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Go deep into the Bible with Dr. Andy Davis. Listen to all of Pastor Andy's line by line expository sermons with the Two Journeys Sermons podcast. Our hope is that Andy's sermons will help Christians make progress in the internal journey of sanctification and the external journey of gospel advancement.

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Peace, Be Still (Mark Sermon 21) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis unfolds an episode of Jesus' life that expands our comprehension of him as the Son of God and alerts us to not underestimate him. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON - 

Jun 26
The Mustard Seed: From Tiny Beginnings to an Immeasurable Empire (Mark Sermon 20) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preaches on the Parable of the Mustard Seed, Mark 4:30-34, and unfolds Jesus’ developed manifesto for his plan of worldwide gospel advance. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON-

Jun 19
What Gospel Laborers Can Do, and What They Cannot (Mark Sermon 19) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preaches a sermon on Mark 4: 26-29 and explains what Christians can and cannot do for the advance of the gospel of Christ. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON - 

Jun 12
Consider Carefully How You Listen to the Lord (Mark Sermon 18) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preaches on Mark 4:21-25 and the fact that people's eternal destiny hangs on how they hear God's word, also their eternal health and daily fruitfulness of their souls depends on how they consider it. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON - 

May 29
The Gospel Seed (Mark Sermon 17) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preaches through a basic outline of the gospel message to equip and exhort Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON - 

May 22
A Study in Soils, Part 2 (Mark Sermon16) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis returns to the Parable of the Soils in Mark 4:1-20 to discuss further the one Jesus implied the most important of his parables. -TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON-

May 15
The Parable of the Soils, Part 1 (Mark Sermon 15) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preached the Parable of the Soils, Mark 4:1-20, and expanded on the central issue of how God's word is received and the responses to the truth of the Gospel. - TRANSCRIPT COMING SOON- 

May 08
The Unforgivable Sin (Mark Sermon 14) (Audio)

In this sermon on Mark 3:28-30, Pastor Davis explores Jesus' statement about the consequences of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

May 01
The Identity of Jesus: Lord, Liar, or Lunatic? (Audio)

"Who is Jesus?" Pastor Andy Davis preaches on Mark 3:20-35 to answer this question about the identity of Jesus.

Apr 24
Seeing Jesus (Audio)

On Resurrection Sunday, Andy Davis preaches Hebrews 2:9 on how we see Christ, who is invisible, with the eyes of the souls, our faith.

Apr 17
The Overwhelming Death of Christ (Audio)

Andy Davis preaches on John's eyewitness account of Jesus' crucifixion, establishing Jesus' life, death, and resurrection as historical facts.

Apr 15
Christ’s Powerful Ministry Summarized (Mark Sermon 12) (Audio)

A summary of Jesus’ earthly ministry: physical and spiritual healings; the evidence of Christ's deity; and the twelve apostles' call.

Apr 10
A Mighty Angel and a Little Scroll (Audio)

Andy Davis unfolds Revelation 10, pointing to the reality of God’s glory in both the physical and spiritual realms. Guest preacher at SEBTS on 3/16/22

Mar 27
Lord of the Sabbath (Mark Sermon 11) (Audio)

Jesus was sent to proclaim liberty for the captives, and he did it by claiming full authority as Lord of the sabbath.

Mar 20
The Lesson of Wineskins: The Gospel is New and Powerful (Sermon 10) (Audio)

Pastor Andy Davis preaches on Mark 2:19-22 about the NEW and POWERFUL gospel that rescued many from an eternity in hell and placed them in heavenly glory forever.

Mar 13
Christ Alone Can Heal The Soul (Mark Sermon 9) (Audio)

In this sermon on Mark 2:13-17, Pastor Andy Davis preaches that Christ alone can cure the sin diseases that plagues us all.

Mar 06
Jesus Has the Authority to Forgive Our Sins (Mark Sermon 8) (Audio)

In this passage, we learn that Jesus has the power to forgive our sins and also to heal all our diseases. In Heaven we will realize Jesus’ great power and amazing love!

Feb 27
Jesus Compassionately Cures a Leper (Mark Sermon 7) (Audio)

Jesus is moved by compassion and tenderly touches a leper who has been untouchable perhaps for years as a powerful picture of our own salvation.

Feb 20
The Healing Ministry of Christ Begins in Earnest (Mark Sermon 6) (Audio)

A look at the beginning of Jesus’ healing ministry, and how prayer and preaching fueled it.

Feb 13
The Authority of the Son of God (Mark Sermon 5) (Audio)

Jesus spoke at Capernaum, showing His authority through His words, judgment, and power. The right response is fear and amazement leading to faith.

Feb 06
Fishers of Men (Mark Sermon 4) (Audio)

Mark 1:17 is a message from the Holy Spirit to us to move us, provoke us, challenge us, equip us to become fishers of men - evangelizing the lost.

Jan 30
Christ Begins to Build His Kingdom (Mark Sermon 3) (Audio)

In Mark 1, we see Jesus begin to build his kingdom of light as he overcomes temptation, preaches the good news, and calls people to follow him.

Jan 23
The Father Declares His Delight in His Son (Mark Sermon 2) (Audio)

The Spirit as a dove at Jesus' baptism shows Jesus' purpose, his power that came from God, proclaims that he's God's son, and that God has pleasure in him.

Jan 09
The Herald of the Eternal King (Mark Sermon 1) (Audio)

This first sermon in the Mark series discusses the importance of studying Mark and covers the reason why the book starts with John the Baptist.

Dec 26, 2021
Bread of Heaven (Christmas Eve Sermon) (Audio)

Andy Davis preaches a Christmas Eve sermon.

Dec 24, 2021
A Great Light (Audio)

To understand the light of Jesus Christ, we must understand the darkness of our situation.

Dec 19, 2021
Timeless Lessons from the Book of Job (Audio)

Andy discuss the main point of the book of Job along with 10 timeless lessons we can learn from this great Old Testament book. Listen to this final sermon in the Job series.

Dec 12, 2021
The Happy Ending (Job Sermon 30) (Audio)

Job 42 ends happily with complete vindication of Job. But his real happy ending is written in eternity where he will get all that he lacked on earth.

Dec 05, 2021
Job’s Repentance and Ours (Job Sermon 29) (Audio)

One of God’s purposes in our suffering is to cause hidden corruptions to surface so we'll be humbled and repent. If a godly man like Job needed to repent, how much more do we!

Nov 28, 2021
Spiritual Warfare: Fighting Leviathan from Behind the Hedge (Job Sermon 28) (Audio)

The problem of evil and suffering we are learning about in Job cannot be addressed without understanding the role of demons and Satan… our invisible enemies.

Nov 21, 2021