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A weekly current affairs podcast featuring the editors & leadership of The American Conservative. Emile Doak, Helen Andrews, Micah Meadowcroft, and Sohrab Ahmari discuss the news of the day from a decidedly TAC perspective: one that is suspicious of big business as well as big government, and localist rather than globalist.

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The Nord Stream Whodunnit

* Everyone's pointing fingers this week after the apparent attack on the Nord Stream pipeline. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the likely--and unlikely--culprits, and the implications for an increasingly tense situation in Europe. Plus, the FBI raids the home of a Catholic father of 7, and Lizzo plays James Madison's flute. *   * Join us on November 17 for our 20th Anniversary Gala! https://www.theamericanconservative.com/event/gala/ *   * Picks of the Week: *   * Emile: Politics of Reason and Beauty, Michael Warren Davis * Sohrab: Giorgia Meloni: The Future or Phony, Bradley Devlin * Micah: It's Not a Housing Shortage, Carmel Richardson * Helen: Charity or Billions for the Left's Voter Pipeline?, Hayden Ludwig

Sep 30
Castration for Cash

* * * Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the reporting from Matt Walsh that Vanderbilt University Medical Center is conducting transgender surgeries and treatments on adolescents--and that profit is a driving factor. Plus, New York City finally ends its private sector employee vaccine mandate, and Adnan Syed of the popular  podcast walks free. *   * In this episode: *   * What Have the True Crime Podcasters Done?, Helen Andrews *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Making Space for Men to Become Fathers, Micah Meadowcroft  * Helen: A Tragic History, Samuel Sweeney * Micah: The Paradox of Populist Foreign Policy in Asia, Akhil Ramesh and Robert York * Sohrab: Holding Ground, Losing War, Douglas Macgregor *   * * Get your tickets for TAC's 20th Anniversary Gala on 11/17, honoring Chris Rufo and Jim Webb! https://www.theamericanconservative.com/event/gala/

Sep 24
Migrants to Martha's Vineyard

* Ron DeSantis has decided to send a plane full of Venezuelan illegal immigrants to the wealthy progressive enclave of Martha's Vineyard. Emile, Helen, Micah, & Sohrab discuss the political stunt, and the broader crisis at the Southern border. Plus, the hosts unpack the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, and Sen. Lindsey Graham's 15-week abortion ban in the U.S. Senate. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Ron DeSantis Travel Agency, Rod Dreher * Micah: The Royal Accession, Michael Warren Davis * Helen: Pills for the Girls, Carmel Richardson * Sohrab: Russia Draws Closer to China, Dimitri Simes *   * Get your tickets https://www.theamericanconservative.com/event/gala/: TAC's 20th Anniversary Gala, 11/17

Sep 16
Dark Brandon, Memphis, & Europe

* * * Emile, Sohrab, Helen, and Micah unpack President Biden's divisive primetime speech in front of Independence Hall. Plus, a tragic week of violence in Memphis, and an energy crisis looms in Europe. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Big Tech or Little Kids?, Harry Scherer * Sohrab: Henry C. Carey's Practical Economics, David A. Cowan * Helen: Overturn , Michael Anton * Micah: FERC Gaslights America, Michael Buschbacher & Taylor Myers, and Behind the "Grid Emergency', Helen Andrews *  

Sep 09
Biden Backs the Blue

* Emile, Helen, Sohrab, and Micah discuss Joe Biden's "Safer America" speech, including his quip that gun-owning Americans would "need an F-15" to fight against the government, amidst a broader embrace of federal law enforcement by Democrats. Plus, the abortion issue heats up in midterm races, and Iraq descends into chaos once more. *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __ *   * In this episode:  __ __ *   * Save the date for our 20th anniversary gala—November 17 in Northern Virginia! *  

Sep 02
Goodbye to Student Debt & Dr. Fauci

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and Declan discuss President Biden's plan to cancel the student loan debt of millions of Americans, within the context of our broken higher education system. This week also saw Dr. Anthony Fauci announce his retirement, and the editors discuss the post- symposium on other bad Supreme Court precedents from the latest issue of TAC. *   * Picks of the week:  *   * Emile: Don't Trust DC on Election Integrity, George D. O'Neill, Jr.  * Helen: Overturn , Charles Fain Lehman * Micah: 'Christian Nationalism' Didn't Cause January 6, Daniel Strand * Declan: Farm or Die, Michael Warren Davis *   * In this episode: *   * Overturn , Emile Doak * Overturn , Declan Leary * Overturn , Jeremy Carl * Overturn , Pedro Gonzalez

Aug 26
Inflation, CDC, & Cheney

* President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law this week, a massive spending bill that doesn't reduce inflation. Emile, Micah, Helen, and Delcan discuss what's in the $700 billion boondoggle, including climate and energy initiatives, and big money for the IRS to increase enforcement and audits of everyday Americans. Plus, the CDC admits it botched the Covid response and relaxes guidance on the virus, and Liz Cheney loses big in Wyoming. *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __ *   * Become a member today: www.theamericanconservative.com/subscribe/

Aug 18
The Raid on Trump

It's a Trump-heavy episode this week, as Emile, Helen, Declan, and Bradley unpack the unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Plus, new reports of Mark Milley undermining the 45th president as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Trump-endorsed candidates win primaries in Arizona, Washington, and Michigan.   * Picks of the week: __ __ *   * Discussed: Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals, 

Aug 12
The Roots of Depression

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and John discuss a new study that suggests depression is not caused by low serotonin levels, and what that means for an American society that is quick to prescribe antidepressant drugs. Plus, Democrats change the definition of an economic recession as we hit two straight quarters of negative economic growth, and Trump returns to law-and-order messaging as he eyes a 2024 campaign. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: A Modernist Memorial, Catesby Leigh * Helen: Southern Exposure, Bill Kauffman * Micah: The Culture War Is a Myth, Michael Warren Davis * John: State-Sanctioned Anarchy, Bradley Devlin *   * Join us in Washington on 8/3: Crony Capitalism: Big Pharma, COVID, and Vaccines

Jul 29
Gas, Gays, and Guns

Emile, Helen, and Declan are joined by staff reporter Bradley Devlin to unpack Joe Biden's disastrous trip to Saudi Arabia amidst soaring gas prices. Plus, Democrats look to distract from sagging poll numbers by codifying gay marriage into law—and 47 GOP congressmen go along with it. And in Indiana, the "good guy with a gun" meme comes true, with a heroic Good Samaritan stopping a mass shooter in his tracks. *   * Picks of the week: __ __

Jul 22
Dems Turn on Biden

* Emile, Helen, and Micah are joined by assistant editor John Hirschauer to discuss the flood of concern coming from the left this week over the prospect of Biden 2024, and whether the Democrats have anyone else who could take the mantle. Plus, Josh Hawley gets called transphobic for saying men can't get pregnant, and Big Tech censorship strikes close to home, as Eventbrite deletes a TAC's listing of our conference on cronyism's role in the Covid vaccine. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Guns Don't Kill Shinzo Abe, Michael Warren Davis * Helen: The Two Lives of Robert Hanssen, Nic Rowan * Micah: The American System Can Teach Us to Build Again, David A. Cowan * John: Stirring Up Hatred Against Indian Boarding Schools, Helen Andrews *   * Join us in Washington:  *   * Conservative Isn't Enough: The Reactionary Mind, a discussion with Michael Warren Davis & Declan Leary, July 20 *   * Crony Capitalism: Big Pharma, Covid, and the Vaccines, August 3 *   * Become a member today! https://www.theamericanconservative.com/subscribe/

Jul 16
Assassination in Japan

* Emile, Helen, and Micah unpack the shocking assassination of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, one of the leading conservatives on the world stage, during a campaign speech. Plus, Boris Johnson resigns as UK PM, and an attack on a bodega clerk in New York somehow lands the clerk in jail. *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

Jul 08
J6 Testimony, Texas Tragedy, & Dobbs

* Emile, Micah, Helen, and Declan unpack some of the fantastical claims from Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony at the J6 Show Trial. Plus, a tragic scene in Texas leaves over 50 immigrants dead in the back of a semi truck amidst a surge in human smuggling operations near the border, and Democrats continue to unravel after the  decision. *   * Picks of the Week: *   * Emile: The Contempt of the World, John Hirschauer * Micah: George Soros Targets Hispanic Media, Edgar Beltran * Helen: Dishonorable Passions, Declan Leary * Declan: Biden Pays Big Bucks For Pfizer’s Latest Flop, David Gortler

Jul 01
The End of Roe

Helen and Micah are joined by associate editor Declan Leary to discuss the Supreme Court's overturn of in deciding the case. As the question of abortion and the nature of the human person is returned to the people and their elected representatives, what comes next? Plus, the trio go over a few of the other recent decisions from the Court, on issues ranging from gun rights to religious liberty. 

Jun 28
Another Billion for Ukraine

* Emile, Helen, and Micah are joined by staff reporter Bradley Devlin to discuss the latest in the war between Russia and Ukraine, including reports that the Biden administration has approved an additional $1 billion in aid. Plus, Biden marks Pride month with a new Orwellian executive order on "transgender youth," and triple-jabbed Anthony Fauci tests positive for COVID--while the FDA approves the vaccine for children as young as 6 months. *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

Jun 20
The J6 Show Trial

* Emile, Helen, and Micah are joined by assistant editor John Hirschauer this week to discuss the slickly produced prime-time spectacle of the January 6 Select Committee hearings--and the political arrests surrounding it. Plus, more woke madness at the , and an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. *   * Picks of the Week:  __ __

Jun 10
Whither the Religious Right?, with Nate Hochman

* A special episode this week, as Emile and Micah welcome  ISI fellow Nate Hochman to the podcast to discuss his recent  piece, "What Comes After the Religious Right?" Nate's argument is that while today's culture wars are as fierce as they've been in decades, they're also markedly less religious: issues of identity, nation, and race have supplanted former religious right priorities like marriage, school prayer, and abortion. The hosts debate Nate's description, and look towards the future of the social & cultural right. *   * In this episode: *   * What Comes After the Religious Right?, Nate Hochman,  * Religious Wrong https://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/religious-wrong/, Sam Francis, * Christian Nationalism is on the rise in some GOP campaigns, AP News

Jun 03
Davos vs. Monkeypox

* The World Economic Forum or monkeypox: which poses a greater threat to American lives? Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss. Plus, reflections two years later on how the death of George Floyd has affected us personally. *   * Picks of the Week __ __

May 27
Buffalo, Pennsylvania, & Princeton

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the shooting in Buffalo, and the left's focus on "Great Replacement" in response. This week also saw big primary results in Pennsylvania, and a loss for Madison Cawthorne in North Carolina. Plus, Princeton University looks set to fire tenured professor Joshua Katz for dubious reasons. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Bitcoin and the Rule of the Material, Sohrab Ahmari * Sohrab: Keep Finland and Sweden Out of NATO, Bradley Devlin * Helen: Lawyers Cause Homelessness, Mark Pulliam * Micah: Nationally Reviewing Realism, Declan Leary

May 20
The Inflation Formula

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the nationwide shortage of infant formula that has left many families in the lurch. The shortage comes amidst skyrocketing inflation, compounding the financial difficulty for American families, while the Biden administration seems more interested in sending $40 billion to Ukraine. Plus, the hosts break down the pro-abortion protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Emile: Groomers, To The Man, Casey Chalk * Micah: Will Orban Be Remembered as a Liberal?, Laszlo Bernat Veszpremy * Helen: The Bone-Locker's Speech, Margot Enns * Sohrab: What the Supreme Court Leak Means, Matthew Schmitz

May 13

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab break down the bombshell leaked opinion from the Supreme Court that looks ready to overturn , and what both the leak and the opinion mean for our politics. Plus, President Biden requests $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, and J.D. Vance wins big in Ohio. *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

May 06
Wizard Rock at the Ministry of Truth

Emile, Helen, Sohrab, and associate editor Declan Leary discuss rumors that President Biden will cancel substantial amounts of student debt through executive action, his Department of Homeland Security's newly established Disinformation Governance Board and its strange executive director, and TAC contributor James Pogue's thoughtful piece on New Right figures like J.D. Vance and Curtis Yarvin—which even Jeff Bezos has read. PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

Apr 30
WaPo vs. Libs of TikTok

Should Taylor Lorenz have doxxed ‘Libs of TikTok’? Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss anonymity on social media, plus a bold strike back at Disney by Governor DeSantis and a bold endorsement from Donald Trump in the Ohio Senate primary. Picks of the week: __ __

Apr 22
The Brooklyn Subway Attack

* Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the attack on the Brooklyn subway, the media's reaction to it, and the implications for public transit. Plus, we have to talk about Covid-19 again with another round of mask mandates, and CNN+ launches to abysmal audience numbers. *   * Picks of the week: *   * Helen: What Comes Next for Hungary? Bradley Devlin * Micah: The Biden Administration Is Set to Make the Border Crisis Worse, Rep. Chip Roy * Sohrab: Robert Kagan's Selective Memory, Andrew J. Bacevich * Emile: Looking Forward to Good Friday, Matthew Walther

Apr 15
DeSantis vs Disney

* Elon Musk, noted Twitter critic, now has a controlling stake in Twitter and a seat on the company's board. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss what impact this may have on the social media giant. Plus, Ron DeSantis takes on Disney over his state's anti-grooming law, and some conservatives take issue with that framing. Over in Europe, the Hungarian people give Viktor Orban a big win at the ballot box, which Western elites call undemocratic.  *   * Picks of the week: *   * Helen: Building Up From Chaos, Micah Meadowcroft * Micah: The VHS Solution, Matthew Walther * Sohrab: Biden's Folly in Ukraine, Douglas Macgregor * Emile: The State Department Failed to Prevent the War. Will It Now Prevent the Peace?, David Sacks

Apr 08
Up From Chaos, w/ Rep. Dan Bishop

A special episode this week, as Micah and Emile recap TAC and American Moment's emergency conference, "Up From Chaos: Conserving American Security," which featured remarks from Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Matt Rosendale, JD Vance, Joe Kent, David Sacks, and many more. Plus, Micah sits down for an exclusive interview with one of the conference's keynote speakers, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC).

Apr 02
What Is a Woman?

* The Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court confirmation hearings are underway, with the nominee drawing heat for her inability to define 'woman'—and accusations of light sentencing in child pornography cases. Plus, Emile, Sohrab, Helen, and Micah refute the foreign policy blob's 'pro-Putin' slander of its critics, and Sohrab launches a new magazine: . *   * "Up From Chaos: Conserving American Security" * * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

Mar 24
Two Years to Slow the Spread

* This week marks the two year anniversary of the first society-wide shutdown in response to Covid-19. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab reflect on two years of mistakes, give credit to those who got it right early on, and apply lessons as yet another subvariant emerges in Europe. Plus, Ukrainian President Zelensky makes an emotional appeal for support to the U.S. Congress, and monogamy goes radical. *   * *   * PICKS OF THE WEEK: __ __

Mar 18
Five Dollar Gas for Freedom

* Emile, Helen, Sohrab, and Micah discuss record-high gas prices amidst the Biden administration's ban on Russian oil, and whether Americans will get relief anytime soon. Plus, new polling on Russia-Ukraine—with some alarming hypotheticals for our own country—and new diplomatic talks for a resolution to the conflict. *   * Join us in Texas on 3/26: A New Fusionism? A Conservatism for Our Current Moment, featuring Helen Andrews & Michael Brendan Dougherty *   * Picks of the Week: __ __

Mar 11
State of the Ukraine

* President Biden delivered his first State of the Union address, which often focused more on Ukraine than our Union. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss the latest developments with the Russian invasion, and unpack Biden's many pivots on domestic policies. Plus, the Supreme Court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson has mostly flown under the radar. *   * Join us in Dallas on 3/26 for "A New Fusionism? A Conservatism for Our Current Moment" featuring Helen Andrews & Michael Brendan Dougherty! *   * Picks of the Week: *   * Emile: Biden and the State of an Onion, Matthew Walther * Helen: ​The US Must Monitor Arms Sales, Jordan Cohen​ * Micah: Reopen the American Frontier, Jason Morgan * Sohrab: Putting America Before Ukraine, Bradley Devlin

Mar 04