Mitch Albom | What It Takes To Transform Ourselves
DEC 13, 2021
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#949: Tuesdays with Morrie is the bestselling memoir of all time, selling over 15 million copies. Best-selling author, screenwriter, playwright and nationally-syndicated columnist Mitch Albom has now sold over 40 million of his combined books. In this episode he comes to us to discuss his latest, The Stranger In The Lifeboat. The moment I saw the request to have Mitch with me for a the show I simply replied with a resounding, “Yes! Of course.” I didn’t need anything new from him. That said, this new book and the message within is just…incredible. It’s an enthralling story with a powerful message, which is indicative of Mitch, who gets billed as writing messages where the spiritual and the earthly collide, and they sure did in The Stranger In The Lifeboat. I start us off simply talking about personal transformation. Mitch had his own radical life change that resulted in the Tuesdays With Morrie book and in the 20+ years since then, this has been his devotion. What does it take to transform a life? Our lives? That’s what this episode is about. We got…deep. Into the very tenets of faith and our cultural views of God, and our personal lives. It was a significant discussion, and it’s coming up next. Get Mitch’s new book, The Stranger In The Lifeboat, wherever you get books. And you’ll hear him mention an orphanage in Haiti he literally took over And when you hear some of the significant issues of our lives we cover in this episode, I invite you to join our community where we go…deeper. Into meaningful conversations and how to apply what we hear, to our lives. To our transformation. Find my Driven To Live community at

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