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Donald Trump Pleads the Fifth in New York | Akin Omotoso

Donald Trump invokes the Fifth Amendment during a deposition in New York, Jordan Klepper visits a Trump rally in Wisconsin, and director Akin Omotoso discusses his movie "Rise." See for privacy information.

Aug 11
The FBI Raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home | Idris Elba

The FBI raids Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, Trevor gets help from his audience on how to avoid being cancelled online, and actor Idris Elba discusses his movie "Beast." See for privacy information.

Aug 10
Trump's German General Lament | Tim Scott & Nathalie Emmanuel

The Senate passes a historic climate and health bill, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott discusses "America, a Redemption Story," and Nathalie Emmanuel talks about her role in "The Invitation." See for privacy information.

Aug 09
A Bird Calling Champion Visits The Daily Show - Between The Scenes

When a bird calling champion is in the audience, make sure they prove it. #BetweenTheScenes See for privacy information.

Aug 08
Alec Karakatsanis - Media Perpetuating Copaganda

“We’re constantly being told that there are all of these threats around us, but the threats that the media and the police and certain large corporations want us to be focused on are not the things that actually most determine our safety.” Civil Rights Corps founder and executive director Alec Karakatsanis discusses how liberal publications and politicians are shaping the narrative that supports police funding and “copaganda.” See for privacy information.

Aug 08
The Realities of America's Student Debt Crisis

The number of Americans with student debt is higher now than ever before. And student debt is a lot like an STD: You can get it by accident in college, but then it follows you around your whole life. Trevor examines how student debt got so out of control in the U.S. and its potential effects lasting to the grave for many older borrowers. See for privacy information.

Aug 07
This Week Top Stories | Biden Continues Building a Portion of Trump's Wall

Biden continues building a portion of Trump's wall, the U.S. kills Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, Kansas votes pro-choice, Beyoncé tweaks her album again, and Brittney Griner found guilty. Here's what you missed this week.  See for privacy information.

Aug 06
Aaron Rodgers Gives Props to Psychedelics | Amandla Stenberg

Scientists reanimate cells from dead pigs, Michael Kosta hosts another trivia game in Times Square, and actor Amandla Stenberg discusses her horror comedy film "Bodies Bodies Bodies." See for privacy information.

Aug 05
Things Get Awkward at Alex Jones's Trial | Ryuji Chua

Kansas voters protect abortion rights, America's student debt crisis is putting the squeeze on elderly borrowers, and Ryuji Chua discusses his documentary "How Conscious Can a Fish Be?" See for privacy information.

Aug 04
The U.S. Kills Al Qaeda Leader Zawahiri | Alec Karakatsanis & Ms. Pat

Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit rankles China, civil rights lawyer Alec Karakatsanis discusses his book "Usual Cruelty," and comedian Ms. Pat talks about her series "The Ms. Pat Show." See for privacy information.

Aug 03
Ivana Trump's Golf Course Burial | Pete Buttigieg

President Biden plans to close border wall gaps, Roy Wood Jr. explores the Black origins of house music, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses U.S. infrastructure challenges. See for privacy information.

Aug 02
Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson: Body Wash vs. Bar Soap

What’s the best way to lather up: body wash vs. bar soap. Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and Daily Show writer Josh Johnson get on their soapboxes to discuss; what’s more hygienic? Washcloth or loofah? Scented or unscented? See for privacy information.

Aug 01
Daniel Kaluuya - “NOPE”

Actor Daniel Kaluuya discusses his “siblance” with co-star Keke Palmer, his mother’s reaction to his shocking Oscars speech and the trust he’s built with director Jordan Peele after working with him on multiple films. See for privacy information.

Aug 01
Manchin Shocks Washington and McConnell with Bill Compromise

In a surprise turn of events, Sen. Joe Manchin released a statement saying he’s on board with the Inflation Reduction Act, a renamed version of the Build Back Better bill, shocking Washington, D.C. and Mitch McConnell.  See for privacy information.

Jul 31
This Week's Top Stories | The Justice Department begins Investigating Trump for January 6th

The Justice Department begins investigating Trump for January 6th, Russia pulls out of the International Space Station, and Joe Manchin shocks Washington with a climate change bill compromise. Here's what happened this week. See for privacy information.

Jul 30
Joe Manchin's Surprise Climate Deal | Leila Mottley

America's slowing economy sparks a recession debate, Sen. Joe Manchin reaches an agreement with his fellow Democrats on a climate bill, and Leila Mottley discusses her novel "Nightcrawling." See for privacy information.

Jul 29
Outrage Over Instagram's Emphasis on Video | Rafael A. Mangual

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's planned trip to Taiwan angers China, Ronny Chieng examines the Move Oregon's Border movement, and Rafael A. Mangual discusses his book "Criminal (In)Justice." See for privacy information.

Jul 28
Russia's International Space Station Pullout | Molly Burke

Pope Francis apologizes for Catholic abuse of Indigenous people, Molly Burke discusses her advocacy for the disabled community, and actor Brian Cox talks about his role on "Succession." See for privacy information.

Jul 27
January 6 Hearings: Season Finale Recap | Daniel Kaluuya

The monkeypox virus officially becomes a global health emergency, Trevor dives into revelations from the eighth January 6 hearing, and Daniel Kaluuya discusses his role in the movie "Nope." See for privacy information.

Jul 26
How Trevor Plans to Keep His Grandmother's Legacy Alive - Between The Scenes

Trevor reflects on his grandma's legacy. #BetweenTheScenes See for privacy information.

Jul 25
Gregory Robinson - The Impressive Images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

NASA Program Director Gregory Robinson discusses the advancements the James Webb Space Telescope has compared to the Hubble Telescope, and how these space missions reveal important information about our earth, the sun, and the galaxies around us. See for privacy information.

Jul 25
Will Trump Run for President to Avoid Prison?

As the January 6th Hearings come to a close, senators from both parties look to amend the Electoral Count Act which would make it harder for a future president to pressure the V.P. to overturn election results. Plus, Donald Trump may announce a 2024 bid for president to avoid prison. See for privacy information.

Jul 24
This Week's Top Stories | Europe Faces A Massive Heat Wave

Europe faces a massive heat wave, the Secret Service “loses” text from January 6th, and President Biden catches COVID. Here’s what happened this week. See for privacy information.

Jul 23
President Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 | Blitz Bazawule

President Biden tests positive for COVID-19, the January 6 hearings appear to spell trouble for Donald Trump, and artist Blitz Bazawule discusses his novel "The Scent of Burnt Flowers." See for privacy information.

Jul 22
The House Passes a Marriage Equality Bill | Jenny Slate

The House passes a sweeping marriage equality bill, Dulcé Sloan examines gender stereotypes in children's books, and comedian Jenny Slate discusses her film "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On." See for privacy information.

Jul 21
The Secret Service Deletes January 6 Texts | Gregory Robinson

The Secret Service deletes texts from January 6, 2021, Kevin Matthew Kelp (Michael Kosta) cracks a fruit conspiracy, and NASA's Gregory Robinson discusses the James Webb Space Telescope. See for privacy information.

Jul 20
Biden Fist Bumps Saudi Crown Prince MBS | Terri Jackson

Sen. Joe Manchin deals a blow to climate change policy, Dulcé Sloan tries to make New Yorkers late for work, and the WNBA's Terri Jackson discusses Russia's detainment of Brittney Griner. See for privacy information.

Jul 19
Trevor's Favorite Accent - Between the Scenes

What is Trevor's favorite accent to imitate? #BetweenTheScenes See for privacy information.

Jul 18
The Sub-Minimum Wage Loophole

Thanks to a loophole, disabled employees can legally be paid less than their non-disabled counterparts. Here’s a look at the debate over subminimum wage.  See for privacy information.

Jul 16
The Filibuster - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

The Senate filibuster is one of the biggest things standing in the way of anti-voter suppression laws, raising the minimum wage and immigration reform. What is this loophole, and how does it affect governing today? See for privacy information.

Jul 15