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Welcome to the Power Prosperity Podcast from entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Randy Gage. There's no specific format, other than getting you powerful content you can apply immediately to manifest more prosperity in your life. On some episodes Randy will be sharing his latest thoughts and insights for you here. Other times we'll play you the actual audios from his live speeches. And every Monday, we'll post the audio from the Prosperity TV episode on his YouTube channel. Subscribe now, so you don't miss a minute!

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Episode 513: Seek Your Challenge

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. We all hate challenges, but they provide a powerful service in our quest for prosperity and success.  This episode we look at why you may want to actually seek out new challenges.  

Aug 17
Episode 512: Visionaries vs. Day Dreamers

What separates the dreamers who act from the ones who never act of their dreams? In this episode Randy explore the mental make up of each group, and what you have to do to be in the first one. Please rate and subscribe! https://www.randygage.com/

Aug 09
Episode 511: Value Yourself!

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. This week we explore how the world value you: and how you influence that by the way you value yourself! 

Aug 03
Episode 510: Mad Genius Entrepreneurs

Randy is interviewed by Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa about how people can get themselves in the right mindset to become their most successful self in business and in life.  Randy is the author of 14 books translated into 25 languages, including the New York Times bestsellers Risky Is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed, Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!, Direct Selling Success, and Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs. He has spoken to more than 2 million people across more than 50 countries and is a member of both the Speakers Hall of Fame and the Direct Selling Hall of Fame. www.Patreon.com/WorkFromHomeShow www.RandyGage.com 

Jul 25
Episode 509: An Amazing Secret

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. You are more powerful than you'll ever know.  And I'm here to remind you.

Jul 21
Episode 508: The Truth about Crypto MLMs

In this episode, Randy takes the gloves off and in plain, simple terms exposes the various models of pyramid and Ponzi schemes posing as legitimate direct selling companies. This is the show the con artists don’t want you to hear!  By the time you’re finished, you know the difference between legitimate leveraged sales opportunities, cryptocurrencies, and the scams.   https://www.randygage.com/ Please rate the show and subscribe!   Randy’s book "Direct Selling Success" http://ow.ly/IQ7Q50JV7iW 

Jul 14
Episode 507: The Power of Compound Learning

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Compound interest is really only the second greatest tool in your prosperity arsenal. Watch this episode to discover how compound learning can be your most powerful tool for creating wealth and prosperity.

Jul 07
Episode 506: Experience the Divine

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Living a life of prosperity is really about going through a steady stream of divine experiences.  And seeing the divine in all things.

Jun 28
Episode 505: How to Prosper in an Economic Meltdown

Winter is coming.  We’re in an economic meltdown and it’s only the beginning of the challenges which are coming.  In this episode Randy helps you recognize the hidden opportunities that come in any challenge or difficulty.  He breaks down the elements that make this a once in a lifetime occurrence.  And more importantly, six specific things you can do to create prosperity now.  Please subscribe, rate, and share this podcast!  https://www.randygage.com/

Jun 23
Episode 504: How to Create Your True Destiny

Do you believe your destiny is predetermined?  How much thought have you given to that?  You’re assaulted every day with thousands of inputs trying to mold your behavior and life.  This episode is a powerful look into what an examined life looks like, and how you can mindfully create your true destiny.  Please subscribe, rate, and share this show.   https://www.randygage.com/ 

Jun 15
Episode 503: Sculpting Your Prosperity Eco-System

The environment and eco-system you’re surrounded with has a dramatic influence how how you think and act, and the level of health happiness, and prosperity you can manifest in your life. This episode we explore some specific and tangible actions you can take to create an more abundant eco-system around you. https://www.randygage.com/  Please rate and share this podcast. 

Jun 08
Episode 502: You are the Gift!

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. What's the real secret to manifest prosperity in your life?  Infinite Intelligence doesn't pick and choice and reward some people while withholding from others.  You are in control of your own prosperity, if you choose to be.  This episode will explore how you do that.

May 31
Episode 501: Winners Play Hurt

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Most of us hate challenges.  But challenges are necessary if you want to become prosperous.  This show looks at the role challenges and obstacles play in living a rich life.

May 24
Episode 500: Changing Your Default Setting to Prosperity

How do you know if your default setting is negative and holding you back?  In this episode Randy shares the questions to ask yourself to discover the truth.  Please rate and share.   https://www.randygage.com/ 

May 19
Episode 499: Cosmic Habit Force

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Last show we looked at the "tipping point" when you reach the 51% positive thought ratio.  Now let's look deeper at how you choose your thoughts, create thought patterns and then harness what Napoleon Hill called "cosmic habit force." 

May 17
Episode 498: The Prosperity Breakthrough

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Do you ever feel your prosperity is blocked?  Or get impatient, because things aren't improving as fast as you want?  Watch this show and discover where the "tipping point" to breakthroughs occur.

May 10
Episode 497: Space to Innovate

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. The secret to manifesting prosperity is through ideas.  And you need to put yourself in an environment that fosters them.  This week we look at how you set yourself up for innovation and creativity.

May 03
Episode 496: Fringe of Fear

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Real prosperity breakthrough never happen in your comfort zone.  If you want to really do something epic - you have to live in the fringe of fear.  Special Guest Star: Ann Feinstein.

Apr 25
Episode 495: The 11 Best Ways to Stay Broke…

https://www.randygage.com/  We live in the greatest time to be alive in human history.  So why are so many people struggling financially. Join Randy as he breaks down the 11 most common things people do that sabotages their prosperity and keeps them broke.  P.S. The language Randy mentioned here is Aramaic.  Please like, share and rate this show. 

Apr 19
Episode 494: How Prosperity Saves the World

https://www.randygage.com/  In this episode Randy will challenge your beliefs and assumptions about money, poverty, and progress.  You’ll discover what we really have to do as a society to make the world a more prosperous place.  Please subscribe, like, and share.

Apr 14
Episode 493: Finding Success

Randy is the guest of David Avrin on his bustier service podcast, but the topic is really about how entrepreneurs create success and how you get to your goals. It’s an entertaining and insightful conversation you’ll get lots of nuggets from.  https://www.davidavrin.com/podcast

Apr 04
Episode 492: Just Get Started!

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. What's the real secret of inspiration? Incremental progress builds your confidence and keeps you inspired.

Mar 30
Episode 491: The Coaching You Need for Success

To achieve health, happiness, and prosperity, we all need some help along the way.  This episode Randy explores how to find the right coach, mentor, or guide — and how to get their best results from their help.  https://www.randygage.com/ 

Mar 24
Episode 490: Rethinking Beliefs that Don’t Serve You

https://www.randygage.com/  This episode is a great time to explore your beliefs.  Beliefs create expectations. Expectations determine your actions.  And actions determine your health, happiness, and prosperity. Let’s explore when it makes sense to rethink your beliefs. 

Mar 17
Episode 489: People Who Bring You Down

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. We talked before about dealing with negative people.  But what happens when they're in your family, or you're even married to them?  That's what we explore this week.

Mar 12
Episode 488: Prosperous Marriages & Relationships

There aren’t many things more important to living a prosperous life than having healthy, happy relationships.  Randy is joined by the co-authors of The Go-Giver Marriage, John David Mann & Ana Gabriel Mann.  You’ll discover helpful tips for improving all relationships, not just your marriage. Learn how to think of love as a practice, and how to create a marriage not based on compromise, but an opportunity to progress and grow. https://gogivermarriage.com/   https://www.randygage.com/ 

Mar 01
Episode 487: Getting to High Velocity

https://www.randygage.com/   Randy is interviewed by Ron Karr on his High Velocity Mindset show.  Learn how high level achievers find their path, increase their speed, and overcome beliefs that hold then back. Please subscribe, rate, and share!  Ron’s website: http://ronkarr.com 

Feb 21
Episode 486: $6 Million Man

Want to become the Bionic man or woman?  The truth is, your cells are regenerating every day.  How do you make sure the new cell are regenerating healthier?  That's what we explore this week.

Feb 17
Episode 485: Iron Sharpens Iron

This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. We know that iron sharpens iron. So where in your life do you need to get stronger right now?

Feb 08
Episode 484: The Dangers of Lower Companions

The people you associate with and the environment you’re surrounded by have an overwhelming influence on your health, happiness, and prosperity.  In this epidote Randy explores the concept of “lower companions” from 12-step programs and how that concept applies to your prosperity. https://www.randygage.com/

Feb 04