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Prodigal - A Look at the Father - Audio

Beginning today, we are going to do a 3-week sermon series on this parable of the prodigal son, looking at it each week from a different vantage point, through a different character. And in doing so, I am willing to guess that many will find they didn’t know the story as well as they thought.

Aug 07
The Tenth Commandment - Audio

Today we come to the end of a 3-month journey to remind ourselves of the commands, renew ourselves to the commands of God. And end is probably not the right word. End of a series, yes, but not the end of seeking a growing understanding of the goodness and rightness of God’s commands for our life. As I study these, I grow in awe of God: His understanding of us, of life, so perfect. And of course, in His commands is a light on my evil. In His commands I see afresh my great need for Jesus. And now the last command, a warning about everything we will try pursue to find love, peace, satisfaction, happiness other than Jesus. Let’s read Exodus 20:1-17.

Jul 31
The Ninth Commandment - Audio

Lying is a unique sin in that one lie almost always demands another. If I steal, I don’t have to steal again. If I lust, I don’t have to lust again. But if I lie, it often calls for more lying. Lying is kind of the protector of all sin. To cover all the sins out there, usually involves lying along the way. And we think of lying as a little sin. Let’s read Exodus 20:1-17.

Jul 24
The Ninth Commandment - Audio

Lying is a unique sin in that one lie almost always demands another. If I steal, I don’t have to steal again. If I lust, I don’t have to lust again. But if I lie, it often calls for more lying. Lying is kind of the protector of all sin. To cover all the sins out there, usually involves lying along the way. And we think of lying as a little sin. Let’s read Exodus 20:1-17.

Jul 24
The Eighth Commandment - Audio

And here we are at number 8 and heading to the barn. We started this series on commandments, the great commandment and the ten commandments back on May 1; with the first message entitled, Loving God, because that is what all these commands are about: love. Today’s command can be a little like the murder command. Today is about stealing, and I think we run out there to the big examples of stealing and absolve ourselves of any guilt. I haven’t killed anyone, and I haven’t robbed a bank, so I’m in the good here. But as we said on murder, the goal is not just not killing someone, or not robbing a bank. The goal is being like God. So what is that going to mean here. Look with me at Exodus 20:1-17.

Jul 17
The Seventh Commandment - Audio

Today we are going to focus on the seventh commandment: *You shall not commit adultery*. What is adultery? Adultery is typically defined as sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse. This is perhaps the commandment that many of us will struggle the most with while on this earth, especially as we understand the heart of the commandment. It’s a struggle because we are sexual beings, that naturally crave physical and emotional intimacy. Part of the struggle is also the sexually immoral society we live in, where we are constantly bombarded with ideas about sexuality that oppose the perfect will of God for one man and one woman in marriage. As we think about adultery, we have to wonder what is at the heart of the commandment.

Jul 10
The Sixth Commandment - Audio

I just read a long passage (Exodus 20:1-17) to get to a short command. Four words: you shall not murder. Or, said positively: You shall value life. How can Jesus say, in Matthew 5:21-22 that anger brings the same judgment as murder? There is a simple logic here. Life is so precious, is to be valued so highly, we don’t even get on the road that leads to murder.

Jul 03
The Fifth Commandment - Audio

We continue our series on the commandments today. We have studied the Great Commandment, and today brings us halfway through the Ten Commandments. Today’s command has everything to do with whether or not you can make it in the world. It is all about authority.

Jun 26
The Fourth Great Word - Audio

Today we look at the Fourth Commandment on the Sabbath. What is the Sabbath? We see its genesis, no pun intended, in Genesis 2:1-3. It says in 2:2 that He rested, and the word is Sabbath. It means He ceased His work. He did not rest because He was tired, for He is omnipotent. He can have powers flow out of Him that create the universe and He doesn’t even need a drink of water. It was His delight to stop after 6 days and celebrate. Sabbath here is not the name of a day, but a reference to stopping one’s normal activity to rest and celebrate. 6 days of work and 1 day of rest was the cycle God gave to us. This is before the law.

Jun 19
God's Name Is Worthy To Be Praised - Audio

This week we continue with the 3rd commandment. When we are told not to take the Lord's name in vain, what does that mean exactly? On the surface it appears like it's talking about our language of swearing/mocking the Lord's name. But I believe that the commandment may also be referring to something more than verbal expression.

Jun 12
The Second Great Command - Audio

Last week we looked at the first one of the Ten Commandments: nothing before God. And while we learned that God tests, we came up with a self-test: Can I give this to God? We also said last week that while the *Thou shall nots* can sound foreboding and ominous, they are words of kindness. We need to know what is wrong and what is right. We need to know how to really love. And maybe the most important role the Ten Commandments play is they are a witness to us every day that we need Jesus, for we cannot keep the Ten Commandments and all that come from them. So there is a lot going on with these commandments. Let’s move to #2 today, *Don’t try to capture God in physical form.* Turn to Exodus 20:1-17.

Jun 05
The First Great Commandment - Audio

Today we begin our study of one of the most well-known passages in the Bible throughout the world and across religions: the Ten Commandments. I am not saying everyone can recite all Ten, but we know the idea. Some of us remember seeing them posted in schools and various government buildings. Then began the legal battles to take them down, to keep them up. Believe it or not, most Americas still today have a favorable opinion of them being posted, even believe they are relevant. Now while it is a largely favorable view, it is declining view as we as a culture embrace the idea that nothing is wrong, except telling someone that something is wrong. I think posting them is of great value not just for the content, but the symbolism. I also think God is as interested, if not more, on whether they are posted on our hearts. We need the Ten Commandments. They are a moral compass for our soul.

May 29
A Faith That Get's Noticed - Youth Sunday - Audio

At the Heights, Our mission is to be a church that the 804 can’t live without. It’s a phrase that if you’re here for any amount of time you’ll hear a lot. Many of us may have ideas of what that looks like, but this morning I would like to look at a church in the New Testament that gives us an example of what it looks like to be part of a church that’s influencing its community in such a way that the rest of the World has heard of the impact its making.

May 22
Loving God Means Loving Others - Audio

All commands can be put under two categories, two great commandments: love God and love others. Last we talked about loving God, and that topic is interesting to most of us. It doesn’t frustrate us to think about it, doesn’t raise questions. We want to love God better. But loving others. Now indeed, there are some others that we want to love better and love more, but the command to love others is not about some of your choosing. It is about all.

May 15
The Great Commandment - Audio

Last week we began a new series on commandments. We are going to spend 3 months studying the two great commandments, then the Ten Commandments, as well as others that come from these. We also introduced the idea that this is all about love. Studying the commandments is studying how to love God as well positioning our lives to best experience His love and presence and blessing. So today we start with the first and the great commandment. Turn in your Bible to Matthew 22:35-40.

May 08
Commandments, They're All About Love - Audio

Possibly the wisest person that has ever lived concluded that life is meaningless. It was Solomon who said that, and it was not a random thought after a bad day, a bad experience, or a bad life. This is his conclusion upon purposely studying all that we put our hands to, to find life and meaning. God put this conclusion of Solomon here in His Word. God wanted us to see this. Why? The key to understanding this book and what Solomon is communicating is 3 words: under the sun. If you only live life under the sun, horizontally, no vertical connection, no relationship with what is above the sun; it will never matter how much you laugh, spend, make, accomplish, achieve or enjoy – you will be empty. He is profoundly communicating that there is no real joy, no meaning life, apart from God.

May 01
God Never Fails - Audio

The time of the Judges was one of the lowest times in the history of Israel. During this time, they turned away from God to the worship of idols, and God allowed their enemies to overcome and enslave them. God did not leave Israel completely without hope. Whenever the Israelites cried out to the Lord, the Lord would raise up judges to deliver them.

Apr 24
Easter at Luke’s: An Unknowing Conversation with God - Audio

Happy Easter, and welcome to The Heights Baptist. What an honor to gather with you here in person and online, and to do so for one reason: He is alive! He is alive! Easter is a Sunday we usually turn to the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and look at His crucifixion or resurrection, but today is a little different at The Heights. Today is the 9th message in a series where we have walked verse by verse through the last week of Jesus’ life and we’ve already covered the cross and resurrection. And the story bring us today to what happened afterwards, and that’s where we live, afterwards. Turn in your Bible or Bible app to Luke 24:13-53

Apr 17
Palm Sunday 2022 - Audio

Rabbi Paul Klassen from Aliyah Foundation leads in a Seder service. Through this, we have a better understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of the prophecy of the promised Messiah.

Apr 10
Why Don’t Believers Believe - Audio

Why were the disciples not so filled with anticipation, that they were at the tomb waiting for Jesus? Is it because they were overwhelmed with grief? Scared of the Roman guards? Okay, that’s real. But when the women tell them Jesus is alive, His body is gone, they’ve seen angels – the disciples treated their report like nonsense? Shame on them. Yes, they do go and see what is going on at the tomb, and leave wondering what happened? They’re fools, and they don’t deserve to see Jesus. It’s not right for them to have called this nonsense. Yes, believing someone has risen from the grave is hard to believe. That’s not normal. It’s not even abnormal. It just doesn’t happen. Period. So, there’s that. But there is the power of God for whom nothing is impossible and that makes it possible to believe the unbelievable.

Apr 03
An Extreme Death Brings an Extreme Warning - Audio

What was a painful moment for you? Can your memory feel that pain right now? I can’t imagine any of us has any kind of experience with pain that would help us understand what Jesus endured. Let me read Luke 22:66-23:46.

Mar 27
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? - Audio

When I think of Jesus bloodied and beaten on the cross, it is easy to put that on mean Pharisees, Pontius Pilate, the Roman guards, Satan! And indeed, they did that! But so did His friends, so did you and I. His friends betray Him and deny Him. There is no reason to assume you or I would have fared much better. Let’s look at a little closer as Jesus steps into the most difficult night ever lived.

Mar 20
When Satan Enters - Audio

One thought on this for today though is Judas. What happened to him, why did he do this? He is chosen to follow Jesus, along with 11 others. That takes place early in Jesus’ ministry so we can assume Judas would have seen almost all of Jesus’ miracles. He would have heard almost all of Jesus’ teachings. He would have enjoyed the friendship of Jesus on a daily basis. We might even say, Judas knew Jesus as well as, maybe better than any of us. And not only Jesus, but Judas ran with the likes of Peter, John, Matthew and James. So what happened?

Mar 13
What's Preparing - Audio

If you knew you were going to die in a couple days, and it wasn’t because of sickness, you’re healthy and mobile, but you are going to die; what would be important to you to do? What people would that involve? What would you be talking about? A hypothetical exercise for us, but for Jesus it was His reality. He is down to a couple of days, and we get to see who He is talking to, what He is talking about, what is important to do in the time left. Luke 21 shows us a day in the life of Jesus, when there are just a few left.

Mar 06
Jesus Is Our Rock - Audio

We continue our second week in our study of Easter at Luke's. We are studying this week in Luke 20.

Feb 27
Easter At Luke's: Starts With A Parade - Audio

Here I am today starting an Easter series in February, also the earliest I have done that, and Easter is not till April 17. I have so often handled both Easter and Christmas with 2, 3, maybe 4 messages; but there is so much more. And I wanted to do something a little more thorough. I choose Luke, for his expressed purpose of a gospel account that encourages our certainty. When it comes to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, we need to be certain, so certain, we’d stake our life on it, as many have.

Feb 20
Jesus, Would You Be My Valentine - Audio

I hope we are all loving those we need to love well enough that we don’t need a special day, but don’t miss the special days. On this Valentine’s I wanted to take a moment to look at a great expression of love for the One who should be the greatest object of our love. Look with me today at John 12:1-8.

Feb 13
WWGP for the Government - Audio

We have been now 5 weeks in a series called, What Would God Pray. God does not pray like we think of praying, but what are prayers, but us communicating to God our desires and our will. Well, God has desires and a will, and we do well to bring our desires and will, our prayers in line with His, and that is where we get the phrase what would God pray. We have gone to the Scriptures that reveal to us God’s will and desires, so as to learn what to pray for ourselves, our family, our church, and today our government.

Feb 06
WWGP for My Church - Audio

This morning we are thinking about what God would pray for the Church. If Jesus loves the Church, and we love Jesus and want to be like Him, then would we not also love the Church, and if we love her want to pray much for her?

Jan 30
WWGP for Me - Audio

I’d like to give us 7 things to pray for ourselves considering this appointment. These seven things are my own list. You can certainly look to God’s Word and build your own. The key is praying the Scripture, letting it build our prayers.

Jan 23