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Gut Health Reduces Depression

Many people are feeling the strain and pressure of these times and feeling low or depressed. New research shows incredible results from pro-biotics and healthy eating compared to anti-depressants. Dr. Julie Gatza explains the research and why this is good news for everyone.

Aug 11
Standing For Life Against Big Tech

Life Issues Institute had 10,000 views a day on important videos telling the truth about abortion. After the SCOUTS leak, their google accounts suddenly changed with a fraction of the views. Accident, coincidence, intentional? Join us to hear the story from President Brad Mattes and his positive outlook on all life issues! Interesting and inspiring!

Aug 10
Mar-a-Lago Raided

Yes, it’s true, the home of President Trump was raided by the FBI and we discuss what this means for our country. These are serious and dark times, yet when we walk in the light of God’s truth and insights, we not only experience peace, in the end, justice.

Aug 09
COVID Update

The breaking news on recovery, how to deal with the spike protein, what hospital protocols are not a good idea and how you can protect your children and keep your family healthy. If you have struggled with adverse reactions or long covid or want the latest on Monkey Pox this show is for you!

Aug 08
Rethinking Discipleship, Part 2

Jesus commissioned us to make disciples, so what is a disciple? How can leaders and pastors create cultures that allow disciples to grow and bring more people into the discipleship process? Career CEO and author Dennis Allen shares how to make discipleship happen. A must listen and the book is a must read for all who love the church.

Aug 05
Rethinking Discipleship, Part 1

Career CEO and author Dennis Allen shows us how bad business techniques – coupled with old church traditions are compromising disciples and eroding Christ’s influence in society. Can the church change how we disciple so we can raise a generation of true disciples rather than just consumers of Sunday church? Join the conversation!

Aug 04
Important Breaking News

Kentucky Flooding, Artur Pawlowski wins a victory in court, 500 Healthcare workers millions fighting mandated shots and loss of jobs, Tavistock gender clinic closed due to safety concerns, FDA says puberty blockers unsafe and California lawmakers removing parental rights promoting gender transition and hurting kids. A big news day!

Aug 03
Compassion Without Compromise, Part 2

Is the church shamed into silence on homosexuality? What is love and how does it impact telling God’s story about sexuality? Why is sexual sin different than all other sin? Should we attend a same sex wedding? Ron Citlau answers these and other important questions.

Aug 02
Compassion Without Compromise, Part 1

Is someone you love living in a homosexual lifestyle? Pastor Ron Citlau shares his own journey of sexual brokenness and addiction and how God’s relentless love and the truth set him free. This conversation is grace-filled and worth sharing with family and friends in the homosexual lifestyle.

Aug 01
Cancer Care Includes the Church!

Rev. Percy McCray has ministered to cancer patients and their caregivers for 20 years. He explains how the church can effectively minister to cancer patients and bring hope in the process. Inspiring and encouraging!

Jul 29
Five Lies the Abortion Industry is Pushing and How to Respond

The pro-abortion industry is worried about long-term profits now that Roe is overturned. Attorney and life advocate Nicole Hunt addresses the five big lies and gives you practical responses. Helpful! For the article go to:

Jul 28
Troublemakers in the Church, Part 2

Pastors and leaders, these insights will be so helpful for your ministry. Author and pastor Mark Atteberry defines more of the 25 troublemakers and can you guess the #1 most dangerous troublemaker in the church? Join us to find out!

Jul 27
Troublemakers in the Church, Part 1

The church can be incredible and it can be challenging when people are thoughtless, selfish or even sadly vicious. As a pastor for 46 years, author Mark Atteberry pretty much saw it all. With a love for people, humor and candor he reveals the 25 troublemakers starting with the least dangerous. Important!

Jul 26
News and Views

Sydney McLaughlin breaks her world record and brings God glory. January 6th obsession continues to take lives, and a new documentary brings more clarity on what really happened that day. A 13 year old brings glory to God as she enters Medical School! Stories worth discussing!

Jul 25
Entertainment Discernment

Is it ok to zone out and just be “entertained”? Are there some helpful principles in choosing what to watch as an adult and ways to set guidelines for kids? Adam Holz with Plugged In brings insights and fresh perspectives.

Jul 22
Pregnancy Centers Under Attack Nationwide

Pro-abortion politicians silence regarding hate crimes against pro-life organizations is revealing. Rev. Jim Harden’s Center Compass Care in New York was attacked and fire destroyed it, but it hasn’t stopped his zeal and God’s truth about life. Prepare to be inspired!

Jul 21
Sean Feucht Says Be Bold!

COVID gave unprecedented power to government officials, who determined what was essential. With churches closed, Sean Feucht, speaker, author and artist began gathering people to pray for revival and the Let Us Worship movement was born. Sean joins us to share the story!

Jul 20
13 Habits of Powerful People

So what are the subtle habits that influential people practice? We go over this intriguing list and add scripture that will empower you to be more influential for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ! It’s never too late to change our ways for the better!

Jul 19
Good News Monday

A Judge blocks Biden Administration on Transgender Use, a real hero stops a gunman at a mall, pro-life flight attendant wins big, American’s views on gender are changing for the better according to Pew and global warming hits an iceberg. These and other good news to start your week!

Jul 18
The Surprising Worldview of Pastors

Dr. George Barna brings his latest research compiled in the American Worldview Inventory 2022 after surveying pastors in 8 key areas. These results are surprising and deeply concerning for anyone who respects pastors and loves the body of Christ. See all the research here:

Jul 15
Children Will Die

Dr. Richard G. Urso, Co-Founder with Dr. Malone of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists (18,000 strong) brings disturbing facts about the dangerous outcomes from shots for C-19 in children. A must listen for all adults and important information for your family.

Jul 14
How To Be Well Versed in Today’s Culture

Dr. Jim Garlow, pastor, author and Founder and CEO of Well Versed Inc. brings us inspirational and biblical perspectives on today’s biggest issues. You have the chance to hear from Jim and many others in person or online at the conference July 20p-21 st . See details here:

Jul 13
Breaking Stories

Farmers in the Netherlands are protesting and for reasons you need to know about. We investigate new research on Earthquakes in Seattle, data showing American's beliefs in Institutions has taken a big hit, the unhappiest among us and why marrying at a younger age is a good idea. Join the conversation!

Jul 12
News and Views

Why is a School Board Member teaching classes to 9-12 year old’s about sexual pleasure? Biden’s Exec. Order to kill children and Sen Warren’s assault on Pregnancy Resource Centers align with just 10% of Dems and Elon Musk saying no to Twitter. Join the conversation!

Jul 11
Promoting True Femininity in Sports

Can a woman be fierce and still be feminine? Can she have an identity in Christ and be at the top of her game? Samantha Kelly, Founder of Fierce Athlete says yes and shares how they support women, deal with gender confusion, tackle the hook up culture and much more. Inspiring!

Jul 08
Fighting for Election Integrity

A report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation revealed voter rolls filled with error, dead voters, duplicate registrations and more. J. Christian Adams, President of the PILF joins us to examine the cases bringing integrity back to elections. You will be surprised and encouraged!

Jul 07
How to Effectively Communicate on Hot Topics

Founder and President of Them Before Us, Katy Faust reveals helpful methods and a terrific resource that will help you engage others in meaningful dialogue whether it is your kids, other adults, colleagues etc.

Jul 06
The Christian History of America, Part 2

Dissenting David Barton will delight you with stories you have not heard of our founding fathers, their true faith and many other facts about our Christian heritage. A must listen for the whole family!

Jul 05
The Christian History of America, Part 1

America’s historian David Barton brings inspiring stories and amazing facts to help us celebrate the founding of our country. Incredible!

Jul 04
Great Ideas for July 4th Preparation

We explore the principles that shaped Americas founding, provide a fabulous must-read list and go through the inspiring meaning behind each fold when you fold the American flag. Did you know the gospel is included? ,

Jul 01