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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Podcast consists of chapel and conference messages, devotionals and promotional information in both audio and video format. Southeastern hopes you will find this information instructive and encouraging in your walk with Jesus Christ as world renowned pastors, preachers and professors teach God's Word and discuss important biblical topics related to the church and our culture. You can learn more about Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary by visiting us on the web at

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Danny Akin – God's Final Invitation – Revelation 22

Danny Akin walks us through several important invitations and focuses on God's final invitation to come to Him and be saved.

May 05
Danny Akin – 8 Wonderful Truths About Eternity and Heaven – Revelation 21-22:5

Danny Akin reminds us of the incredible promise of a New Heaven and a New Earth that Christ has established.

May 03
Lenin Almonte - Firm in the Midst of Suffering - 1 Peter 5:6-11

Lenin Almonte reminds us that God's grace enables us to stand firm in the mist of suffering.

Apr 28
David Russell – A Display of the Gospel – Ephesians 3:8-10

David Russell shows us how the Church is involved in making God's wisdom know to rulers, authorities and the heavenly places.

Apr 26
Paul Chitwood – The World's Greatest Problem – Revelation 20:11-15

Paul Chitwood shows us the God's solution to the world's greatest problem and how evil will be cast into the lake of fire.

Apr 21
Dwayne Milioni – Escaping God's Judging Righteousness – Revelation 18

Dwayne Milioni shows us the importance of emphasizing all of God's attributes and the dangers of avoiding the reality of His righteous judgment.

Apr 19
Ryan Hutchinson – The Judgment of the Economic & Religious System that has Deceived the World – Revelation 17

Ryan Hutchinson shows us the judgment that will come upon the economic and religious systems that have deceived the world.

Apr 07
Scott Pace – Fulfill The Mission – John 17

Scott Pace shows us how God is glorified through the Great Commission by reminding us of Christ's life and the life He has given us.

Apr 05
Ken Keathley – When the Wrath of God Is Finished – Revelation 15-16

Ken Keathley shows us the urgency behind the Great Commission by highlighting the reality of God's wrath.

Mar 31
Scott Kellum – Hope and Endurance – Revelation 14

Scott Kellum shows us how God will fuel His followers so that they will endure until the triumphal return of Christ.

Mar 29
Steven Wade – The War That is Raging – Revelation 13

Steven Wade shows us how God will overcome Satan’s woefully inadequate attempts to imitate God’s plan of salvation.

Mar 24
Gilberto Corredera – The Cosmic Battle – Revelation 12

Gilberto Corredera walks us through Revelation 12 focusing on the characters, conflict and the conquerors in relation to the cosmic battle highlighted in the text.

Mar 22
Jim Shaddix – Jesus’ Witnesses to the World – Revelation 11

Jim Shaddix expounds how Jesus will preserve His followers amidst persecution now and will reign with them when He returns.

Mar 17
Andy Davis – A Mighty Angel and a Little Scroll - Revelation 10

Andy Davis walks us through Revelation 10:1-11, pointing us to the reality of God’s glory present in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Mar 15
Steve McKinion – The Seduction of False Teaching – Revelation 9

Steve McKinion teaches us that God uses His inspired Word, and our faithful proclamation of it, to overcome false teaching and save the lost.

Mar 03
David Beck – The Trumpets Sound – Revelation 8

David Beck reminds us that God’s past actions, His consistent character, and His sovereign provide a sure foundation for hope.

Mar 01
Allan Moseley – God Will Protect His People - Revelation 7

Allan Moseley preaches on the sure inheritance that awaits every believer, which even severe tribulations on earth cannot throw into doubt.

Feb 24
Randy Mann – We’re Almost There – Revelation 6

Pastor Randy Mann urges believers to make Jesus known as we wait for his return.

Feb 22
Al Jackson – Jesus Christ and Him Crucified – Adams Lecture Series Day 2

Al Jackson urges pastors to recognize their own weakness and embrace the power of God found in preaching Jesus Christ and His crucifixion.

Feb 17
Al Jackson – The Preacher’s Sacred Calling - Adams Lecture Series Day 1

Al Jackson teaches on every preacher’s sacred obligation to call people to repentance, faith, and obedience.

Feb 15
Evan Lenow – The Magnificent Miracle of Life – Luke 1:4-45

Evan Lenow preaches on the miracle of human life from the womb to natural death.

Feb 10
Kevin Smith – Worthy is the Lamb – Revelation 5

Kevin Smith preaches on the unique worthiness of Jesus Christ.

Feb 08
Tim Akin – Worship the King – Revelation 4

Tim Akin walks through the ways Revelation 4 depicts God as worthy of our worship.

Feb 03
Chuck Lawless – Theological Education and the Great Commission – Faculty Lecture

Chuck Lawless urges students and faculty alike to view their work in light of the Great Commission.

Feb 01
Jason Allen - When God Opens a Door - Revelation 3:7-13

Jason Allen preaches on the ways in which God provides opportunities for ministry.

Jan 27
J.D. Greear - To the Church at Smyrna - Revelation 2

J.D. Greear preaches on the role of suffering in God's plan for the church from Revelation 2.

Jan 25
Danny Akin - Let's Meet the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Ruler of the Kings of the Earth - Revelation 1:1-20

Danny Akin preaches on the greatness and the glory of Jesus in Revelation 1:1-20.

Jan 20
Keith Whitfield - Revelation of the Son: Mission of God & the Ministry of His People - John 1:19-34

Keith Whitfield preaches on the revelation of Jesus in John 1:19-34

Dec 02, 2021
Julius Kim - Rock of Ages - Exodus 17:1-7

Julius Kim preaches on how Jesus Christ is the true Rock from which believers drink unto eternal life

Nov 30, 2021
Juan Sanchez - The Lord's Commission - Jonah 1:1-16

Juan Sanchez preaches on God's heart for the nations which should be on display in the people of God.

Nov 11, 2021