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Born and raised in Las Vegas and have been living in Thailand for over 7 years. Aside from being a teacher, I'm now a trainer, soon-to-be life/transformation coach, podcaster, speaker, writer and influencer. This podcast is about all things personal development with me reviewing a variety of books -- on top of bringing interviewees on to share their powerful message. Tune in and be sure to follow me in the links down below!

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High-Performance Coaching | The P.I.T. of Inaction

Its one of those days that were going to dive heavily into why youre not achieving your goals!

Aug 17
High-Performance Coaching | The Leaps of Life

What was a big leap that you took this last week that showed significant character? How about the last month? Year? Decade? Nows a great time to capture those moments. 

Jun 27
High-Performance Coaching | More Emotional Range of Happiness!

Often times, people use the word "happy" to describe past moments. People also say "I want to be happier," but theyre totally unaware that this "happy" umbrella is massive, vague, and ambiguous. So, my challenge to you is what are the three happiest moment of your life?

Jun 23