking while working with a new treadmill desk attachment []. Mentioned: Terri's portable, tripod standing desk [].

Jul 15