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An OBGYN Becomes Pro-Life & Adelle on Family Life

OBGYN Dr. Lori Buzzetti shares her story from performing two abortions and being “pro-choice” to being pro-life (3:28) and running a maternity home for women in crisis pregnancy (17:43). Singer Adelle wants to be a homemaker and have more children, but also wants it all and all on her timing. What does this say about the delusions we ourselves may have about marriage and family? (28:12) How can we confuse a religious experience with a dating experience and need to put God first in our pursuit of family and a spouse? (44:06)   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    So Big Mountain House Maternity Home    Hope and Healing After Abortion 

Aug 19
Closing the Gap in Relationships

With an epidemic lack of open, honest, and engaged communication in relationships between men and women today, it's no wonder we're also witnessing chronic levels of isolation in men. We dive into studies and guidance from professionals to help unpack what can be done to bring harmony back to these relationships, and cure the isolationist mindset for good.

Aug 18
Male Loneliness – What Skills are Needed?

Devin Schadt joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss a trending article among men on male loneliness and what skills are needed to fill the deficit in relationships (3:09). What do women want and need from men? (28:42) Bishop Olmstead’s letter to men on male role models and communication  (44:42).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Devin Scahdt’s Fathers of St. Joseph   Psychology Today Article:    Book: Women are hard-wired to find well-meaning sexist men MORE attractive because they think they will be protected and provided for, finds study

Aug 18
Why We Need Pro-Life Laws

Jill Stanek joins Trending with her experience as a Labor & Delivery Nurse in an ostensibly Christian hospital, where she witnessed horrific abortions of babies that were, in some cases, left in a soiled linens closet to die.

Aug 17
Babies Born Alive After Abortion

Jill Stanek joins Trending with Timmerie to share her story as a registered nurse in the Labor & Delivery Department at a Christian hospital that performed abortions where babies were being aborted alive to die without medical care (2:55). St. Stephen of Hungary was a father and husband with incredible guidance for parents, those in power or seeking power, and all Catholics (28:51). Why becoming a parent is a good thing (44:23).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Hope and Healing After Abortion   Her Plan  Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act:

Aug 17
How To Be Happy Like Mary

Fr. Robert Spitzer joins Trending with some guidance on what it means -- and how to -- imitate the Blessed Mother in pursuit of the highest form of happiness: Transcendence.

Aug 16
Mary, Assumed into Heaven

Fr. Robert Spitzer joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss Our Lady as the cause of our joy on the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven (2:29) and how to imitate Our Lady in living the highest form of happiness – transcendence (18:18).  The joy of Mary in choosing Christ and how we can too (29:31). Good pro-life news (44:30) and helping your kids make happy choices & fighting for their faith when they leave the home (45:44).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Father Robert Spitzer’s Free Online Education  Credible Catholic    Book by Father Robert Spitzer    Resources for talking to and listening with  a child about contraception:     Book:

Aug 16
Former Abortionist & Serena Williams on Motherhood

Former abortionist and OBGYN Dr. John Bruchalski shares his story (1:52) and discusses with Timmerie the importance of helping women to envision a future as a mother and with a child in a culture that pushes contraception and abortion (20:21). Why was an 80 year old woman banned from the YMCA? (39:27)  Tennis legend Serena Williams talks about motherhood leading to her retirement (44:36).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Healing After Abortion   Tepeyac OBGYN – Virginia   Forthcoming Book (from abortionist to life affirming medicine)    Looking to leave the abortion movement?  And Then There Were None 

Aug 13
Empowering Dads, St. Clare of Assisi, Groceries on a Budget

Hugh Brown, President of American Life League, joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss practical tips to empower dads to lead their families, love their children, and know the challenges children face from LGBTQ gender ideology to abortion and sexual promiscuity (5:30). The importance of reading and the outdoors for children (27:49). Feast of St. Clare – the inspiring story of loving one another as St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi (31:39). How do you spice up your wardrobe/cosmetics on a budget?  What are clean makeup brands that don’t disrupt the endocrine system or impact autoimmune disorders (36:50)? Timmerie shares if she is having a baby boy or girl (42:30). ips to eat healthy on a budget with rising cost of groceries inflation (46:20).    RESOURCES MENTIONED :    American Life League    Courage International – support for Catholics experiencing same sex attraction   Medication Abortion Accounts for Most Abortions – Ru-486   Think Dirty App – Are your Cosmetics Healthy & Safe?    Healthy Makeup Brands – 100% Pure  – Beauty Counter    Book

Aug 12
Overcoming Sin & Gen Z is Asking Why Work at All?

Fr. Scott Herrera on men should react to Roe v. Wade being overturned (2:07) and how sin clouds the mind, ways to grow in the spiritual life, and the need for confession (17:10) Timmerie takes men’s questions (30:53). Good news about why parent’s voices and advocacy for their kids matter (39:32). Gen Z is asking why work at all in the midst of the great resignation at those of working age choose not to work (41:44).

Aug 11
What’s Wrong With our Kids?

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman unpacks the psychology and cause for the increase of aggression and bad behavior in children (2:18). Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman on changing the tide and overcoming the denial when it comes to video games, screen time, and children’s bad behavior and tantrums (22:11). Wives and mothers can compete for Miss Universe (42:59). St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross on the role of women and the potency for motherhood that all women have (45:00).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :  Book:    Screen Strong – take your kids back from the digital world    Video Game Detox: Take the Challenge Now    Read Aloud Handbook 

Aug 10
Depression Solutions, Meditation, & the Rosary

Happy Hour on Trending with Timmerie:  Depression and antidepressants – do you need antidepressants?  says they don’t work and have negative side effects(2:18). Seven ways to cure depression without drugs and what role our faith plays in coping with life’s ups and downs (19:40). Olivia Newton John from Grease dies. (37:10). St. Dominic and helpful ways to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary better or to start (40:52).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :  Book: Antidepressed: A Breakthrough examination of epidemic antidepressant harm and dependence    7 Steps to Treat Depression without Drug    St. Louis Marie de Montfort's Methods for Saying the Rosary PDF 

Aug 09
Perseverance through Faith and Football

Former NFL quarterback Elvis Grbac joins guest host Brooke Taylor to discuss his journey of faith through college and the NFL. They talk about his accomplishments in the NFL and the ultimate goal in life: Heaven!

Aug 06
How do you know when you should get married?, In-Laws, Dane Cook

Marriage Hour:  Celebrity and royal matchmaker Cristina Pineda join Trending with Timmerie to discuss comedian Dane Cook 50 engaged to 23 year-old Kelsi Taylor and what this has to do with going back to school and age gaps  (2:22).  How do you know when you should get married? (17:10) In-laws –  “My wedding is 100 days away and my future in-laws still exclude me from family events.” (34:45)   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Episode on how to choose a wife   Podcast episode:  how much and when should you bring a new boyfriend/girlfriend around your family? 

Aug 05
Male Friendship & the Struggle of Power, Pleasure, Wealth, & Honor

LMFT Michael Gasparro on the importance of male friendship (2:42) and the most common struggles men have today concerning power, pleasure, wealth, and honor (24:09).  Question: how a husband can ask his wife to put more effort into her appearance (39:43).    RESOURCES MENTIONED :    LMFT Michael Gasparro    A Catholic Mental Health Retreat – Podcast episode – Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of the mother?   

Aug 04
Why Kids are Delayed Developmentally & What’s Wrong with Surrogacy?

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss how to remedy the severe developmental delays in children of all ages and the skyrocketing mental health crisis for kids. What happened and what can we do about it?  Dr. Jenninfer Roback Morse explains the importance of mothers and fathers and how parental interaction with children leads to better developmental outcomes (1:58). Do you think there is anything wrong with surrogacy or IVF as a solution to infertility? You need to hear this from two dads who hired an egg donor and a surrogate (34:39).   RESOURCES MENTIONED : (2001)    Episode with Dr. Jennifer Roback MOrse on Balancing Work and Family Life   The Ruth Institute  

Aug 03
Why Being Catholic Should Make You Happy

Fr. Tim Grumbach joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss how obedience can bring all of us joy  (3:16 ) and the joy of missionary life that we’re all called to live in our simple day to day lives (24:57?).  Timmerie discusses why a study indicates that highly religious Catholics are the happiest people and how you can be happy too (41:11).     RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Book

Aug 02
Why we Suffer & Candice Cameron

Devin Schadt joins Tredning with Timmerie discussing the six darts the enemy flings to pull us down and how to combat them from doubt and discouragement to deprecation and despair (2:13). Devin Schadt on how God allows us to fall into sin for the purpose of going deeper (17:43). Awesome lessons from the Candice Cameron Burr call with JoJo Siwa regarding comments that Cameron is the rudest celebrity she has ever met (32:38). FDA officials warn that kids should not take LGBTQ puberty blockers that are causing severe symptoms including brain swelling and vision loss (45:21).  Will women who suffer miscarriages have access to D & E procedures and basic medical care under pro-life laws?  Yes!  (48:32) RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Fathers of St. Joseph   Podcast episode on why women will not be punisehd for miscarriages and will receive the medical care they need 

Jul 30
Big Announcement!

Timmerie shares her latest news!        RESOURCES MENTIONED :  NaPro Fertility Specialist Doctors  NaPro Telemedicine:

Jul 29
Should women get ready before their husbands come home? Clean Eating to Have a Baby

Have you ever considered praying in front of an abortion clinic or sidewalk counseling? Lauren Muzyka joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss (2:18). Giving our spouse our best – should a woman get ready for her husband before he comes home? (26:45) Kamala Harris announces she’s a woman and shares her pronouns (32:28). Question on wearing makeup and simple ways to get ready (36:36). Eating clean has helped many women struggling with fertility to get pregnant (45:13)   RESOURCES MENTIONED :  Podcast:  Will Women who Miscarry be Punished Under the Law? 

Jul 29
How to fit fitness into your busy life

World renowned fitness trainer and author Sal Di Stefano joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss fitting fitness into your life as a father, husband, professional (2:05) and staying active even when you aren’t getting a workout in (13:32).   Comedian Bill Burr’s recent stand-up routine about abortion and a cake recently went viral  Timmerie unpacks the analogy and simple ways for us to respond to any pro-abortion argument with the SLED acronym (27:28). Reality star and tattoo artist Kat Von D ditches occult witchcraft, goth look, and macabre (46:26).     RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Sal Di Stefano – Mind Pump Book:    Podcast episode:  5 Scientific reasons not to take birth control and how it can functions as an abortion 

Jul 28
How can I help pregnant women and babies?

Jill Stanek from Her Plan joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss how you can be a part of a national strategy to help women and save babies on a local level and with your Church (2:11). “St. Anne, bring me a man as fast as you can.”  Timmerie discusses turning to St. Anne for aid in finding a spouse or waiting for prayers to be answered (38:34). Timmerie shares about her struggle with fertility and her exciting news (42:19 ).   RESOURCES MENTIONED :    Her PLAN a national strategy to help pregnant moms and babies   – downloadable guide for churches to help women and babies    St Anne novena   NaPro Fertility Specialist Doctors   NaPro Telemedicine:

Jul 27
What makes you happiest?

Timmerie is back and discussing the life of St. James the Greater and what it tells us about happiness (7:54). Psychologist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras joins Timmerie to discuss if "doing good" or "feeling good" makes us happier?  (15:34) Also, Dr. Kardaras explains why living a contemplative and reflective life is a pathway towards happiness and fulfillment (28:35). Keeping up with the trends – is that making us happier?  Especially fashion trends. (44:06  ) Resources mentioned :  Book Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking our kids and how to break the trance Omega Recovery effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issue Forthcoming book by Dr. Kardaras: Digital Madness: How Social Media Is Driving Our Mental Health Crisis--and How to Restore Our Sanity

Jul 26
How to Save Babies, the Future of Abortion, & Healing After Abortion

Pam Stenzel joins Timmerie. They discuss the aftermath of abortion and it’s impact on the woman and what we can do to help heal the wounds of abortion to reduce the number of babies dying from abortion (4:39). How the PRC have been preparing for an increased volume in clients who were otherwise considering abortions but perhaps cannot find access (17:16).  The future of abortions are chemical RU 486 abortion pills. Women are giving birth to living babies at home due to wrongful guidance from the abortion clinic. (36:30) Resources mentioned :  Support After Abortion Brave Love Abortion Pill Reversal Pam Stenzel

Jul 23
Anthropology Research: Men & Women Don’t Like Each Other the Same Way

Pheromones: how we have chemically altered the way men and women relate to each other and choose partners  Anthropology study: how pheromones and sexual activity has shifted for animals on birth control – what this tells us about humans

Jul 22
Strength through Suffering/Holy Marriages

Guest host Brooke perseverance through suffering with her guest, Fr. John Michael Paul. John Sablan joins Trending to talk about the importance of the roles of husband and wife in marriage.

Jul 22
The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Timmerie unpacks the 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit which are: joy (0:43), peace (6:58), charity (13:42), patience (29:08), chastity (32:11), goodness (34:21), faithfulness (38:55), modesty (45:26), self-control (52:52), generosity (1:10:33), kindness (1:15:46), and gentleness (1:23:41).

1h 29m
Jul 21
Loneliness Among Men & the “Sin of Loneliness”

Devin Schadt joins Trending’s weekly Gentlemen’s hour to discuss loneliness for men.  John Paul II on the “sin of loneliness” (2:47). Devin Schadt takes questions on: how to stay disciplined in the face of comfort, developing leadership as a father, and proper steps in formulating a life-long career (22:13).  Timmerie discusses how to deal with pro-abortion family members (39:40).

Jul 21
Speaking the Truth in Love

Guest host Brooke Taylor and her guest Fr. Jeffrey Kirby discuss the importance of speaking the truth in love amidst the increasing secularization in the culture today. Catholic Rapper, E-Knock joins Brooke to discuss the importance of conveying the message of truth to the world through music. Resources mentioned:

Jul 20
Catholic Teaching on Extraterrestrials

Dr. Paul Thigpen joins guest host Brooke Taylor to explore the history of Catholic thought on Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Jul 19