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Broke gym owner Chris Cooper turned a struggling business into an asset—then built a multi-million-dollar mentoring company with hundreds of clients all over the world. Chris has dedicated his life to helping other entrepreneurs find wealth, and he uses Two-Brain Radio to present the best of the business world and the fitness industry. Thursdays' shows are dedicated to business, best practices, self-improvement, profitability and actionable advice. Mondays are all about marketing and success stories from Two-Brain clients. Chris' goal is to create 1 million wealthy entrepreneurs. Subscribe to Two-Brain Radio and you could be one of them.

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Owner of Unprofitable Million-Dollar Gym Finds Success Through Mentorship

Gym owner Chris Thacker reached over $1 million in gross revenue, but he had a problem:  An expansion came with increased expenses, and Thacker was struggling to keep on top of the mounting bills. He wasnt paying himself what he was worth, either. So he called Two-Brain Business.  With Two-Brains guidance, Thacker got rid of discounts on training, shored up his service, increased his rates and ensured he was getting ROI on his expenses. Now with a longer onboarding process, and the addition of group coaching, the gym is running like a top and Chris is finally paying himself a good salary.  To help you do the same thing, Chris will pull back the curtain and tell you exactly how he turned his business around to create the life he wants for his family. 1:16 - The structure and history of The L.A.B. Gym 16:22 - Rent, wages and scaling back 25:54 - Working with a mentor 33:34 - The steps to profitability 39:54 - Goal reviews and retention 49:34 - The value of mentorship and the future of The L.A.B.

Aug 11
Building the Next Level When Your Gym is Finally Successful

Youre making good money at your gym. You have great client retention and a solid headcount. Things are going well. So what now? In todays episode of Two-Brain Radio, Chris Cooper helps you scale beyond your current gym. He discusses how to prepare your team to run your gym without you so you can tackle your next endeavor.  Chris also takes you through your options as an entrepreneur. Expand your gym? Open a second location? Start another business entirely? Once your gyms success has given you freedom, the future is up to you. This is what we call "Tinker Phase" in Two-Brain, and we have a program designed to help you find your full potential as an entrepreneur. Link Tinker Phase Mentorship 0:51 - Options beyond your current gym 01:48 - Testing the resilience of your gym 03:00 - The key to long-term success 09:09 - A business owners three points of leverage 15:14 - How to level up your staff

Aug 08
How Two-Brain Helps Gyms Outside North America

Can Two-Brain Business help gyms outside the U.S. and Canada? Yes! Two-Brain is the largest gym mentorship company in the world and has helped over 2,000 gyms all over the globe. We have  clients in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, the U.K., Chile, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Japan and many other countries. Two-Brain also has multilingual mentors in a host of different countries. The main thing Chris Cooper has learned by helping business owners around the world: Some things translate and others dont. For example, rent rates might be different in Copenhagen and Sydney. But the concept of getting  maximum return on investment for your space is universal. So mentors always start with sound universal principles and then tailor exact business-building tactics to each unique gym.  In todays episode, Chris discusses how Two-Brain analyzes data to determine universal best practices a mentor can use to help individual gym owners all over the world, regardless of their currencies, customs or local situations. Listen to find out how Two-Brain can help you build your fitness business—wherever you are. LINKS Two-Brain Map: current mentorship clients 0:33 - Whirlwind Two-Brain international tour 2:24 - COVID adaptations worldwide 3:06 - Creating systems with a global perspective 3:37 - The Two-Brain Map 5:07 - Mentors from around the world 6:14 - All gyms worldwide: similarities and differences 8:52 - Testing new systems in global markets

Aug 04
How to Earn Freedom From Your Business Through Discipline

You want your business to run like a well-oiled machine—whether you’re there or not. But you can’t do that if the systems that keep the machine running are all in your head. In today’s episode of Two-Brain Radio, Chris Cooper shares a valuable lesson from 2020 Summit speaker and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink: Discipline equals freedom.  The secret to generating more revenue in your gym isn’t raising rates or getting more clients. It’s discipline. It’s having systems and standards in place that staff and clients can understand. These rules will solve problems for them in the long run and leave very little room for mistakes. Instead of frustration, youll have freedom. To ensure your gym runs exactly how you want it to run, listen to today’s episode and start focusing on discipline. Links "How to Make $100,000 Per Year With 150 Clients" 01:11 - The problem with keeping your business in your head 05:44 - Six reasons youre not making money 08:44 - Fixing these problems through self-discipline 10:51 - How to start laying out standard operating procedures 14:59 - Stress-testing your systems and procedures 18:15 - Using new freedom to grow your business

Aug 01
What Gym Owners Need to Do at the 2022 CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games: Youre there to watch the athletes and events. But what else would the clever affiliate owner do in Madison to grow a gym business? In todays episode of Two-Brain Radio, Chris Cooper gives you some last-minute advice on tackling the Games correctly as an affiliate owner. He discusses the booths you should visit, the people you should meet, and the ways you can enhance the experience for yourself, your team and your community back home. Enjoy the 2022 Games! 00:27 - Why the Games are valuable to affiliates 02:01 - Visiting the Affiliate Lounge 03:54 - Vendor Village booths you cant miss 10:41 - Working out during the Games 11:13 - Making your own media during the Games

Jul 28
How to Hire the Perfect People for Your Business

How do you build an A+ staff? Its a critical question. Hire the wrong people and youll have headaches. Put the right people in the wrong chairs and youll have headaches.  But if you get the right people in the right roles, your business will grow quickly, and youll be surrounded with happy, talented team members who make life better for you and your clients. In this episode, Chris Cooper explains how Two-Brain hires mentors—and hell tell you exactly how you can apply a similar process in your gym to find perfect staff members.  1:21 - Two-Brains hiring process 4:29 - The evolution of Two-Brain 6:00 - ROI on mentorship 7:00 - Hiring for your business

Jul 25
Secrets of Semi-Private Training and Monster Average Revenue Per Member

How did gym owner Brian Bott reach $426 and earn a spot on this months average revenue per member leaderboard? Semi-private training! Botts impressive stats are primarily the result of personal training done in groups of no more than four. This isnt "small-group training" where each client does a variation of the same workout. Instead, a highly skilled coach delivers completely individualized programming to three or four clients at the same time. In this podcast, Bott spills the secrets and lays out what you need to keep in mind if you want to set up a similar model for your gym. Brian explains how prices his offerings, develops coaches and creates careers, ensures a high level of service, retains members, and attracts new clients without spending money on ads. LINKS The 4/9ths Model Affinity Marketing Guide 1:15 - Brians business model 7:18 - Membership structure and pricing 15:56 - Finding and onboarding clients 19:10 - Staff training systems 27:04 - Solving the "icon problem" 32:13 - Annual and month-to-month memberships 44:36 - How Brian finds high-value clients

Jul 21
"The Shop Feel": Keys to $340 Average Revenue Per Member

Gym owner and Two-Brain Business Mentor Lisa Palmer earned a spot on the leaderboard this month with a $341 per month average revenue per member score. In this video, she shares the three simple strategies she employed to get there: 1. Athlete check-ins. 2. Transformation packages. 3. Choice. By truly getting to know her members needs, Lisa calibrated her program to include specialty offerings that help clients hit their goals faster. These high-touch, high-value add-ons helped boost her gyms ARM from $120 to $341. You can do it, too. LINKS "Help First" by Chris Cooper 3:39 - Putting a different value on fitness 5:45  - Expanding higher-priced offerings: transformation packages 8:15 - Social proof: demonstrating results to get clients 12:00 - Creating a program that will solve problems for your ideal clients, pricing binder, sales process 14:40 - Creating hybrid options 20:53 - Accountability and action plans 28:30 - Athlete check-ins and client-centered solutions 32:46 - Add-ons

Jul 18
Two-Brain Awards: Stars of the Fitness Industry

Ashley Haun, Nyree Segui and Scott Romijn were recipients of this years Two-Brain Awards in the Coach Education and Opportunity, Future Star and Owner Lifestyle categories. These intrepid leaders were laser focused on developing their teams, laying the groundwork for future success and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  We chat with them to find out about the obstacles they met along the way, how they were able to work through them and what lies on the other side.  Whether youre shifting your business model, working through a rough patch or growing opportunities for your staff, this episode is filled with key insights to help you move forward. 1:05 - Seats on the bus: Ashley Haun on reorganizing team 1:47 - Ramen noodle numbers vs. filet mignon numbers 2:58 - Number tracking  6:00 - Nyree Segui on developing systems, laying the foundation, raising rates 7:21 - Becoming fearless 9:00 - Building momentum 11:33 - Scott Romijn on taking more time off 12:00 - Building a team that runs the gym without you 15:04 - Build systems first, then teach the next person

Jul 14
Two-Brain Awards: Gyms of the Year and Epic Comebacks

What sets the best gyms apart from the rest? In this episode, we talk to the recipients of this years Two-Brain Awards for Gyms of the Year (Culture and Metrics) and Comebacks (Resilience). Kyle Cato, David Allen, Charlie Banfield and Rich Borgatti have weathered the past year with grace and fortitude, and theyve come out even stronger. Cato and Allen were recognized as the top Two-Brain gym owners when it comes to culture and key performance indicators, and Banfield and Borgatti faced down huge challenges to earn special recognition. We get into what worked for them, what didnt, and how you can use what theyve learned in your own situation. LINKS "Epic Training: A Comprehensive Guide to Obstacle Course Racing" Rich Borgatti 1:48 - Kyle Cato on what gym culture is and how he developed it 3:57 - Fun, Family, Fitness 5:05 - Creating a safe haven 7:45 - Raising funds to build wells in Africa 10:08 - David Allen on getting over the $1 million revenue line 11:49 - Reorganizing staff according to strengths 15:14 - Paying attention to your metrics 18:34 - Telling the story of your business 21:03 - Charlie Banfield on changing his business model 22:11 - Impostor syndrome and taking charge 23:45 - Charlies advice for other gym owners 26:48 - Rich Borgatti on not giving up 27:59 - Survival as the driving force 29:12 - Profit First 30:28 - The pressure test 35:37 - Richs advice for recession-proofing your gym

Jul 11
Developing Coaches Won't Grow Your Business

Developing your coaches wont grow your business. It can be hard to hear this, but simply investing in coach education might actually harm your gym instead. In this episode, Chris Cooper cites some examples of coach development gone wrong, but he also shows you the coach-development systems you can implement to benefit your coaches—AND your gym and its members. When it comes to coach development, more knowledge is not the problem. If you want great career coaches, dont just send them away to get more training or upgrade their certifications. Instead, build a business with a large platform that will support coaches long enough that they can stick around for 10 years, make it a career and take the time to get really good at their craft LINKS COACH EVALUATION FORM Business Evaluation Form and Instructions 1:00 - Technicians curse 3:34 - Chriss story: hiring staff 5:16 - Hire for personality, train for skill 7:17 - An example of bad coaching 11:16 - Coaching development 13:47 - Lessons learned 15:42 - What "coach development" really means 16:49 - Building a better platform

Jul 07
Building a Client-Centric Business: The Key to Success in Service

If you want to have a successful service-based business, you have to build around the needs of your clients. In this episode of Two-Brain Radio, Chris Cooper gives you a framework to build a "client-centric business" using your mission, model and method.  First you must clearly define your mission. Second, identify the strategy to achieve that mission—thats your model. Third, your method is your mechanism of delivery, which evolves over time to include new and more effective elements.  Clearly mapping out your mission, model and method will get you closer to realizing that mission. Youll be happier, your clients will be healthier, and your business will grow faster,  1:00 - Chriss story - client-centric vs. coach-centric gyms 2:19 - Whats your mission? 3:00 - Catalysts mission. 3:36 - Which model should you use? 4:42 - Whats your method? The method evolves. 6:18 - How a method unfolds. 7:39 - Catalysts new method using the Prescriptive Model.

Jul 04
Ask a Lawyer: 3 Things to Consider When Buying or Selling a Gym

Thinking about buying a gym? While its easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles, you really need to ask three major questions first: 1. Is the space the gym is in leased or owned? 2. What are the assets and debts of the current business? 3. What contracts are currently in play and what exactly do they say? GYM LAWYERS founder Matthew Becker takes you through these questions and explains how the answers can affect the sale of a business.  Are there more legal issues that can have an impact on a big transaction in the fitness world? Absolutely. The best plan: Bring an attorney into the process in the early stages so you dont have to untangle a huge mess down the line when youre just about to shake hands on a deal. 2:13 - Leasing vs. Owning 6:41 - Pitfalls of not carefully reviewing lease terms 11:17 - Establishing LLC, operating agreement and business account when buying 14:32 - Asset purchase agreement vs. buying company outright 19:30 - Legal fees for purchase 21:12 - Contracts 24:45 - Contractual red-flags 29:34 - How to limit risk

Jun 30
Four Steps to Grow Any Business (Including Yours)

Every business scales through four distinct stages. Chris Cooper talks a lot about the four phases of entrepreneurship: Founder, Farmer, Tinker and Thief. To move from one phase to the next, you need to do the following: systemize, optimize, grow and scale. If you do these things out of order, you can break your business or go bankrupt yourself. The best way to proceed is to seek guidance from someone who has done it before: a mentor. LINKS "Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief" 0:55 - Stage 1: Systemize 1:35 - Playbooks and SOPs 2:47 - Checklists and contracts 3:00 - Stage 2: Optimize 3:29 - Marketing funnels and organic growth 7:00 - Stage 3: Grow 7:30 - Stage 4: Scale 10:00 - Dangers of skipping stages 11:15 - Why rapid growth can be the death knell for your business 14:10 - Bullets before cannonballs, testing strategies 15:24 - Mapping the client journey

Jun 27
Ask a Lawyer: The Top 3 Lease Issues for Gym Owners

As a gym owner, youll likely face some issues when it comes to your lease. Three of the most important elements: rent (including CAM expenses), use of premises, and additional costs youre responsible for through "triple net" leases (insurance, maintenance, etc.). How do you negotiate a better lease for your gym business? Is your rent increase justified? What happens when your use of the premises—dropping plates, loud music—becomes a problem for other tenants? We pose these questions and more to GYM LAWYERS founder Matthew Becker. Matthew—a gym owner himself—gives you tips for covering your bases and protecting yourself as you navigate the tricky terrain of gym leases. LINKS "Breaking the Sound Barrier" by Chris Cooper 2:15 - The "big 3": rent, use of premises, and what youre responsible for 3:07 - What comprises rent  9:08 - Base rent plus fees 12:52 - Recourse if base rent goes up  14:55 - Use of premises 18:06 - Noise issues 23:39 - "Everything is negotiable" 27:07 - Protecting yourself 32:27 - Cost of legal fees

Jun 23
The Four Habits Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Master

Every successful entrepreneur needs to master four habits in order to make  $1 million, $10 million or more: discipline, respect, influence and behavior.   You need to do one thing each day to grow your business before you do anything else.  You need to respect others and teach everyone around you to behave the same way. You need to share your mission every single day with people inside and outside your business. You need to identify your heroes and take the actions they would take. These four habits put together—discipline, respect, influence and behavior—will create the impact you want to have on the world. 1:06 - Habit 1: discipline 2:56 - Habit 2: respect 3:43 - Habit 3: influence 6:45 - Habit 4: behavior

Jun 20
Profit and Passion: The Dichotomy of Successful Gym Ownership

As a gym owner, your method and your model will likely evolve over time. Your method should be "client centric": It should be based on what your clients NEED. Your model is there to give clients your service in the way THEY want to buy it.  At Chris Coopers gym, Catalyst, the Prescriptive Model guides the business. The prescription changes over time to serve the exact needs of clients, and the model reflects that.  Your method might be Pilates or yoga or CrossFit—but the "meta" model should always be prescriptive: tailored to the needs of the client.  The Prescriptive Model helps you provide clients with 10-out-of-10 service now and evolve to keep doing that forever. 2:10 - Focused strength story: parking lot barbells 4:19 - Reaching the limits of the model 7:37 - The method and the model 11:47 - Adapting your method and your model  13:38 - Maintaining a client-centered approach 16:58 - Striking a balance

Jun 16
What's Holding Your Business Back? Here's the Answer.

Whats holding you back from reaching the next level with your gym business? Check your bias. In this episode, Chris Cooper goes over the common biases that interfere with our growth. In identifying these blind spots, you can make a plan to keep them in check and take positive action with the things that count.  3:14 - Confirmation bias and novelty bias 4:45 - Busy-ness bias 6:27 - Multi-tasking bias 7:00 - Blame 9:35 - Ego

Jun 13
More Knowledge Won't Solve Problems in Your Business

Acquiring more knowledge is not going to solve your problems; its actually a trap that stops you from taking action. Knowledge is not the solution; getting a mentor is. As a gym owner, you might be furiously studying as much as you can when it comes to business. But how much of the information are you actually ACTING on?  A great mentor works because they give you a clear focus: Do this one thing right now. Mentorship brings 10x the value of your initial investment. Top performers in every field will not waste their time trying to figure it out when they dont have to. For most gym owners, the solution you need is focus, not more knowledge. Talk to us about mentorship: 3:36 - The trap of more info, less action 5:33 - The ROI on mentorship 8:25 - The importance of 1-1 mentorship from people whove been there before 10:16 - Why you need to book a call with our Two-Brain team now

Jun 09
ROI: How to Make Money With Every Dollar You Spend

In this episode, Two-Brain Business founder Chris Cooper breaks down the tweaks you can make to your gym business today to improve your ROI tomorrow.  From staffing audits to maximizing your use of space to analyzing your software, you need to take a clear-eyed approach to assess your expenses and implement the measures that will bring the most bang for your buck in your gym business. You cant cut your way to wealth, but you can definitely improve your return on the money you invest; in this podcast, Chris will give you the tools to get started. 3:23 - Measuring return on space 7:55 - Gauging return on staff: contribution margin 12:10 - Getting more value from professional services 14:36 - Evaluating software and ROI 20:13 - Measuring value of equipment - how will this make me money? 24:00 - Pre-sales and supplements

Jun 06
Your Questions Answered: Q&A With Coop

How much content should I be creating? Is Facebook advertising dead? Should I hire a GM? What about supplements? In this podcast, Two-Brain Business founder and CEO Chris Cooper answers your burning questions on a slew of topics. Got a question for Chris? Email him at or post it in the Gym Owners United Facebook group: 0:58 - How much content is too much? 4:59 - Is Facebook advertising dead? 7:33 - Should I hire a marketing agency? 11:30 - Should I hire a general manager? 15:24 - How do I buy a building? 18:00 - Should I sell supplements? 21:05 - What should my core programs be?

Jun 02
Help First: How to Make Being Generous a Business Strategy

"Help First" is the title of one of Chris Coopers most quoted books—but what does "help first" really mean? Does this mean"help (for free) always"? In this episode, Chris shares what a meaningful approach to Help First looks like. You want to get the client to a point where theyre ready to purchase your service, not just to benefit from your free advice and never sign up. Chris maps out exactly how to apply Help First in your gym business in order to benefit both your prospective client and your gym. "HELP FIRST" ON AMAZON 3:00 - The intention of Help First 5:00 - Giving too much for free 6:00 - Steps to a productive Help First approach 11:41 - The problem of being overly generous 13:48 - Get people in your program to get results

May 30
Content Marketing in Gyms: A 5-Step Framework

You might be the best gym around but no one will know about you unless you tell them. In his mentorship practice, Chris Cooper stresses the need for his clients to produce meaningful, consistent content in order to get and maintain clients. But where to start? In this podcast, Chris lays out a content model that will get you in the practice of regularly producing content. In this clear, step-by-step guide, youll learn what you must do each day to produce great content that resonates with your existing clients and attracts new ones. Book a free call 2:50 - Publish 5x per week on a platform that you own 3:23 - Motivation Monday: Give people a reason to come to your gym 4:13 - Teaching Tuesday: Teach something helpful (meal prep, how to do a squat, etc) 5:00 - "Who" Wednesday: Who is coming to your gym? Tell their story 6:15 - Thank-you Thursday: Gratitude post 8:00 - Bright Spot Friday

May 26
Gym Owner Profitable on Day 1 With 83 Members

New gym owner Jason Tebedo was able to open his doors at CrossFit Angier on launch day with a whopping 83 members. In this episode, he dishes the secrets to his opening-day success.  Working with his Two-Brain Mentor as part of the StartUp program, Jason laid out his foundation in advance and got the right plan in place to acquire and keep members from the get-go. Jason breaks down what exactly he did to set up his Founders Club, social events, 1:1 nutrition counseling, social media marketing, No Sweat Intro system and more.  2:06 - Founders Club 5:22 - Getting new clients and client avatar 7:33 - First steps and mistakes 14:53 - Two-Brain resources 19:27 - Leasing and finding the right space 23:00 - Setting rates 27:01 - Staffing and programming

May 23
Metacognitive Programming: Psychotherapy Meets Life Coaching

What do we want from life? Misha Saidov has pared it down to an acronym - FERMI: Flow (the experience of optimal feeling of engagement in the moment), Engagement, Relaxation, Meaning and Ideal. Ultimately, people want to feel better. As a life coach, he offers experience which serves to help alter their perspective, and therefore how they feel in their lives. In this episode, Misha and Chris Cooper discuss the idea of emergence, the difference between dreams and goals, limiting beliefs, moving from non-desired outcome to desired outcome, and how to change your behaviour. Ultimately, life coaching is about helping someone create a life that is worth living; gym owners can see a positive return by integrating these principles into their coaching practice.  0:24 - The New FERMI Paradox 13:25 - Dreams vs. Goals 22:25 - What is Life Coaching? 30:33 - What is Metacognitive Programming? 37:54 - Misha’s Process for building Life Coaches THINK META

May 19
Entrepreneurial Confidence: How to Change the Story You Tell Yourself

Entrepreneurial confidence is key to sustaining success - but its something many gym owners overlook. In this episode, psychotherapist and executive coach Bonnie Skinner breaks down exactly what entrepreneurial confidence is, how a lack of it shows up in your life, and what reps you should be doing to build that muscle. Making a concerted effort to boost your entrepreneurial confidence can result in a better mindset overall; this spills over into both your personal and professional life and will help you grow your gym business. 1:30 - What is entrepreneurial confidence? 5:56 - Common areas of insecurity 8:59 - Confidence vs. Competence 11:21 - Overcompensating for lack of confidence 12:48 - How personal narratives become your SOPs 14:47 - Self-assessment 21:28 - Rate increases and how to deal 25:48 - How to build confidence

May 16
Programming by Avatar: The Info You Need From Beyond RXD

For decades, CrossFit gyms have programmed workouts according to a prescription: the Rx. With this style of programming, each workout has a singular goal. How athletes execute the workout might vary, but the goal is the same. But what if not all your athletes have the same goal? Thats why Brooks DiFiore created Beyond RXD, a programming system that provides workouts and briefs customized according to client avatar. Here, he joins Chris Cooper to explain why and how it gets clients results while boosting retention. Links: BEYOND RXD GYM OWNERS UNITED Timeline: 2:27 – What’s a client avatar?  3:18 – What does Beyond RXD programming look like?  6:35 – Programming by avatar.  8:53 – How to keep track of client goals in a class setting. 12:59 – What about cherry-picking?  14:27 – Implementing the system: How long does it take?  16:30 – The retention connection.  18:09 – A fresh take on benchmark workouts. 25:55 – Applying Beyond RXD to groups vs. one-on-one training.

May 12
Ameet Shah of Wodify on the Entrepreneurial Journey

When Ameet Shah first introduced Wodify to the CrossFit community, he had his work cut out for him. Convincing a bunch of gritty, low-tech fitness die-hards to ditch the whiteboard and put up a TV screen was a tall order. But he did it — and today Wodify serves more than 5,000 gyms around the world. Ameet joined Chris Cooper to talk about his journey from crab-sales website designer (yes, you read that right) to tech start-up founder to business leader. Links: WODIFY GYM OWNERS UNITED Timeline: 1:01 – From MBA to 6:23 – Starting his first company. 7:42 – The birth of Wodify.  12:05 – Convincing people to trade the whiteboard for a digital tracker. 16:55 – Learning from a $750,000 mistake. 19:34 – Funding Wodify’s creation.  22:03 – Providing high quality with low overhead.  24:21 – Developing Wodify’s culture.  27:17 – Admitting mistakes. 33:21 – Communicating with customers, overselling, and the product roadmap. 40:58 – Why Wodify walked away from a partnership with CrossFit, LLC. 45:22 – From entrepreneur to boss to leader.

May 09
Caffeine and Kilos and Running Two Businesses

When the entrepreneurship bug hits, it hits hard — and some gym owners find that owning a gym isnt enough. Theres so much else to explore: retail, supplements, gear — even coffee. But is it possible to run multiple profitable businesses? And if so, how do you pull it off? For the answers to those questions and more, Chris Cooper turned to Danny Lehr, owner and founder of CrossFit Excel and the wildly successful Caffeine and Kilos. Links: CROSSFIT EXCEL CAFFEINE AND KILOS GYM OWNERS UNITED Timeline: 2:13 – How Danny become a gym owner.  5:12 – The birth of Caffeine and Kilos.  11:05 – Caffeine and Kilos today.  14:04 – Where Caffeine and Kilos’ sales come from.  17:01 – Building the Caffeine and Kilos brand while also growing a gym.  23:31 – Running both businesses at once.  25:56 – Building systems and hiring the right people.  30:07 – What’s next for Caffeine and Kilos.  33:51 – What to consider if you’re considering a second business. 40:07 – Knowing the value of your time.  42:55 – How to get involved with Caffeine and Kilos. 

May 05
Facilitating Major Change: What Is Life Coaching?

Brendon Collins has always had the itch to help people change their lives. At one time, he did it as a pastor. Then, he did it as a fitness coach and gym owner. Now, hes helping people find their way as a life coach touching on all of the above. Howd he get there, and what, exactly, does being a life coach look like? Here, he chats with Coop about all that and more. Links: CHAT WITH BRENDON TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY CERTIFIED LIFE COACH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL COACHING FEDERATION Timeline: 00:41 – Becoming a gym owner in one fateful night.  4:55 – Post-pandemic weariness and getting the passion back. 10:12 – What life coaching isn’t.  13:45 – Life coaches: not here to solve your problems. 16:42 – Health and fitness meet life coaching. 19:05 – Finding a specialty.  22:39 – Revisiting spirituality.  25:56 – On being a connector.  29:43 – Marketing oneself as a life coach.  33:14 – The credentialing process.  35:15 – Certs vs. results. 

May 02