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Carl Muller


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The Things That Must Be

There is much that must be and will be as a result of the sovereign will of God.

Jul 11
The Sick and The Saviour at Sunset

Jesus heals the multitudes in Capernaum even as He will in this world.

Jul 04
Take Care How You Listen

We consider the need to be prepared, reverent, eager, diligent, responsive and prayerful as we listen to the Word.

Jul 03
Jesus in Nazareth

Much may be learned from Jesus message in Nazareth, but the most significant point is that He is indeed the Messiah.

Jun 26
Jesus and Genealogies

We consider together the significance of the seemingly tedious list of names which form the genealogy of Jesus.

Jun 08

We examine the four occasions in the New Testament when the word -propitiation- is used and learn of the wisdom, love and grace of God

Jun 08
God's Work Under Way!

We examine the long-awaited arrival of Messiah's forerunner.

Jun 03
Mother's and Moses

Amid suffering and slavery God raises up a deliverer for His people Israel and uses the sacrificial love of three women in His plan of deliverance.

Jun 03
The Lord Our Hiding Place

We explore the manifold wonder of being able to consider God our Hiding Place.

Jun 03
The Blessing of Forgiveness

We examine David's journey from the torment of unforgiven sin to the bliss of divine forgiveness.

Jun 03
The Boy Jesus

Here we are confronted with the wonder and the blessing of the full humanity of Jesus.

Jun 03
God is at Work

Here we examine the providence of God in the lives of Christians for their good.

Jun 03
Behold, The Lord's Servant

Here we consider Mary's great faith, humble submission and singular privileges.

Jun 03
Tell Them

The shepherd told everyone about Jesus and we are exhorted to do the same.

Apr 08
Simeon and the Saviour

Simeon is set before us to teach us more about Jesus and in this sermon we explore what we can learn about Christ.

Apr 08
The Great Question

We explore the great question all should ask, what must I do to be saved.

Apr 08
Covered by the Blood of the Lamb

The passover is a ceremony that reminds us of God's work in history and a sign that teaches us about salvation through the atoning work of Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain for us.

Apr 08
Access to God

In this message we explore the profound significance of the tearing off the temple veil.

Mar 07
The Song of Zechariah

This passage affords a glimpse of Zechariah's spritual growth and the fundemental importance of salvation

Mar 07
Refuge in the Righteous One

When we see exit and injustice in the world around us, our gut reaction may be to run and escape. Psalm 11 teaches us to take refuge in the Lord for He is the righteous one.

Feb 14
Behold Your God

I our passage God is revealed to be triune, powerful, faithful, gracious, sovereign, and present.

Feb 14
Jesus the Light of the World

Considering the implications of Jesus being the light of the world.

Feb 14
Bad News and Good News

We examine the sobering truth of wrath deserved and grace undeserved, as described in our text.

Feb 07