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The Meeting House is a church that exists to grow loving communities of Jesus-followers who live and share his irreligious message. We value community, simplicity, and peace with a mission to share the gospel and care for people. To learn more, visit

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The Great Shepherd - God Only Knows - Aug 14

Psalm 22:24 For he has not ignored or belittled the suffering of the needy. He has not turned his back on them, but has listened to their cries for help.

Aug 15
The Gospel in Tattoos - God Only Knows - Aug 07

What do you mark on the hearts of people who need to hear the words of Jesus?

Aug 08
No Days Off - Moses, Jesus, and the Spaces In Between - July 31

Like Moses helped liberate the Israelites from Egypt, Jesus comes to set all of humanity free from the voice of fear that says there isn't enough and that we aren't enough.

Aug 02
The Rescue of God - Moses, Jesus, and the Spaces In Between - July 24

Gods rescue of the Israelites from Egypt continues to be our rescue from the Egypt within us all. The story that keeps us enslaved, convinces us to hustle, to work to death, convinces us that we aren't worth very much, that we should do more and be more earn more have more and never stop grinding. And yet, God tells us that not only do we bear his image and likeness, but that he loves us, that he is rescuing the world and that we're part of the plan here.

Jul 25
Where's God in the Wilderness? - Moses, Jesus, and the Spaces In Between - July 17

What do we learn about God in the midst of our wilderness?

Jul 18
What's in a Name? - Moses, Jesus, and the Spaces In Between - July 10

Moses didn't know where he fit and God's promise showed him the way.

Jul 11
Two Mountains, One Gift - Moses and Jesus and the Spaces in Between - July 3

The commands we find in Scripture are meant to be a gift—a path to guide us, not a burden to carry.

Jul 04
Hopeful, Warning - Afraid of the Dark - June 19

"Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy." - Warren Wiersbe

Jun 20
Woes & Worries - Afraid of the Dark - June 12

Jesus had no space for the hypocritical hearts of the Pharisees. While your experience and story of the church may hold some hypocritical experiences, this is not the way of Jesus.

Jun 13
Lamps and Light Switches - Afraid of the Dark #1

"The most precious light is the one that visits you in your darkest hour." Mehmet Murat Ildan

Jun 05
Today, Tomorrow, Always - Peace Be With You #5

What does it look like to live as a peacemaker today, tomorrow, and always?

May 30
You - Peace Be With You #4

Peace is impossible... without you.

May 25
With - Peace Be With You #3

The Two Handed Gospel: in order to be with, we need to experience his presence with us

May 16
Be - Peace Be With You #2

What does it mean to BE in our neighbourhoods with intention and with a heart to be an unstoppable force for good?

May 09
Peace - Peace Be With You #1

Understanding a theology of Peace. Peacemaking the Jesus Way.

May 02
Go and Make - God Only Knows

Sooooo….now what? Jimmy explains how the early church responded to and did the work of the great commission; and how we are called to the same challenge today.

Apr 25
Hope Lives - Road To Hope #7

Quincy Bergman, Jimmy Rushton, Karmyn Bokma, and Christie Penner Ward share a special message of hope on Easter Sunday.

Apr 20
Praise - Road To Hope #6

Quincy Bergman, Michael Harris and Rachel Bawn share on the impact of worship in their lives and how vital a component it is in a life of Faith.

Apr 11
Reflection - Road To Hope #5

What it means to be made in the image of God.

Apr 04
Agree - Road To Hope #4

What does it mean to agree with Jesus?

Mar 27
Repent > Forgiveness - Road To Hope #3

The difference between getting it right on paper but wrong in action.

Mar 20
Meditate - Road To Hope #2

How we're doing as a Church Family.

Mar 14
Lament - Road To Hope #1

HOW we create space for God and each other in pain.

Mar 07
What We Think and Feel - Eyes, Hearts and Minds #4

How Jesus connects and clarifies how we think and feel.

Feb 28
What We Think - Eyes, Hearts and Minds #3

In a time where offering our thoughts and prayers is seen as an excuse for inaction. What if we believed that it is the most powerful thing that we can do?

Feb 22
What We See - Eyes, Hearts and Minds #2

The Wisdom of Christ is the only thing that will truly fulfill us. In Colossians we’re seeing how Christ disarms the lies of the empire because he is Truth, takes down the currency of the empire (fear) through Love, and brings Life where the results of empire are death. Let’s pursue Jesus this week as the source of our wholeness!

Feb 14
Colossians: A Radical Alternative - Eyes, Hearts and Minds #1

Colossians was written in the context of the growing emperor cult of the Roman Empire. This Empire was capturing not only the peoples lives but their imaginations as well. Limiting their future dreaming of an alternative reality. Although thousands of years separate us from Ancient Rome, we still know all about Empire. We struggle with global economics and corporate interests that commodify people for profit. How does Colossians help us live our faith in Jesus today? Well, it might be the best book in the Bible to subvert the empire that tries to colonize our imaginations. Jesus is THE revelation that ALLOWS US to enter and live an ALTERNATIVE REALITY to Empire - a NEW way to live.

Feb 07
Jesus Walks On Water - Jesus Walks #4

The revelation of Jesus is the best way to combat our fear. Peter’s example of faith and failure as he responds to Jesus’ invitation to walk on water is a revealing look into the ways our misconceptions fuel our fear and keep us from walking with Jesus - even in places we could never imagine

Jan 31
Jesus Walks Towards Suffering and Death - Jesus Walks #3

Jesus movement invites us to confront fatalism, moving instead to sympathy, empathy and compassion that acts towards transformation. Joining Jesus will empower us to do the same. We are a ressurection people.

Jan 24