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Coming to you from the St. Irenaeus Center in Rochester, NY, these lessons give insightful, meaningful, and practical teaching on Scripture from an orthodox Catholic perspective.

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Acts Lecture 51 - Malta

Paul and the shipwrecked sailors survive on Malta.

Apr 19
Acts Lecture 45 - The Passion of Paul, Part I

The report of Festus. Herod Agrippa.

Mar 08
Acts Lecture 44 - Paul and the Nazirites

The offering of purification. Paul's ritual uncleanness. 

Mar 01
Acts Lecture 43 - Paul as Priest, Part II

Prophecy of famine. The necessity for Paul to go personally. Paul's reception.

Feb 22
Acts Lecture 42 - Paul as Priest, Part I

Paul's sea journey. The offering of the Gentiles.

Feb 15
Acts Lecture 41 - Return to Jerusalem

Collection of money and volunteers for the Church. Paul's priestly activities. 

Feb 08
Acts Lecture 40 - The Affliction in Asia, Part II

Paul assailed by a mob. The letters to the Corinthians.

Feb 01
Acts Lecture 39 - The Affliction in Asia, Part I

Artemis of the Ephesians. The nature of idolatry.

Jan 25
Acts Lecture 38 - The Philippian Jailer

Paul and Silas arrested and almost beheaded. The conversion of the jailer and his family.

Jan 18
Acts Lecture 37 - Mission to the Galatians

Paul and Silas travel to the Galatians. The circumcision of Timothy.

Jan 11
Acts Lecture 36 - The Second Missionary Journey

Recapitulation of the strictures for Gentile Christians. Paul and Barnabas separate.

Jan 04
Acts Lecture 35 - The Prohibition of Blood

The stricture against consumption of blood.

Dec 28, 2021
Acts Lecture 34 - The Council of Jerusalem, Part II

The Bishop of Jerusalem. Requirements for the Gentile Christians.

Dec 21, 2021
Acts Lecture 33 - The Council of Jerusalem, Part I

The report of Paul and Barnabas. Disagreement among the Apostles.

Dec 14, 2021
Acts Lecture 32 - A Drama of Ideas, Part III

Justification by faith. The righteousness of Abraham. A new relationship with the Law.

Nov 30, 2021
Acts Lecture 31 - A Drama of Ideas, Part II

Paul's credentials as an Apostle. The source of his teaching. Division among the Apostles.

Nov 23, 2021