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Inflation Reduction...Or Inflation PRODUCTION? With Guest Phillip Patrick

Birch Gold's Phillip Patrick is again joining today's Liberty Report to discuss the just-passed Inflation Reduction Act, which spends massively on "green" energy and more drug benefits. Will more spending curb inflation? Is there anything we can do ourselves to blunt the sting of higher prices? Be sure to visit

Aug 11
New Poll: Americans Unmoved By Jan. 6th Hearings

Despite relentless propaganda and juicy threats of impending arrests, a new poll of Americans shows the January 6th "insurrection" hearings are not shifting any opinions on the event. Also today, US warns starving Africa not to buy food from Russia. And...Biden gets boost in polls!

Aug 10
Police State? Armed Feds Raid Trump House

Armed Federal agents busted into former President Trump's Florida house last night, ostensibly to seek classified documents that were to be turned in to the National Archives. What's behind this unprecedented move? Also today: Biden sends Ukraine $4 help with their budget! And finally: media races to claim Biden chalking up victories. Why?

Aug 09
Weekly Update - Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism

Weekly Update - Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Aug 08
Armed Robbery: Anti-Inflation Bill To Unleash Massive IRS Army

The laughably-named "Inflation Reduction Act" will double the size of the IRS - making it larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol...combined! And that will save money? Also today: under (government?) pressure, CBS censors its own report on US weapons to Ukraine. the end of "woke" entertainment on the horizon?

Aug 08
The Empire & The Fed -- Born Together, Dying Together

America was never meant to be an empire. After all, empires go broke! Why would any nation ever want that? Human life is much (much) too complex for one nation, or one government, to rule them all. Sadly, in the early 1900's, Americans ditched sound money, with the creation of the Fed, and ditched the belief of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations. It's been all downhill ever since.

Aug 05
A New 'Giuliani Moment'? With Guest, Rep. Anthony Sabatini

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, in a recent candidate forum, dared to make a stand for non-interventionism in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He was interrogated by neocon moderator Marc Levin who could not believe anyone could advise staying out of the war, calling the Florida Rep’s views “the most radical I’ve ever heard.” Sabatini held his ground…and the crowd roared in approval.

Aug 04
Trump Time? POTUS 45-Endorsed Candidates Clean Up In Primaries

In Arizona, Michigan, and elsewhere, Trump-backed candidates like US Senate hopeful Blake Masters pulled off victories in yesterday’s primaries. Is this the shape of things to come? Also today, more fallout from Pelosi’s perverse Taiwan junket and Russia accuses US of direct involvement in Ukraine war.

Aug 03
Weekly Update --- Inflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie

Weekly Update --- Inflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Aug 03
Pelosi's Reckless Taiwan Junket

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made good on her threat to be the first US House Speaker to visit Taiwan in a quarter of a century. The Chinese government is furious and threatening retaliation. Are there any benefits to the US of Pelosi's provoking China?

Aug 02
McAdams: The U.S. Should Abandon "Foreign Policy" Altogether

The Ron Paul Institute's Daniel McAdams tells students at the 2022 Mises University that foreign policy is central planning at its worst. Government spends billions on corrupt foreign leaders like Zelensky and Americans bear the financial burden and the existential risk. This speech was recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, July 30, 2022.

Aug 01
Student Loan Crisis: It Couldn't Have Happened Without The Fed

When government claims that it's going to make something (anything) "more affordable" or "more accessible" ... watch out! Their attempt to tilt the tables in a certain direction always backfires. It ends up ultimately hurting those who they intended to help. There are countless examples, but on today's program, we discuss how the government (and Fed) created the student loan mess.

Jul 29
Weekly Update --- Ugly Covid Lies

Weekly Update --- Ugly Covid Lies by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Jul 29
Inflation To Get Much Worse! Courtesy Of The "Inflation Reduction Act"

If you ever want to peer into the future, look at the names of the bills passed by Congress, and then assume the opposite results for their intended goals. The "Inflation Reduction Act" will be yet another example. You can expect much more inflation if such an act is ever implemented.

Jul 28
Democrats To The Fed: Stop Raising Rates!

Democrats want the bubble machine turned back on. Stop raising rates! Our unconstitutional and immoral monetary system, run by the Federal Reserve, is like a game of financial musical chairs. Everyone wants to take credit for the fake and illusionary boom, and no one wants to hold the bag during the very real and very painful bust.

Jul 27
Redefining Reality -- None Dare Call It A Recession

Here we go again...The Biden Administration is trying to change the definition of a recession. We just went through multiple redefinitions of words during the Covid fiasco. Is this how government is supposed to operate? Just make it all up as you go along?

Jul 26
Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call For Military Advisors To Ukraine!

A bipartisan group from the US Congress on a junket to Kiev have called for the Biden Administration to begin sending US military "advisors" to Ukraine. Not to the frontline (right away) they say. What could go wrong? Also today: Hungary's Orban delivers a blistering speech on Europe's failed Ukraine policy. North Carolina the whole police force quits. You'll never believe why.

Jul 25
"Climate Emergency"? No -- Loss of Liberty Emergency? Yes!

We know from decades of unnecessary wars, and years of covid authoritarianism, that propaganda works. But it doesn't work all the time. It hasn't worked in convincing Americans to surrender their freedom so that government can "fix" the weather. As Biden preaches "climate emergency," Americans must remain vigilant in protecting their privacy and freedom.

Jul 22
Narrative Fail? Quad Vaxxed Biden...Has Covid!

One year ago today President Biden told Americans if they get the Covid shot they won't get Covid. Today the quadruple vaccinated Biden has announced that...he has Covid. Has the narrative failed? Also today - dueling narratives: Pelosi demands Blinken designate Russia as a terrorist state while NPR runs article about Ukraine corruption.

Jul 21
US Transportation Secretary: The More Gas Price Pain...The More Benefit!

First up today a HUGE announcement from the Ron Paul Liberty Report!! Then on today's program: Biden's Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg believes Americans suffering at the gas pumps is actually a very good thing because it will force them to purchase electric vehicles. US Rep Massie hammers this delusional view. Also today: Ukraine threatens to smash Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet. WWIII?

Jul 20
Weekly Update --- Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins

Weekly Update --- Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Jul 20
Shock CNN Poll: Most Americans OPPOSE Biden's Ukraine Policy!

Watch politicians begin to change their tune as a brand new CNN/SSRS poll shows the majority of Americans opposing Biden's Ukraine policy. With out of control inflation and a lurking economic catastrophe, blaming everything on "Putin's price hike" is backfiring on the Administration. Also today: A new Gallup poll shows historic lows in Americans' confidence in media. And: Mexico's president calls Assange the best journalist of our time.

Jul 19
Dr. Birx 'Confesses' In Self-Serving New Book

Dr. Deborah Birx was the real power behind President Trump's disastrous Covid policy. She was the lockdown fanatic who admits in a new book that she subverted the hapless Trump Admin and pushed falsehoods to get what she wanted. Millions of lives were ruined. Also today: Washington freaks out as Ukrainian-born US Rep accuses "Saint" Zelensky of corruption...

Jul 18
Prices Are Soaring! Why Is The Gold Price Going Down?

The Fed counterfeited trillions and prices are skyrocketing -- cause and effect. Yet, the price of gold is falling! Shouldn't gold be skyrocketing too? Is it as simple as that? Or are there more variables involved, making things more complex? After all, gold, like oil, is an extremely politicized commodity.

Jul 15
Weekly Update --- How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson?

Weekly Update --- How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson? by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Jul 15
Terror Threat? US Supremes 'Should Never Know Peace Again'

An instructor at the Harvard Law School has Tweeted a threat against the US Supreme Court over its recent overturning of Roe v. Wade: the Justices should "never know peace again." Twitter has taken no action against the threat. Why? Also today: As the US Army faces unprecedented recruitment challenges, today it kicks out 60,000 soldiers...for refusing the Covid shot! Finally: Newsom presides over the worst schools in the he goes to Washington for an education award! Make sense?

Jul 14
Biden To Spend $1.7 Billion For Healthcare...In Ukraine!

The Biden Administration has announced an additional $1.7 billion in aid to Ukraine to pay its healthcare sector. As the seemingly endless US money spigot to Ukraine seems to be left open, how long until Americans without healthcare begin to object? Also today: new CPI numbers are out...and they're devastating! Also: John Bolton casually admits plotting coups overseas while in government.

Jul 13
Biden Goes Begging: To Offer Saudis Bombs For Oil

President Biden's trip next week to a Saudi Arabia, that not long ago he referred to as a "pariah state," demonstrates just how desperate his Administration is to save the sinking ship of the US economy. Officials are now floating the idea of approving "offensive" weapons to the Saudis as Biden prepares to grovel for more oil. Also today: Iran sending drones to Russia? Really Jake? Finally: Congress adds a few billion to Biden's military funding request. Business as usual for the Beltway bandits.

Jul 12
Bloodbath: Biden Chewed Up By Former Mainstream Media Protectors

CNN, NY Times, WaPo, etc - after years of carrying water for Joe Biden, the mainstream media is turning against him. All of a sudden his age and seeming cognitive decline are fair game. Is it a Dem-led desperation move to salvage something from expected big November losses? Where does the party go if Biden doesn't run...or doesn't finish this term? Also today: Europeans are fed up with Ukraine as European governments begin to fall. And US attacks Hungary...for lowering its taxes!!

Jul 11
Inflation? Deflation? Recession? The Economic Train Wreck, With Guest Phillip Patrick

New jobs numbers are out...and they're not what the Biden Administration wants us to believe. Economic contagion is spreading is a growing populist response. What kind of recession are we going to have? Birch Gold's Phillip Patrick joins today's Liberty Report with his insights.

Jul 08