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Hard Knocks Review // “Do You Care ?” // Today’s Takeaways - 8/10 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Zolak and Bertrand open up the final hour of the show with their reviews on the new episode of Hard Knocks.  (11:16) The guys continue their reviews on the first episode of the new Hard Knocks season and what their favorite part was.  (21:34) We cut to one of our favorite segments, “Do You Care,” discussing if we care enough to talk about the topics that did not get touched upon throughout the show.  (32:49) Today’s Takeaways __

Aug 10
David Krejci Press Conference // Does David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron Want To Win // Today’s Takeaways - 8/9 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Zolak and Bertrand open up the final hour of the show joining in on the press conference for David Krejci returning to Boston.  (15:13) The crew discusses the return of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron along with the odd similarities in their press conferences.  (25:11) The guys make more observations at Patriots training camp and discuss how David Andrews is trying to energize the offense by starting fights.  (35:58) Today’s takeaways __

Aug 10
Patrice Bergeron Press Conference // Could This Be Belichick’s Last Year? // Today’s Takeaways - 8/8 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Zolak and Bertrand open the final hour of the show joining in on the Bruins press conference announcing the signing of Patrice Bergeron.  (16:31)  The guys discuss if this could be Bill Belichick’s last season with New England if things go poorly for the Patriots this season.  (27:37) The crew discusses the recent news regarding Deshaun Watson and the NFL appealing his 6 game suspension.  (36:20) Today’s takeaways __

Aug 08
Is Kevin Durant To Boston Dead Yet ? // Has Jaylen Brown Had Enough? // Today’s Takeaways - 8/5 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Hardy and Phil Perry open up the final hour of the show circling back to the trade rumors around Kevin Durant and if Boston is still a possible landing point for him.  (13:48) The guys continue their conversation on if keeping the Celtics the way they are is better than acquiring Kevin Durant in a trade involving Jaylen Brown.  (25:08) We head over to your calls on the topic of the Kevin Durant trade rumors and discuss other possibilities on where he will land.  (35:21) Today’s Takeaways __

Aug 05
Is Matt Patricia To Blame ? // “Do You Care?” // Today’s Takeaways - 8/4 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Hardy and Ted Johnson open up the final hour of the show circling back to the coaching situation with the Patriots and if Matt Patricia is to blame for the reported struggles on the offense.  (12:17) The guys talk more about the coaching situation with the Patriots and how Bill Belichick's involvement on both ends of the field will affect the playoff picture ? (26:12) We close out the final segment with a quick game of “Do You Care,” debating on if we care about the points we were not able to touch upon throughout the show.  (36:37) Today’s Takeaways  __

Aug 04
Paul Perillo Joins The Show // MBTA Orange Line Shut Down // Today’s Takeaways - 8/3 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Beetle and Hardy start off the final hour of the show joined by editor Paul Perillo, from Patriots.com, to talk about what he has seen throughout the first week of training camp and his observations on the coaching situation.  (18:12) The guys head to the phones to take some calls on all the topics discussed today, ranging from Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics conversations.  (26:34) The MBTA Orange Line has been closed for 30 days and the guys give their take on the situation and what that means for peoples other options of transportation.  (37:28) Today’s Takeaways __

Aug 03
Phil Perry Joins The Show // Dolphins Tampering Allegations // Today’s Takeaways - 8/2 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Zolak and Bertrand open up the final hour of the show, joined by Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston.  (14:28) The crew continues the conversation regarding the allegations with the Miami Dolphins and tampering  (23:39) The guys discuss the Deshaun Watson suspension as well as the ongoing situation regarding the Miami Dolphins.  (34:12) Today’s takeaways __

Aug 02
Alex Barth Joins The Show // Bill Russell’s Impact // Today’s Takeaways - 8/1 (Hour 4)

__ (0:00) Alex Barth joins the show with Zolak and Bertrand to discuss day 5 of Patriots training camp. (10:11) The crew once again discusses the historic life lived by Bill Russell and what he meant to the sports world.  (18:06) The guys discuss some interesting sports betting odds as Massachusetts has legalized sports gambling.  (31:14) Today’s takeaways __

Aug 01