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Episode 656, PSE Omen is Back in the Lineup, Running Down the Flagship Hunting Bows of PSE

Getting into the archery groove tonight by talking with Rob Komyathy of Outtech about the PSE Omen's return to the scene. What is new with the Omen and see the other flagship hunting bows of PSE Archery. Getting to know Rob and Outtech __ __ Omen revamped __ __ Talking about the PSE EVO XF __ __ Supply chain affects on shipments Carbon bow building Running down the revamped Brute ATK and the Stinger ATK Getting to know Rob with the UNJ Four Questions

1h 3m
Aug 11
Episode 655, Talking Plastic Lures with Indiana Bait Company's Zion Dunaway

Talking plastic lures tonight with Southern Indiana Bait Company's Zion Dunaway. They have been hitting it hard on the fishing circuit along with getting new baits out for fishermen. What has Zion been up to this past few months High School National Fishing Championship __ __ Getting ready for college __ __ Working with a land management and habitat management company. What does Southern Indiana Bait Company have to offer __ __ How they got started making baits How did Zion get started into wildlife and timber management What does the future hold for Zion Where do you see yourself in 5 years Albert Land Management Timber management looked at in a bad light by those uneducated  

1h 2m
Aug 04
Episode 654, Warm Dry Weather Food Plot Planting, Michigan Deer Regulations

Join the guys in the Cabin as they talk with PackerMaxx's own Lincoln Rohn about what we do with our food plots when we have no rain and high temps part 2! The also discuss Michigan's new deer hunting regulations.  PackerMaxx on the show circuit Weather conditions __ __ What do we do now __ __ PackerMaxx models __ __ Crimper __ __ Customer service and warranty New business model to help with product control and costs What is keeping PackerMaxx going strong with the current economy Why knowing the exact size of your food plot is important PackerMaxx Seed Blends Quick trail cam talk Talking abut the new Madatory Deer Check and new Michigan Deer Regulations

1h 12m
Jul 28
Episode 653, How to Put a Food Plot in During Hot Dry Weather with Antler King's Robie Pruitt

What do you do when it's too dry to put a food plot in? How do you keep your deer herd growing in dry weather? Listen in tonight with Robie Pruitt of Antler King tonight as he joins the boys in the UNJ Cabin! How dry is it? __ __ Planting Later __ __ Mark's food plots in Indiana Quick talk about safety with trailers and the outdoors Spring food plots going dormant due to no rain __ __ Get a soil test Answering listener questions What over seeding can cause Seed depth Planting in dry weather Dry weather and EHD Providing water for deer Kool Aid for deer

1h 7m
Jul 21
Episode 652, Team and Self Rescue for Kayaks, Saginaw Bay Walleyes and 2022 Michigan Deer Regulations

Join the crew as they recap a busy weekend on the water. Talking kayak self and team rescues along with some Saginaw Bay walleye fishing on Rock & Reel 2.0. Then the soap boxes come out for the release of the 2022 Michigan deer hunting regulations.  Kayak big water safety class __ __ Saginaw Bay walleye fishing __ __ 2022 Michigan deer hunting regulations __ __

1h 8m
Jul 14
Episode 651, Holiday Weekend Up North Food Plotting and Recharging The Solar Panels

Join the guys as Mike long distance videos with Danny who is up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at deer camp. Get the low down on what Danny is doing with his food plots as well as see how the boys relaxed this holiday weekend.

Jul 07
Episode 650, Michigan Total Archery Challenge Recap Of Our Two Days

Join the guys tonight as they recap the two days at Michigan's Total Archery Challenge and find out what a hat and John Dudley have to do with their shoot at TAC!  Day one __ __ Day two __ __ Our wrap up thoughts over all

1h 11m
Jun 30
Episode 649, Custom Fishing Rod Building with Pat Magdaleno Owner of MAGS Custom Rods

Join the crew tonight as they talk about what goes into a custom fishing rod and why should you consider purchasing a custom rod? Stop in and take a listen to Pat Magdaleno of MAGS Custom Rods answer a few questions on rod building. Also find out what type of rod fits your needs. The Beginning of MAGS Rods __ __ What goes into making custom rods and running the business Ice fishing Rods Freshwater Rods Saltwater Rods The ins and outs of custom rods What fits your fishing needs What makes Pat tick with our end of the show questions

Jun 23
Episode 648, Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing, California Bumblebees Now Classified As Fish!

Join the guys this week as they talk with UNJ fisherman Adam Winn about this past week's walleye charter trip on Saginaw Bay. We get Adam's insight into what Capt. Scott of Rock & Reels 2 shared with him about fishing Saginaw Bay.  Adam's take on his first walleye charter The take for the day Changing conditions Why  should you bleed out your walleye Why are bumblebees now classified as fish in the state of California?

1h 1m
Jun 09
Episode 647, Recap of Spring Weekend at Deer Camp, Kayaking the Western Side of Michigan

Join the guys this week as they recap their get away to the outdoors to recharge their batteries. Dan hits the deer and turkey woods for the first time this spring at deer camp. Mike heads west to paddle the big waters of Lake Michigan along with the Pere Marquette River. Danny's weekend get away __ __ Mike's weekend get away __ __

Jun 02
Episode 646, Michigan's New Mandatory Deer Check System

Join us in the Cabin this week as we talk about the new 2022 Michigan Mandatory Deer E-Check system coming to our woods this fall. The guys will talk the good, the bad and the perceived problems that might arise with this new system being implemented this fall. They will also discuss some of the philosophical reasons why they hunt and get into the outdoors.

1h 7m
May 26
Episode 645, Indiana Turkey Hunting and Morel Mushroom Hunting with Mark Coleman

Join the guys tonight as they chat with UNJ Staffer Mark Coleman from Indiana. Mark takes us through killing his first turkey ever  as well as how he has done this Morel Mushroom season. Turkey Hunt __ __ Mushroom hunitng __ __

1h 4m
May 19
Episode 644, Talking Fishing and Hunting With Local Outdoorsman Adam Winn

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they chat with local outdoorsman Adam Winn about how he got into the outdoors fishing and hunting. They also chat about how his turkey season is going so far. Adam's outdoor background __ __ His fishing background __ __ Adam's hunting background __ __

May 12
Episode 643, Getting Set Up For the Total Archery Challenge, Shed Hunting and Spring Scouting with Derek Vaughn of Sunrise Archery

Join the guys this week as they talk with Derek Vaughn of Sunrise Archery about getting set up for the Total Archery Challenge along with his recent shed hunting activities. We also talk a little about spring scouting for deer. Total Archery Challenge set up __ __ Spring shed hunting __ __ Spring scouting and how Derek goes about reading the information __ __

May 06
Episode 642, Talking Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing with Rock N Reel 2.0 Charter Boat Captain Scott Devuyst

Join the guys tonight as they talk with charter boat Captain Scott Devuyst of the Rock N Reel 2.0 Boat. They cover everythingyou need to know when looking to take a charter boat out for walleye on Michigan's Saginaw Bay! How Scott got started in fishing What a typical day on the water entails Some things you need to know What to expect on the water Rigging the lines Dealing with CO's on the water What questions you should ask when considering a charter fishing trip

Apr 21
Episode 641, Turkey Hunting 101 with Dan Prince Retired Michigan DNR Officer

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they talk the basics of turkey hunting with retired Michigan DNR officer Dan Prince.   How did Dan get started in turkey hunting __ __ How to scout wild turkeys __ __   How to start a morning hunt __ __ Calling __ __ Phases of spring __ __   Decoys __ __ Calling turkeys __ __ Tick prevention Tagging your bird Setting up a pop up blind  

1h 33m
Apr 15
Episode 640, What Does It Take To Kayak Around The Great Lakes?

Join us tonight as we talk with adventure kayaker Traci Martin about her long distance kayaking excursions. We discuss the trips around the Great Lakes as well as the next adventure she is taking on up in Alaska! How did she get involved in extreme kayaking __ __ The start of the trip __ __ Keeping a journal __ __ Scariest moment of the trip __ __ Sea Kayak vs Surf Ski Self rescuing Practicing for the trip __ __ Health incidents on the water Food supply for the trips __ __ The Kayak __ __ Dealing with the DNR   How do you overcome losing your support crew __ __ What is on the horizon for trips __ __

1h 16m
Apr 07
Episode 639, How Do You Choose A Suppressor For Your Firearm

Join us tonight in the Cabin as we talk with Kevin Kinzer of GSL Technology about suppressors. We cover what they do for your firearm and why you might want to get one, along with how to obtain one. GSL history __ __ Suppressors __ __ How to obtain one __ __

1h 8m
Apr 01
Episode 638, Talking Turkey Hunting with Indiana Hunter Mark Coleman

Join the guys tonight as they talk about getting ready for turkey hunting with Mark Coleman out of Indiana. They talk about turkey tactics along with other turkey tidbits.   Mark gives us his take on the Indiana Turkey and Deer Expo __ __ Raised Hunting and Raised at Full Draw Fund Raiser and Seminars __ __ Talking turkeys __ __ Morel mushroom hunting __ __    

1h 2m
Mar 24
Episode 637, Talking About Food Plots with Robie Pruitt of Antler King

Join the guys this week as they talk with Robie Pruitt of Antler King about food plot planting as well as other deer tidbits! Robie's passion about food plots and the outdoors. __ __ How does someone get started __ __ When and how to use glyphosphate __ __ Go to seeds for only one plot pH kits __ __ Screens __ __ Mixing Brassicas in your clover Control burning Planting depths Setting up a mineral site More is not always better Will the war in Ukraine affect the price of seeds this coming fall?

1h 8m
Mar 17
Episode 636, Talking Habitat Tools with EZ Kut's Scott Bast And ATA 2022 Thoughts

Join the guys tonight as they talk with Scott Bast the owner of EZ Kut about some new habitat tools from EZ Kut along with a new partner of the company. Scott will also give his take on the 2022 ATA show and what he thinks about the future of ATA. EZ Kut's new partnership with Groupo Sanz __ __ New Electric Pruners __ __ Backpack sprayer __ __ New Lubricant Slik-It __ __ Scott's Thoughts on the 2022 ATA show and where it needs to go from here

1h 2m
Mar 03
Episode 635, Shot Show Talk and 3 State Ice Fishing Trip with Carrie Z of Hunt Fish Travel Podcast

Tonight the guys talk with Carrie Zylka of Hunt Fish Travel Podcast about her trip to the Shot Show in Las Vegas this year. We also get the scoop on her recent three state ice fishing adventure. Talking shot show __ __ Ice fishing with Carry Z __ __ Fishing in Ireland is on the list for this summer

1h 10m
Feb 25
Episode 634, Talking About PSE's Newest Hunting Bows With Bobby Vargas

Join us in the Cabin tonight s we talk with Bobby Vargas of PSE Archery about PSE's newest hunting bows. We also talk about arrow flight and fletching along with a few other archery topics. Bobby talks about his 25 years with PSE __ __ The new Evolve XF model __ __ PSE Levitate __ __ Supply Chain Talking Crossbows Talking arrows __ __ Bobby Vargas gives us his farewell from PSE

1h 19m
Feb 18
Episode 633, Talking Outdoorama with Publicist Bill Parker

Join the guys this week in the Cabin as they talk about getting back out to Outdoorama for the first time in two years with publicist Bill Parker of Outdoorama and Michigan Outdoor News. 48th annual Outdoorama __ __ Michigan Outdoor News __ __ A story about Bill that almost turned into tragedy __ __

1h 3m
Feb 11
Episode 632, Raised At Full Draw's Donise Petersen Talks About Their Youth Bow Camp

Tonight the guys talk with Donise Petersen at Raised At Full Draw youth bow camp about their program. She also talks to them about her huge fall archery buck. Raised At Full Draw __ __ Donise's Hunting experience __ __

1h 2m
Feb 04
Episode 631, Talking Total Archery Challenge, Staying In Shape For Hunting Season

This week the guys talk about the upcoming Total Archery Challenge in Michigan along with how they are staying in shape for the upcoming hunting seasons. Total Archery Challenge __ __ What are the guys doing to stay in shape for the upcoming seasons __ __ Outdoor show season is upon us.

Jan 28
Episode 630, Talking EZ Kut Tools with Mark Coleman

Tonight we talk with EZ Kut brand ambassador Mark Coleman about the EZ Kut Lineup. __ __ How we use these items in the field The announcement of Mark joining Up North Journal as a staff member

1h 6m
Jan 21
Episode 629, That Hunting Camp Author Bill Friedrich Talks About Singing Hills Camp and His Book

Join us tonight as Bill Friedrich talks about his hunting camp Singing Hills and the book he wrote about it "That Hunting Camp" How Singing Hills got started __ __ Why write a book __ __

1h 6m
Jan 14
Episode 628, Cold Weather Paddling with Mike Rudell of Paddling Michigan Lakes and Rivers

Tonight we talk with Mike Rudell of Paddling Michigan Lakes and Rivers. We cover the ins and outs of cold weather paddling.   Mike's  Beginnings of Kayaking __ __ Double bulkhead boats __ __ Paddles __ __ PFD's __ __ Durability of gear Cold Weather Paddling __ __

1h 7m
Jan 07
Episode 627, 2021 Year End Recap, Looking Ahead to 2022

Join us in the Cabin as we recap our year in the outdoors with our final show of 2021 with the good and the bad. We also take a few questions from the live stream viewers along with looking ahead to the 2022 outdoor season!

Dec 17, 2021