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"It's like Steve Martin meets Steve Forbes." - Jim Stovall - NY Times Best Selling Author. Experience business school without the BS with former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark and the optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. This award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Pando Daily, etc.

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When Can You Be Sincere with Your People If They Are Always Trying to Screw You?

When (if ever) can you be sincere with people and open if the entire time you need to make them feel the way they need to feel? Can you ever show anyone your true intentions? Find out on this episode of the Thrivetime Show.

Aug 19
How to Deal with Working with People Who You Sincerely Do Not Like

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by team members that you dislike? Do you hate coming to your own business every day? Listen to this business coach podcast to start loving going in to your business.

Aug 18
Finding Significance – Beyond the Weddings and Killing the Competition – Part 2

Get unstuck from your current paradigm in life and business and start seeing huge gains in your F6 goals (Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships, Fitness, and Fun). Listen, laugh, and learn from our business coach team.

Aug 17
Finding Significance - Beyond the Weddings and Killing the Competition - Part 1

Are you stuck in the current chapter of your life and business trying to figure out how to fix the direction you are headed? If so, you need to listen in as business coach Clay Clark dives into the phases of his business life and personal development through the principles of Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich.

Aug 16
Small Business Finance 101 | Refusing to Look at Your Numbers Won’t Help You

Do you know your numbers? Do you know what numbers to look at? If you do not then this special edition man cave podcast version of the Thrivetime Show is for you.

Aug 15
How to Measure Success with NBA Hall of Fame Legend, David Robinson

During this interview NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson breaks down how to measure your success.

Aug 14
Focus on Revenue Producing Activity | Without Sales You Will Fail | How to Be Efficient 101

What are you spending your time on? Wasting time as a business owner and not focusing on revenue is a killer. The best business coach team, Clay and Z will talk about sales in this Thrivetime Show podcast from the man cave.

Aug 13
Finding Cheap Rent For Your Business And Becoming The King Of Consistency

If you struggle to be consistent or are looking for an answer on how to find cheap rent then tune in as the best business coach team in Clay and Z talk about why being consistent is important as you grow your business.

Aug 12
Learning the Right Time to Start a Business (with NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player Turned Entrepreneur, David Robinson)

Learn how to know when the time is right to start your new venture with business coach Clay Clark and David Robinson.

Aug 11
How to Create No Brainer Advertisements 101 | Creating Ads That Generate Qualified Leads

What is a no-brainer offer? On this man cave edition of the Thrivetime Show Dr Z and Clay will tell you what a no-brainer is and why it is so important to have one.

Aug 10
How To Manage and Follow Up 101

Without follow-up nothing other than good intentions and bad results will happen. In this episode of the Thrivetime Show, Dr Z and Clay Clark teach you the art of micro-management.

Aug 09
Online Reviews 101 | Why Gathering Reviews Matters

Why do online reviews matter? How do you get online reviews? On this man cave edition of the Thrivetime Show, Dr Z and Clay teach you why reviews are so important.  

Aug 08
5 Successful Characteristics of Business Owners – Ask Clay Anything

Are you a leader? Are your team members following you? If you need help in this area of business then tune into this podcast of the business coach Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z break down the details.

Aug 07
Creating a Proactive Day and Calendar with NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson

NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson explains the importance of designing your days and creating a proactive mindset so that you don’t live a reactive existence.

Aug 06
How To Help Yourself And Knowing Your Goals

Having trouble inspiring and motivating yourself and your team? One way to help fix this issue is to know your goals. In this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show Dr Z and Clay Clark will get into how they do it.

Aug 05
How To Execute A Dream 100 System

Are you looking to kick your sales to the next level? Learn to make consistent contact with your ideal and likely buyers by tuning in to the Thrivetime Show as Clay breaks down what the Dream 100 system is.

Aug 04
Learn From Mentors Not Mistakes - Ask Clay Anything

Entrepreneurs make mistakes. In this episode of the Thrivetime Show podcast, Dr. Z and business coach Clay Clark will talk about the upsetting mistakes that entrepreneurs have made and the concept of learning from mentors and not mistakes. 

Aug 03
How to Avoid Death by Invoice | You Are Not a Bank (Unless You Are)

Are you are invoicing your clients? Do you have problems collecting when the bill is due? Clay and Z are breaking down the details of how to avoid death by invoice.

Aug 02
Consistency | The Cultural Lie About Insanity

Are you insane? Repeating your proven systems until you have time and financial freedom is the only way to get traction. Business coach Clay and Z will break it down on this man cave session of the Thrivetime Show.

Aug 01
Should I Reinvest or Pay Myself More? - Ask Clay Anything

Should you finally pay yourself well or should you reinvest in your business? When is it time to reap the fruits of your labor and when is it time to keep reinvesting in your business? Business coach Clay Clark breaks it down.

Jul 31
How to Deal with the Difficult Personalities (Dennis Rodman) Within Your Organization (with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson)

David Robinson (Hall of Fame basketball player) explains how to deal with and manage the difficult personalities found within every organization (including Dennis Rodman).

Jul 29
Achieving Your Goals and Overcoming Setbacks

* * Drifting on your goals? Having a hard time with setbacks? If this is you then listen in to the Thrivetime Show podcast download as Dr Z and Clay Clark talk about achieving goals and overcoming setbacks.

Jul 28
How To Successfully Start Your Day and Build Systems

Are you trying to get ahead of the burning fires in your business? If so you have to listen in to the Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z talk about building systems, and how they start their day.

Jul 27
Top 3 Characteristics To Look For When Hiring

Need to hire new team members? Listen in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark goes above and beyond with the top characteristics to look for when hiring.

Jul 26
What Is A Good Profit Margin And Overcoming Anxiety

Ever struggle with anxiety? Do you struggle with knowing your numbers and what profit you should be making? Clay Clark is breaking down all of the details in this segment of the Thrivetime Show.

Jul 25
How to Find a Great Mentor

Looking for a mentor? Need help with work life balance? On this special Ask Clay and Z anything podcast from the Thrivetime Show Conference in February, Dr Z will give you some tips on finding a mentor.  

Jul 24
You Become the Average of the 5 People That You Spend the Most Time With

Learn the moves to increasing your net worth by understanding how your network will impact it. Clay and Z are breaking down the moves in this man cave session of the Thrivetime Show.

Jul 23
Time Blocking 101 - How to Actually Block Out Time to Do What Matters

If you are struggling to find the time you need to do what matters most then listen in as Clay and Z go over the moves to blocking out time and gaining time freedom on this man cave session of the Thrivetime Show.

Jul 22
Ask Clay Anything: Should I Work with My Wife?

Have you ever struggled to work with your significant other? Dr. Zoellner and business coach Clay Clark break down the ins and outs of working with your spouse.

Jul 21
Burn the Boats and Move Beyond Wishing – Part 2

Learn what it means to "burn the boats" and give yourself only success as an option in your business in today's episode of the Thrivetime Show business coach podcast.

Jul 20