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The James Swanwick Show teaches you the four pillars of living your best life, which are health, wealth, love, and happiness. Former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, James Swanwick, brings you world-class mentors including millionaires, sexologists, relationship experts, retirement experts, financial planners, celebrity personal trainers, New York Times best-selling authors and nutritionists.

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356 - Surviving Colon Cancer To Health and Mindset Obsession - Mike Carels

Canadian entrepreneur Mike Carels was in his mid 30s when diagnosed with colon cancer. But far from breaking him, the experience awakened a sleeping giant within. Learn how Carels became health and mindset-obsessed, how he optimizes every day, and is now truly living his best life.

1h 0m
Feb 13
333: Tai Lopez: Money, Health, Narcissists & Women

Investor and social media personality Tai Lopez talks to James and James's clients on what impact Covid-19 will have on society. Lopez also discusses what business you should be in right now, how to lose weight, put on muscle, which friends to keep around, why anxious people seem to surround themselves with anxious people and lots more.

1h 51m
Apr 21, 2020
We're Back! Ready To Listen Again?

We’re back! The podcast is back after 2 years away. What topics would you like me to speak on? Which guests? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll reply. This is going to be fun! James

Jan 08, 2020
331: The Final Episode - Goodbye (For Now)

Life is all about transitions. Things come and go, and nothing lasts forever. Sometimes we need to shift our focus to new things. This podcast is no different, and so it’s time to say goodbye for now. This show has been a journey filled with a lot of lessons, wonderful reflections, and capturing amazing moments in time. As my schedule has become busier and my business has begun to take off, I’ve decided to shift my focus - for a little while. I’ll be taking a break from the podcast and see how it goes. Perhaps it’ll come back in a few months, maybe it’ll be an entirely new show, or maybe this phase of life is over. No matter what I want you to know that I appreciate your support as a listener, and I encourage you to stay in touch with me. Whether it’s through social media, a meeting in person, or an e-mail every now and then to say hi I’d love to hear from you. On my final episode (for now) I reflect on what I’ve been learning lately. Not just in business, but also in life and personal relationships. I’ve grown a lot over the last few months and spent the time to reflect on what things have been holding me back for years. I have a feeling you will relate, and hopefully improve yourself as well. Download this episode of the James Swanwick show today to hear all about how you, too, can start taking action today to improve all areas of your life. KEY POINTS __ __

Dec 20, 2017
330: Chris and Eric Martinez: How to Avoid Burnout

How many times do you feel like your brain is fried? Maybe your body is exhausted? In either case you feel like progress is just a struggle, and that’s the problem of burnout. Burnout is a serious symptom we all deal with in life, and a lot of that stems from just doing too much and going too far. The mind and body both need breaks. If you want to build muscle, you can’t if you keep destroying it with high intensity workouts. It needs time to rebuild. If you keep working, researching, and trying to grow your business your brain will begin to fizzle and you’ll never get the chance to really absorb what you’ve been learning. As a result, take the time to relax. Take breaks, mentally and physically, so you can go back into the game and really get everything in your life moving where you want it to go. On this episode of The James Swanwick Show I talk to two fitness entrepreneurs, who are also identical twins, Eric and Chris Martinez. These two guys lost their father as teenagers, and it turned their life upside down. They were getting into trouble and acting out, and knew their life was going down the wrong road. As a result they ended up moving to Los Angeles and starting over. They built an incredibly successful business and got incredibly fit at the same time. They’ve joined us to give some amazing tips on how you can progress your mind, body, and business all at the same time without feeling like you have to sacrifice one for the other. Download this episode of the James Swanwick show to learn how you can stay on top of the game mentally and physically. KEY POINTS __ __   LINKS: Dynamic Duo Training New Era of Fitness Dynamic Duo’s Instagram

Dec 13, 2017
329: Richard Fletcher: How to Attract the Opposite Sex

How many times do you find yourself using pick-up lines and feeling anxious about it? Do you feel like you’re exhausted from wearing a mask? Well chances are it’s time for you to move your game up, and be yourself. One thing everyone wants in a partner is someone who is confident. That doesn’t mean you need to voice your opinion every chance you can, that just means you need to be comfortable being yourself. Own your opinions, but don’t push them. If you feel like the conversation isn’t going anywhere, and you feel like you need to prove yourself or start talking about your dating “resume” as to why you are such a good guy, pause for a moment. Start talking about THEM. If you get them talking about themselves, and really clarifying who they are, and what they want it will be so much more beneficial for everyone. They’ll feel heard, and you’ll learn if this relationship is right for you. Most importantly, listen to the words behind the words. Don’t be afraid to dig in to who they are and what makes them tick. On this episode of the James Swanwick Show, we are joined by Richard Fletcher. Richard lives in England, and is a relationship coach for men. He’s not about giving pick-up lines or teaching you how to put on a mask to land the girl of your dreams. Instead he helps you find the right person for you, and how you can find the perfect relationship that allows you to be you. Download this episode of the James Swanwick show if you are looking to stop playing the field, and start searching for the one. KEY POINTS __ __ LINKS Richard’s YouTube Richard’s Free Training Richard’s Website:

Dec 06, 2017
328: Alessandra Trovato: Which Healthy Foods Aren’t Really Healthy

Is what you are eating making you sick? Can you eat whatever you want and be fine? There’s no doubt about it that food and nutrition is a very complicated subject. It seems like every week there’s a new diet or study showing that some new food is a super villain. If you go online you read so many opinions, and facts that it can be very overwhelming. It’s hard to know if gluten is good for you or bad. Are juices and smoothies really as bad as soda, or are they a cure all to those with diseases? All of these answers are given by our special guest today, Alessandra Trovato. SHOW NOTES: JAMESSWANWICK.COM/328 Alessandra was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, which is a rare autoimmune disorder caused by the protein gluten - which is found in many pastas and breads. She’s now a nutritionist, and has become an expert on what food is truly healthy and what food is not. Even she admits the answers can be much more complicated than simple or yes or no, but luckily she answers a lot of questions about the myths of healthy foods. Download this episode of the James Swanwick show to learn what food are actually healthy and what foods are not. KEY POINTS __ __ __ Links: Alessandra’s Instagram Alessandra’s YouTube SHOW NOTES: JAMESSWANWICK.COM/328

Nov 22, 2017
327: Faith Brewer: I Have Brain Cancer

SHOW NOTES: JAMESSWANWICK.COM/327 We all take life for granted. We push things off, and expect that we will have the time to do things later. But it’s possible that while you think you are healthy, and in reality you aren’t. One day you may think you are fine and the next find out you have a disease like cancer. That’s exactly what happened to James’ lifelong friend, Faith Brewer. One day Faith had an unexpected seizure that came out of nowhere. She was rushed to the hospital, and after runnings tests discovered that she had two brain tumors. Unfortunately there is no cure for brain cancer. Since her diagnosis Faith has found more appreciation for the world around her, and has discovered the importance of time. It’s no longer about putting things off, but doing things while she still can. Faith has also decided to start speaking and giving awareness to this disease, which has been overshadowed by higher profiled cancers so there isn’t much money going to researching a cure. Download this episode of the James Swanwick show and hear Faith’s first steps towards raising awareness and what her personal story of finding out she has cancer. KEY POINTS __ __ SHOW NOTES: JAMESSWANWICK.COM/327

Nov 13, 2017