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The purpose of the Christian Car Guy show to reach folks with the life saving message of Jesus through an automotive platform. We also further the Kingdom of God through our many volunteers who help Single Moms, Widows and Families in Vehicle Crisis with our Jesus’ Labor of Love Ministry by both sharing the Love of Christ and Freedom and Healing Jesus Offers.
In addition we have a weekly Bible teaching we call our “Appraisal By The Real Black Book“ where we offer our own special automotive illustrations to provide Christian Living Biblical insight as Jesus teaches us.

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Song of Solomon 4:7 The Spotless Bride

  So what are you doing with that fact if you are in Christ? Listen for some thoughts.

Aug 10
Song of Solomon 4:6 The Mountain Top of Intimacy

Looking at this verse a second time from a point of intimacy, the Hebrew paints a spectacular picture that our hearts can delight in.

Aug 09
Song of Solomon 4:6 Jesus' Bitter Sweet Mountains

This the 6th and vuv verse is the "continuation" (some ofthe meaning of the letter vuv) of so much of the whole book, you find in it - The Sun that makes black and shadows found all over chapters one and two and the Mountains all over the book as well and the spices, myrrh - bitter and frankincense, sweet - Listen to hear some thoughts to connect all that.

Aug 08
NRB Chronicals 2022- American Heritage Girl's Patti Garibay

Roby Interviews American Heritage Girls Founder Patti Garibay

Aug 07
Steering Wheel Prayers

We all know of times in our lives when we just say to God, "I'm going to take control of this situation. I know what's best for my life." So in turn God allows us the free will and says "OK... the wheel is yours." And just like when we are young thinking we know best but we injure ourselves or someone else our instinct says, "Dad I messed up will you help me?" God answers that call, telling us that He will take care of it. The lesson will be hard and the answer may not be right away in our minds but The Father does have everything under control and will never forsake His children.

Aug 06
Song of Solomon 4:5 What Do Breasts Have To Do With Delight In The Fear Of The Lord

Awkward  question but clearly God is asking us to consider this as He here describes His Bride and as Matthew Henry pointed out these seven attributes line up with the seven anointings in Isaiah 11with the seventh being a delight in the fear of the Lord. All this is discussed as well as Rashi the great Jewish commentator considered these two twins to be the two tablets as they mirror each other and as promised here is his commentary .... "the twins of a gazelle: exactly corresponding in one measure; the five commandments on this one (side of the Tablets, correspond to) the five commandments on the other (side of the Tablets), each commandment corresponding to a commandment. “I [am the Lord your God]” corresponds to “You shall not murder,” for the murderer diminishes the semblance of the Holy One, blessed be He. “You shall not have [any other gods before Me]” corresponds to “You shall not commit adultery,” for one who commits idolatry is like an adulterous woman, who takes strangers instead of her husband. “You shall not hear [the name of the Lord your God in vain]” corresponds to “You shall not steal,” for one who steals will ultimately swear falsely. “Remember [the Sabbath day to keep it holy]” corresponds to “You shall not bear [false witness against your neighbor],” for one who profanes the Sabbath testifies falsely against his Creator, saying that He did not rest on the Sabbath of Creation. “Honor [your father and mother]” corresponds to “You shall not covet,” for one who covets is destined to beget a son who slights him and honors one who is not his father."

Aug 05
Song of Solomon 4:4 - The Makeup Of A Beautiful Neck

Song of Songs 4:4  Thy neck like the tower of David builded for an armoury, whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men. Rashi shares some powerful insight into the makeup of the neck of the Bride of Christ... The word in KJV translated shield is actually a quiver - Note the Picture attached and see if you see the quiver.  

Aug 04
Song of Solomon 4:3 - Red Lips and Cheeks

How are these the annointings, "Might" and "Knowledge"? Why the scarlet thread and the pomegranate? Listen to find out..

Aug 02
Song of Solomon 4:2 A Verse To Sink Your Teeth In

As  the church reflects Christ's Seven fold anointing this description of the third attribute gives us more understanding of the anointing of "Counsel". Listen as we sink our teeth into this. With a story from our Special Needs class to Illustrate.

Aug 01
NRB Chronicals 2022 - Joshua Philipp | The Epoch Times

An amazing interview with this investigative reporter looking in to China's regime

Jul 31
What Do You Picture When You Pray?

Today, Robby brings us another special episode on strengthening our prayers to The Almighty God.

Jul 30
Song of Solomon 4:1 Eyes of Wisdom - Hair of Understanding

Matthew Henry points out that as we reflect Christ's Beauty here described with Seven attributes that are the seven fold anointing in Isaiah 11 the first two are here as explained in this episode.

Jul 29
Song of Solomon Chapter 3 - View From 30,000 Feet

This episode we review the amazing connections in the Third Chapter to both The Hebrew Alef Bet and the 119 Psalm.

Jul 28
Song of Solomon 3:11- The Crown of Jesus

Who are the daughters of Zion? Who is Jesus Mother? What was the day of His espousals? How did is mother crown him and what did that crown look like. We dig into these today. References: Psalms 45:11, Song 5:2, Is 51: and Matt 12:48-50

Jul 27
Song of Solomon 3:10 - The Daughter of Jerusalem's Paving

As Matthew Henry points out - The materials keep getting better - Silver, Gold,Purple, then Love- The amazing thing that Jesus the love of the daughters of Jerusalem through the ages to pave our hearts. I also spend some time on the meaning of Jerusalem and daughters in this episode.  

Jul 26
Song of Solomon 3:10 - Heart of Gold

Considering the Arc of The Covenant being covered in Gold and our Hearts being the Holy of Holies of our temples, here we have the concept of a heart of Gold. The word GOLD in Hebrew unlocks so much more described in this episode.

Jul 25
NRB Chronicals 2022- Grid Down Power Up

How about America's Power Grid the movie is coming

Jul 24
Surrounded "The Body Guard of Jesus Bed"

Today Robby shows us that we must guard our hearts like those who guard a king or a mighty treasure.

Jul 23
Song of Solomon 3:10- Saints Made Into Pillars in The Temple Revelations 3:12

my new name. What does this have to do with Silver?  Listen to find out.

Jul 22
Song of Solomon - Jesus' Traveling Bed

This was a Sedan Chair a curtained traveling Bed and He made it himself of Wood - Oh the imagery of these words explained here..

Jul 19
Song of Songs 3:8 - The Valour And Glory of The Lord's Body Guard

The miracle verse or Chet verse of Chapter three is such a miracle - Those who are the Lord's Body Guard are: "Teachers and Disciples of The Word, guarding the Flank of The Church's Bed our hearts". Find out how that's spelled out in this verse.

Jul 18
NRB Chronicals 2022 - Wise Women Managing Money

Order the Book An amazing Widow - Mirium Neff and her CFP daughter - Valerie Hogan share insights for managing money

Jul 17
God Is For Me

Today, Robby and Jerry discuss how God loves all us and will never desert us. As well shares how blessed the Labor of Love ministry has been recently through God's amazing power and timing!

Jul 16
Song of Solomon 3:7 Jesus' Bed

Matthew Henry believed Jesus Bed is Your Heart - WOW! and Double WOW! - Listen to find out more..... Matthew Henry Commentary Song of Songs 3:

Jul 15
Song of Solomon 3:6- Here Comes The Bride

The many ways we know that this Pillars of Smoke is The Bride Of Christ.

Jul 14
Song of Solomon 3:5 - Spurgeon on Hinds of The Feild

If we go to the sacred Ark without the right heart like David's friend we can die, the time and place and person have to be RIGHT. Such an amazing verse to study.

Jul 13
Song of Solomon 3:4 - It Takes Your Hands to Grab Hold Of Jesus

After we pass those who point us to Jesus we still have to do the real connecting and holding on to Jesus - One On One - Then where do we go all the way back to our very birth as our identity our house literally changes address.  Much to share and ponder in this verse.

Jul 12
Song of Songs 3:3 - Darkness Came First

As Genesis 1 showed us "It was evening then it was morning" Our heroin is going about the city when she is found by the Watchmen and not unlike Mary at the tomb asks - "Have you seen my Lord". When did the watchman find you? I share my story and John Bunyan's quote - "That which is last, Lasts!"

Jul 11
Eden, Seeing is Believing

Today, Robby and Scott discuss the glorious garden of Eden and how precious that place was. As we find the greatest gift to Adam and Eve was the presence of The Lord being with them within the garden it's self.

Jul 09
Song of Solomon 3:2- Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

As the second verse in the gimmel section of the 119 Psalm we are looking for Jesus - "Open our eyes to behold wondrous things out of Thy law" - We can find God in His Garden - His Word

Jul 08