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Some Nitty Gritty On Pricing | Sara Ballek | Episode 860

Sara Ballek is back on The Potters Cast. Sara's first visit to the show was back in 2020 right before the pandemic struck. So I thought it would be great to get an update on how things have progressed and changed in her life. So this is my second conversation with Sara.

Aug 16
A Board Member of Studio Potter | Hayne Bayless | Episode 859

Growing up in Seattle, Hayne Bayless first got interested in clay when he found an old potter's wheel and kiln in a corner of the high school art room. The art teacher knew enough about pottery to point him to Leach's A Potter's Book, and that became his guide. Other than lessons with a potter in Tokyo as a late teen, Hayne managed to avoid any formal education in ceramics. Hayne abandoned wheel-throwing early on, lured by the freedom that hand-building offers. He set up his first studio in a tiny basement he shared with a washer and dryer, a stack of snow tires, mice and the snakes that ate them. The workspace amounted to a little more than a hundred square feet. To navigate the cramped quarters he sometimes had to slide sideways, and since then it’s been Sideways Studio. It also applies to a certain way of looking at things; instead of encountering an idea head-on, you might approach it from a different angle, even sideways. It can help avoid the traps of your own assumptions and biases. His studio is larger now and still cluttered, but he doesn't have to walk sideways.

1h 28m
Aug 11
"It Morphed Into A Career And I Didn't Know It" | Shikha Joshi | Episode 858

Shikha Joshi is a studio potter based in Round Rock, Texas. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Joshi learned ceramics through community classes and workshops in the US. Joshi likes her pieces to be used, and aspires to make work that brings joy to people's daily lives.

Aug 09
She Just Graduated And Is Selling Her Work | Kylie Smithline | Episode 857

Kylie Smithline received her BFA in Ceramics at Jacksonville University. As a ceramicist, Kylie enjoys creating large-scale sculptural work that is non-representational as well as functional-work that corresponds with the sculptures. Kylie began working with clay in high school and decided to choose this as a career path after falling in love with the material and process.

Aug 04
Mug & Song | Nathan & Andrew Pauls | Episode 856

Nathan and Andrew Pauls are brothers and they have collaborated on some art. Andrew, who is a musician, wrote 14 songs for a song writers event where people are challenged to create a record album length group of songs in one month. Nathan joined in on all the fun and created a series of mugs in response to the music that Andrew wrote. This is the result of their collaboration.  Each mug on the show notes page is made by Nathan, and right below it is the song created by Andrew that inspired Nathan. They are presented in order of creation.

1h 5m
Aug 02
Art As A Real Job | Augusta Smith | Episode 855

Augusta Smith is a multi-medium designer and artist based in Phoenix Arizona, primarily focused on ceramic vessels. Native to Edgefield County, South Carolina, Augusta uses his background in production scale ceramics and traditional functional forms along with his engineering research discipline to produce wares ranging from vessels and tableware to sculpture.

Jul 28
Having a Friend in Art | Corrie Ladd | Episode 854

* Before founding Korai Goods in 2019, Corrie Ladd began her practice as a multi-disciplinary artist in her hometown of Tarpon Springs, FL, where the doodles her father made in her birthday cards became her earliest artistic inspirations. Corrie earned her BFA in drawing from The University of Florida. Corrie now makes the world's greatest pottery, among other things, and is almost always nice. *           bio written by her husband '22

Jul 26
Trying To Go Fulltime | Danielle Williams | Episode 853

"Hello Strong Human", is the message from Danielle Williams. Danielle is the face, hands, and heart behind Strong Roots Pottery. Graphic Designer by day and potter by night, Danielle resides in Dallas, TX, where she makes small batch ceramics as strong as Danielle's roots.

Jul 21
From Dead to Alive | Zuza Ferenczová | Episode 853

Zuza Ferenczová is a part-time potter and part-time scriptwriter from Slovakia, Europe. Zuza has a small garden studio where she makes small batches of hand-built pottery. Recently Zuza has founded a nonprofit organization called Ruky v hline, dedicated to organize educational activities for kids and adults in the field of pottery. Zuz  has just been accepted for a PhD program in Film and Television studies as well.

1h 0m
Jul 19
Putting On An Annual Art Show | Evelyn Ward | Episode 851

Evelyn Ward makes functional earthenware pots, with monoprinted slip transfers in her studio at Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor, NC. Evelyn's aim is to make well-made pots that are a pleasure to use and look at and have around. She really enjoys making pots and hopes that they bring a little joy to people's lives.

Jul 14
A Raku Artist And Working With Galleries | Alan Potter | Episode 850

Alan Potter lives in Southeast Arizona where he works in his home studio creating raku-fired sculptural animals. Alan received a BA from Trinity College of Vermont in 1999. Alan's work is represented by galleries, nationally.

Jul 12
Mental Road Blocks | Mike Cerv | Episode 849

Mike Cerv is a ceramic artist from Kansas who loves exploring processes and glaze chemistry. Mike received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from Louisiana State University. Currently Mike is back in Kansas as a teaching resident at The University of Kansas.

1h 7m
Jul 07
Wires & Pots | Asahi So | Episode 848

Asahi So is a Sydney-based ceramic artist specializing in sculptural pieces that combine wire with ceramic components, and in wheel-thrown functional ware. Having initially trained and worked as a florist, Asahi love of flowers has been carried over into his current work, with a focus often placed on creating vessels for flowers and foliage.

Jul 05
He Plays Banjo And He Pots! | Darren Jackson | Episode 847

Darren Jackson got a random postcard at his day job (K-6 general music) to attend Arrowmont. When Darren's first choice was full, he ended up in hand building. After getting a wheel that fall, Darren hasn't looked back! When Darren is not in mud, he's on his front porch, picking his banjo!

Jun 30
From The Wheel To The Lathe | Nicholas Lees | Episode 846

Nicholas Lees has a string of degrees from University of Kent (BA), University of the West of England (BA), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (MA), and the Royal College of Art (MPhil). Nicholas has work exhibited in the UK and overseas and in public collections, including York City Art Gallery, Westerwald Keramikmuseum in Germany, and Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Italy. His awards include the Cersaie Prize, Faenza and Nicholas was a Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University between 2000 and 2010 and is now a Visiting Lecturer at RCA and UCA Farnham.

1h 0m
Jun 28
She Is Starting A Community Clay Studio | Jordyn Brummett | Episode 845

Jordyn Brummett is a wife, mom, and ceramic artist living in Huntsville, Alabama. Jordyn has a BFA in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics. She creates out of the overflow of the healing and rest Jordyn receives from her art practice which has led her to open The Vessel - a community ceramics studio.

Jun 23
Instagram Growth | Deana Coveney | Episode 844

Deana Coveney is the artist at Vuvu Ceramics. Dena lives and works in Encinitas, California, a small beach town north of San Diego. Deana's work captures the wonder we felt the first time we pressed a leaf into clay and combines it with the wonder we felt the first time we held a ladybug. Deana's pieces are celebrations of the everyday garden, created in stoneware clay fired to cone 5/6.

Jun 21
Chasing The Residency Circuit | Tyler Quintin | Episode 843

Tyler Quintin is a Korean American ceramic sculptor and vessel maker using clay to explore themes centered around identity. Tyler is currently wrapping up his residency at the Morean Center for Clay and will be beginning his next residency at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in June. 2022.

1h 7m
Jun 16
From Doctor To Blindness To Clay | Annemarie Vogel | Episode 842

Annemarie Vogel used to work as a medical doctor in Zimbabwe. When Annemarie lost her vision, she returned to the Netherlands and changed her focus to the visual arts. Luckily she is not afraid of  a challenge. Annemarie's work illustrates that sight is more than vision.

Jun 14
The Miracles | Diego Valles | Episode 841

Diego Valles was born in the border town of Palomas Chihuahua in July 1982.Diego has been expanding the limits not only of Mata Ortiz Ceramics, but also of traditional Mexican Ceramics. In 2010 he was awarded The National Youth Award for Arts, which is Mexico’s highest honor to a young living artist, “for the combination of Science, Art and Excellence in the creation of his ceramics...”

1h 0m
Jun 09
From Conductor to Clay | Lucia Matos | Episode 840

An orchestra conductor turned potter, Lucia Matos is originally from Brazil and lives now in the Chicago area. After having to cut short her conducting career due to hearing problems, Lucia discovered clay, and with that, she overcame grief and regained her creative voice and life purpose.

Jun 07
The Reluctant Potter | Andy Williams | Episode 839

Andy Williams is 43 years old and from the SF Bay Area. Andy has been a teacher of visual arts for 16 years and full time ceramics the last two years. Andy had not worked with clay in high school, but now it's all he thinks about. Andy is now working towards the point where he feels comfortable selling.

Jun 02
Putting Your Money to Work | Kaveri Bharath | Episode 838

Kaveri Bharath is a potter in Chennai, in South India. Kaveri now has a rooftop studio with a small gas kiln that she built. The bulk of Kaveri's ceramic education and exposure came from Ray and Debby of GBP, Pondicherry. Kaveri builds kilns, teaches, and also makes and sells pottery.

May 31
Developing A Makers Philosophy | Harry Levenstein | Episode 837

Harry Levenstein is a potter currently working in the southern Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Harry is the ceramics lab tech at the Bard College at Simon's Rock where he also teaches and maintains his own studio practice.

May 26
Going On A Pottery Trip | Gaspar Gorodisch | Episode 836

Gaspar Gorodisch is an Argentinian potter, Born in 1996 in the city of Buenos Aires. Through his young adult life Gaspar hopped between careers and jobs, having started as a cook at 18, managing bands and studying music full time at 20, and due to a bizarre accident, falling in love with pottery.

May 24
Out Of The Gate and Killing It | Em Piscopo | Episode 835

Em Piscopo stumbled into ceramics nearly 2.5 years ago in an attempt to discover my creative side after letting my analytical side take the reigns for too long. The connection was instantaneous, and Em fell in love hard and fast with the medium of clay. Em could never in her wildest dreams have anticipated making pieces that would someday be passed from her hands to those of family and friends, old and new, all over the map. The heart of Nightshade is, and in some ways has always been, finding the intersections between art and science, style and function, and to bring a bit of magic into everyday life.

May 19
Chasing Down An Idea | Mandy Henebry | Episode 834

Mandy Henebry has been working with clay for almost 3 decades. Mandy's work is a reflection of her love for home décor, and entertaining with food. Soft colors and tactile patterns grace the surfaces of her pottery. Mandy currently lives in Boise, Idaho working as a full-time studio potter.

May 17
Learning From Others | Amanda Bartel | Episode 833

I began working with clay in 2011 when I asked a cashier to teach me pottery. Since then, I have worked in and built multiple studios nationally and internationally. I make functional pieces born from an inner stillness and I strive to help my students find their own stillness through my teaching.

May 12
How To Not Care | Amanda Fangue | Episode 832

If Amanda had known she would one day be a professional potter, she would have taken more than Introduction to Pottery in college! Amanda was re-introduced to ceramics while stationed in Germany (2008) on a US military instillation that had several recreational centers, one of which had pottery wheels and a kiln. Since then Amanda has primarily been self taught through through research, asking a lot of questions, and trial and error. Amanda's work is 100% designed and handcrafted by herself. Her bubble designs are relatively new. Amanda uses a combination of underglazes, overglazes, and decals. 

1h 1m
May 10
A Clay Pickett | Chris Pickett | Episode 831

Chris received his BFA from the University of Tennessee and his MFA from the University of Florida. Chris served as a long term Resident Fellow at the Archie Bray Foundation from 2012 to 2014. Chris currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho, and serves as an Assistant Professor at Idaho State University.

May 05