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Welcome to Simply the Bible, the through-the-Bible teaching program of Pastor Daryl Zachman of Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley. Daryl looks to go through the scriptures in its entirety verse by verse and chapter by chapter.

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942. Jeremiah 52 – The Fall of Jerusalem Reviewed

The book of Jeremiah concludes with a review of the fall of Jerusalem, the total captives taken, and King Jehoiachin being released from prison. __ __

Jul 20
Episode 941 – Jeremiah 51:25-64 – A Message about Babylon – Part 3

Babylon had been a destroying mountain, but she would soon be destroyed. Jeremiah tells Seraiah in Babylon to read the book and sink it in the Euphrates. __ __

Jul 19
Episode 540 – 2 Chronicles 20:31-21:20 – Jehoram Reigns in Judah

Jehoshaphat's final days and bad business venture. Jehoram reigns in Judah, killing his brothers and walking the ways of Ahab. God strikes him down. __ __

Jul 18
Episode 539 – 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 – The Battle Belongs to the Lord

The Moabites and Ammonites come against Judah. Jehoshaphat prays, and the Lord defeats the enemy. Judah returns with the spoil and with joy. __ __

Jul 15
Episode 940 – Jeremiah 51:1-24 – Message about Babylon – Part 2

The message continues about Babylon. God will raise up a destroying wind, and the slain will fall in her streets. This is the time of her utter destruction. __ __

Jul 14
Episode 939 – Jeremiah 50 – Message about Babylon – Part 1

Jeremiah prophesies against Babylon. The Lord is raising up kings from the north to destroy her for her pride and cruelty. But God will pardon His people. __ __

Jul 13
Episode 938 – Jeremiah 49:23-39 – Message about Damascus and Elam

Jeremiah prophesies against Damascus and Elam. Anguish shall grip Damascus, and Elam shall be scattered to the nations but return in latter days. __ __

Jul 12
Episode 528 – 2 Chronicles 18:28-19:11 – Rebuke and Reforms

Jehoshaphat and Ahab battle the Syrians. Jehoshaphat nearly dies, and Ahab is killed. Jehu rebukes Jehoshaphat. He responds by making more reforms. __ __

Jul 11
Episode 937 – Jeremiah 49:1-22 – Message about Ammon and Edom

Jeremiah prophesies against Ammon and Edom. Ammon will be driven out but will return. Because of pride, Edom will become small among the nations. __ __

Jul 08
Episode 936 – Jeremiah 48:21-47 – Message about Philistia and Moab – Part 2

Judgment is coming on Moab because of her pride, and the hearts of her mighty men will fail. But in the latter days, God will bring back her captives. __ __

Jul 07
Episode 935 – Jeremiah 47:1-48:20 – Message About Philistia and Moab – Part 1

Jeremiah prophesies against Philistia and Moab. Pharaoh will flood the land of the Philistines, and the Moabites will be cut down and shamed. __ __

Jul 06
Episode 934 – Jeremiah 46 – Message About Egypt

Jeremiah prophesies against the nations beginning with Egypt. Nebuchadnezzar will strike Egypt, for this is the time of punishment. But Israel shall return. __ __

Jul 05
Episode 527 – 2 Chronicles 18:1-27 – Ahab Persuades Jehoshaphat

Ahab persuades Jehoshaphat to go to war against the Syrians. Jehoshaphat asks to inquire of the Lord. Ahab's prophets prophesy victory, but Micaiah defeat. __ __

Jul 04
Episode 933 – Jeremiah 44:24-45:5 – For the Jews in Egypt and for Baruch

The Jews in Egypt vow to burn incense to the queen of heaven, so God will watch over them for adversity and not for good. God's word to Baruch. __ __

Jul 01
Episode 932 – Jeremiah 44:1-23 – The Jews Shall Be Punished in Egypt

God speaks to the Jews in Egypt. Because they have burned incense to the queen of heaven, calamity has come upon them, and they shall not escape. __ __

Jun 30
Episode 931 – Jeremiah 43 – Jeremiah Taken to Egypt

The leaders of the people reject the council of the Lord and take the people to Egypt. God speaks through Jeremiah that Nebuchadnezzar will strike Egypt. __ __

Jun 29
Episode 930 – Jeremiah 42 – Warning against Going to Egypt

The people send Jeremiah to ask God what they should do. The Lord warns them against going to Egypt. But they had no real intention of obeying God. __ __

Jun 28
Episode 526 – 2 Chronicles 17 – The Reign of King Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat reigns in Judah and delights himself in the Lord. He teaches the Law of God throughout Judah and becomes increasingly powerful. __ __

Jun 27
Episode 929 – Jeremiah 41 – Insurrection against Gedaliah

Ishmael kills Gedaliah the governor and also seventy men who come to worship. Johanan attacks Ishmael and he flees. Johanan rescues the people. __ __

Jun 24
Episode 928 – Jeremiah 40 – Jeremiah with Gedaliah

Nebuzaradan gives Jeremiah freedom. Jeremiah joins Gedaliah, the governor, in Judah. Gedaliah is warned about a conspiracy, but he doesn't believe it. __ __

Jun 23
Episode 927 – Jeremiah 39 – The Fall of Jerusalem

King Nebuchadnezzar breaches the wall of Jerusalem and the city falls. Zedekiah is blinded and taken captive, but Jeremiah is permitted to dwell in Judah. __ __

Jun 22
Episode 926 – Jeremiah 38 – From the Cistern to Zedekiah

Jeremiah advocates surrender to the Babylonians. The princes lower him into a cistern to die. Ebed-Melech rescues him. Jeremiah's last meeting with Zedekiah. __ __

Jun 21
Episode 525 – 2 Chronicles 16 – King Asa Rebuked

King Asa pays Ben-Hadad to make a treaty with him and break his treaty with Israel. Hanani rebukes Asa for not relying on God, but Asa imprisons him. __ __

Jun 20
Episode 925 – Jeremiah 37 – Warning and Imprisonment

The Babylonians leave Jerusalem when attacked by Egypt. Jeremiah warns Zedekiah that the Babylonians will return and take the city. Jeremiah is imprisoned. __ __

Jun 17
Episode 924 – Jeremiah 36 – Jehoiakim Burns Jeremiah’s Scroll

The Lord tells Jeremiah to write a scroll. Baruch reads it in the temple and the palace. King Jehoiakim burns the scroll, but God tells Jeremiah to rewrite it. __ __

Jun 16
Episode 923 – Jeremiah 35 – The Obedient Rechabites

The Rechabites refuse to drink wine because they have always obeyed the commandment of their father, but God's people would not obey him. __ __

Jun 15
Episode 922 – Jeremiah 34 – A Warning to Zedekiah

Jeremiah warns Zedekiah that Jerusalem with fall, and he will go to Babylon where he will die in peace. The people break their covenant to set free their slaves. __ __

Jun 14
Episode 524 – 2 Chronicles 15 – King Asa’s Additional Reforms

Oded the prophet encourages Asa to remain with the Lord. Asa does more reforms and renews the covenant with God. Judah enjoys 20 years of rest. __ __

Jun 13
Episode 921 – Jeremiah 33 – Restoration and Covenant with David

God tells Jeremiah to call to Him, and He will reveal great things. He will restore Judah's cities. He has made a permanent covenant with David and Jacob. __ __

Jun 10
Episode 920 – Jeremiah 32:26-44 – God’s Assurance of the People’s Return

God will give Jerusalem over to Nebuchadnezzar, but later He will gather His people from all countries and make an everlasting covenant with them. __ __

Jun 09