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Hot topics affecting your Christian faith. Challenge your beliefs each week with topics on U.S. and International politics, missions, Christian movements, persecution and global outreach. Join host Steve Strang, founding editor and publisher of Charisma magazine, as he discusses these topics and challenges you to know what Christians are experiencing nationally and globally.

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When Prophetic Spiritual Warfare Impacts Prayer with Kathy Degraw

Kathy Degraw, the host of Prophetic Spiritual Warfare, reaches one million downloads on her podcast. Listen to this special interview as host Stephen Strang celebrates Kathy Degraw and discusses how prophetic spiritual warfare is relevant today.

Aug 15
How the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Largo is Spiritual Warfare

Listen as host Stephen Strang shares his heart on the spiritual warfare surrounding the FBI raid at Mar-a-Largo against President Donald Trump. Learn how this is not only an attack against Trump, it is a sign of a more spiritual battle against our country that believers need to know.

Aug 11
How Cancel Culture Leans Toward Communism Part 2 with Ryan Howard

* Ryan Howard, host of the  podcast, continues his interview with Stephen Strang about cancel culture, communism, and current events. Part two they talk about the response of the church and taking a stand against the pressures of communism. Listen to this special interview broadcasted on Your Faith At Work. For more about Ryan Howard go to

Aug 09
How Cancel Culture Leans Toward Communism Part 1 with Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard, host of the podcast, interviews Stephen Strang about cancel culture, communism, and current events. Listen to this special interview broadcasted on Your Faith At Work. For more about Ryan Howard go to

Aug 05
A Conversation With Jonathan Cahn About The Return of the Gods

* Listen to find out what could happen if ancient gods return to our culture in this conversation with bestselling author Jonathan Cahn about his new book . Order your copy before the September 6 release date. *   * And make sure to check out Cahn's explosive new documentary, The Harbingers of Things to Come" at

Aug 03
Andre Klass Explains How He Overcame the Odds of Austim to Run for Office and Serve His Community

Andre Klass was raised Jewish but is now living out the Lord's plans for his life. Listen to how he ran for local office, owns his own tech company that serves the community with complimentary computer services, and all by overcoming the obstacles of Autism. You will be inspired to not look at your circumstances and begin to focus on what God sees in you. Learn more about Klass and Christian Tech Center at  

Jul 25
Listen to Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver Reveal What the Next Big Battle Is After the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

From May to the end of June, the recent Supreme Court session rendered one of the most historic in years giving big wins for Religious Freedom. Mat Staver explains in depth the various court cases starting with censoring the Christian Flag, to a win for a football coach praying on the field, and the recent ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. With these wins, Staver says that the fight is not over and that the biggest battle is still abortion. For more on Religious Freedom and how to get involved with Liberty Counsel go to

Jul 21
How the Great Reset Threatens Your Free Will with Clay Clark

Listen in as Clay Clark of the ReAwaken America Tour and host explains the ideology of "The Great Reset" pushed by the World Economic Forum. Learn how they do not believe in free will and want to control the human population.

Jul 20
Modern-Day Tent Revivals: Mario Murillo Says Millions of Americans Are Ready to Be Born Again

On July 13th, Mario Murillo set up a tent in Colorado Springs to hold a crusade with a turnout beyond expectations. Listen as he shares this story of the miracle, signs, and wonders that happened and shows the hunger for turn around in the hearts of man to be led back to Jesus.

Jul 18
Prepare for What Is to Come to Our Nation with Jim Garlow

Pastor Jim Garlow wants to equip you with the information and tools to overcome being penalized for your religious beliefs and values. Listen to learn more about his upcoming conference on July 20-21 called "Well Versed Future Conference." You will hear what you can do if you lose your banking, health, schools, and how to survive in the future by keeping your eyes on the Lord. Find out how you can attend at

Jul 15
Action Steps to End Abortion In Your State with Janet Porter

What can you do to help change the abortion bills in your state? Janet Porter, founder of Faith2Action and advocate for the Heartbeat Bill, joins the show to talk about the significance of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She shares how many states are stopping abortion, what the opposition is proposing in the U.S. Congress, and how election integrity plays a role. Become inspired to take action for the unborn and for the nation. To learn about Janet Porter go to or

Jul 13
Learn Lessons on How to Grow in Your Calling From the Wandering Prophet Hubie Synn

Hubie Synn is a successful accountant who did not expect God to call him to be a wandering prophet. Listen to his story of how he discovered his calling, how God used him as a catalyst for the publishing of  by Jonathan Cahn, and Synn's heart to help people persevere to grow in their calling. You will hear lessons on the lows and highs of ministering in Synn's new book    This episode is sponsored by Kingdom Encounters.

Jul 08
Stephen Strang Reveals Who He Believes Is the Biggest Influencer to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Host Stephen Strang opines why he believes this President had the biggest impact on the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Listen in to find out who it is.

Jul 06
Why Lockdowns are the Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom with Cheryl K. Chumley

Learn how socialist and government officials will continue to use lockdowns on food production, product distribution, and health crisis to take away your liberties. Author and known as the Online Opinion Editor for The Washington Times, Cheryl K. Chumley joins this episode to discuss these issues and the fear-mongering the government presents. Listen to learn more about her books, and .

Jul 05
Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Roe v. Wade and Prayer on the Football Field

Host Stephen Strang shares his thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling to overturn  and the verdict in favor of high school football coach Joe Kennedy affirming the courts cannot rule out religious speech. Hear how encouraging these rulings are and how Spirit-filled believers must continue to fight for biblical values.

Jun 29
What the Lastest Updates Are in Ukraine From the Eyes of a Refugee

Tatiana Gumenyuk first reported on the Strang Report while bombs were going off in her hometown in Ukraine. Today, after fleeing to Germany, she joins host Stephen Strang in this episode to share what she believes is happening, the heartbreak of people who had to leave, and how God has been faithful through it all.

Jun 27
From the Yoga Lifestyle to the True Light of Christ with Mike Shreve

Mike Shreve, the host of Revealing the True Light podcast, joins this episode to share how he found the light of Christ and gave up his yoga guru lifestyle. You will be amazed by this story and why it led to Shreve reaching outside the church walls into other religious worldviews with his The True Light Project.

Jun 22
Dr. Alveda King Says Trump's Initiatives Put Juneteenth On The Map with Alveda King

Listen as Dr. Alveda King shares the history and importance of this National Holiday and how Trump was instrumental in honoring it.

Jun 17
Sean Feucht Explains How He Became the "Super Spreader of Jesus"

In this special interview, Sean Feucht joins host Stephen Strang to explain how the media labeled him "Superstar Spreader of Jesus," and the latest in the fight to stand up against mainstream media and culture. Hear more about groups of Christians coming together who care about life and our country.

Jun 16
Monkeypox: What the Media Is Not Telling You with Clay Clark

Clary Clark talks with host Stephen Strang about information about the appearance of monkeypox, the political push behind it, and more on recent events happening in our world today.

Jun 16
Honoring the Life and Legacy of Dr. Steve Greene, the Inspiration for the Charisma Podcast Network

Dr. Steve Greene passed on into Heaven on June 8, 2022, but he leaves a legacy of love that the Body of Christ needs to hear. Listen as host Stephen Strang honors Dr. Greene on this special episode. You will hear how he changed many lives through the lessons he taught, the work Dr. Greene accomplished, and the love he showed his family, students, and of everyone who knew him. To listen to Dr. Steve Greene's podcast Greenelines at

Jun 11
Celebrating Pat Boone's 88th Birthday and the Success of His Movie "Mulligan"

In this special episode, host Stephen Strang interviews the beloved Pat Boone. Listen in to hear about his extraodinary career, the impact of his faith, the success of this year's movie release "Mulligan," and a song he performed about Israel. Connect with Pat Boone at

Jun 01
Clay Clark Speaks With Stephen Strang on The Harbingers of Things to Come and Standing Up for Jesus

Listen to this interview on truth with Clay Clark and Stephen Strang on Clark's "Thirivetime Show." You will hear about the success of Jonathan Cahn's movie "The Harbinger of Things to Come" and why it is so important to take a stand for Jesus in a culture that wants to cancel Him. Watch this interview and the full show at

May 24
Ben Ferrell Celebrates 50 Years in Media Taking the Gospel of Jesus to the World

Listen as Ben Ferrell and his company BMCFerrell celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Hear the story behind this media company that focuses on spreading the Gospel and how they are creating metaverse technology and events for their clients.

May 19
Ian Kilpatrick Is Using Music to Reach Chinese-speaking Populations for Christ

Listen as musician and minister Ian Kilpatrick shares how God combined his talents for music and languages to reach others for Christ. Learn it all beings with the story of one teacher who influenced him to learn Chinese.

May 17
Hillsong and Humility: Why ‘Celebrity Status’ Can Seduce Anyone

Listen as host Stephen Strang explains from his observations how it is easy for successful ministries like Hillsong to focus on their success and ignore all their critics. He suggest a more humble approach for pastors and Christian leaders.

May 13
Special Episode: Jonathan Cahn's Movie Premier 'The Harbingers of Things to Come' Is Selling Out Theaters

Listen as Stephen Strang discusses the latest updates on Jonathan Cahn's documentary , premiering Thursday, May 12. Get the inside scoop about the film including a short interview with Jonathan Cahn himself. To find a theater in your area showing the film, visit

May 09
Pastor Zhenya Kasevich Speaks How the Courage of Ukrainians Is a Result From the Preaching of the Gospel

Pastor Zhenya Kasevich believes the courage of the Ukraine people comes from the seeds in preaching the Gospel within the country. Listen as he shares the latest in this war with Russia and what is happening with the evacuations of the people. Pastor Zhenya Kasevich founded the Hillsong Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, and recognizes the potential for aid far into the future. Find out how you can help at Kasevich International. To give, go to

May 05
Disney Majic Has Never Been Christ Honoring with Stephen Strang

Host Stephen Strang speaks on what is happening to Disney. He gives an overview of the history between Disney and its relationship with the State of Florida. Strang shares personal experiences and how Christians should be discerning Disney's focus, beliefs, and values that are not Christ-honoring as a company.

May 02
Oral Roberts University Is Standing Strong In the Holy Spirit with Dr. Billy Wilson

Dr. Billy Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, shares how the college is standing in the Holy Spirit and with honor at a time of wokeness in the culture against Christianity. Listen, learn what is happening at the college, how it is growing, and what the future holds for it.

Apr 29