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Episode 967: "I've walked out of plenty of eulogies"

It's a facts show! Today Jonathan and James discuss which episode of The Simpsons was actually hated by the writers/actors A shrimp that could kill you! And why does turning it on again and off again actually work?

Nov 14
Listen to this show because it could save your LIFE!!!

Jonathan: Home not Hone, Ben Franklin and a live jive turkey and banning Christmas! James: Cows have best friends, The British blew up the Hindenburg for Led Zepplin, Drunk New Yorkers stealing planes

Oct 10
Episode 962: Listen to this show because it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

A cameo from Kirstie Alley, what happened to Metalocalypse, the first speeding ticket ever and SO MUCH MORE!

1h 3m
Sep 20
08-07-22 Why Bohemian Rhapsody is/isn't overrated

08-07-22 Why Bohemian Rhapsody is/isn't overrated

1h 19m
Aug 07
Episode 956: What has killed more rock stars? Drugs or airplanes?

Keith Moon's last days, The Jam and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

1h 12m
Jul 31
Paul Macartney and Dave Grohl together again

Also: What song has the best build up of all time? Jonathan thinks he has the answer but Rod and James think he's an idiot.

1h 3m
Jun 29
How Yoko stopped The Beatles reunion in 1974

Yoko is even worse than you suspected. The producer of Never Mind The Bollocks produced what other albums? Elon Musk is a garbage person. The Tenacious D Who cover we all need right now. The Ultimate Beatles setlist!

1h 9m
Jun 22
How Yoko ruined The Beatles getting back together in 1974

How Yoko ruined The Beatles getting back together in 1974

1h 13m
Jun 21
"Is it time to forgive Guns N Roses?"

(0:08) Rod is paranoid that his watch watches him masterbate. (2:38) Classic Rock News about musicians we ALL HATE! (Especially Morrissey) (27:23) Song facts! Kenny Loggins fantasized about Tina Turner while he was singing Danger Zone. (47:40) The Rock and Roll Draft! Where we create the greatest super-group known to man!

1h 17m
Jun 15
Shut up and listen! Episode 3

Who was You Oughtta Know really about (it WASN'T Cousin Joey) and why do Kiss fans WANT to be ripped off?

1h 7m
Jun 06
Episode 951: Jonathan and Rod ask us anything!

Did either of you cry watching the final episode of Ellen? What's the big deal about Mexican pizza? Who put the Ram in the Ramalamadingdong???

May 27
Episode 949: SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THIS! Jonathan Rod and James discuss the latest in old music

What band from 1997 should be in the Hall of Fame? Would Sting have gone back to The Police if his solo career had flopped? What Queen song did The Clash rip off? Who were Mr. Wilson and Mr. Heath?

1h 4m
May 01
Listen to this show because it could SAVE YOUR LIFE! The giant Carnivale head of Robert E Lee haunts my dreams

Why are there giants parties in Brazil celebrating the confederacy? A fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding Ernest Hemingway was a BAMF The even sadder story behind that futurama episode What made the moon Pablo's Hippos How Drugs Like Pervitin And Cocaine Fueled The Nazis’ Rise And Fall

1h 16m
Apr 17
Episode 567: Really Michael Stipe? You feel fine? You should feel GREAT! ALL THE TIME!

We do a list of songs that are sung really fast. Why? Because it's fun to hear people try to sing fast, and impressive when they pull it off.

Apr 07
RIP Taylor Hawkins/Best War song of all time

We talk about the untimely passing of Taylor Hawkins and how devastating it is to lose a best friend suddenly. We also did a list of the best songs about war! Not because that's relevant or anything these days.

1h 28m
Mar 30

Which country was the most evil during World War 1? It's not the country you think...and more crazy facts!

1h 9m
Mar 22
Regular old Wier Show with ROD and JAmEs!

A quick pick me up which is very much needed during this incredibly scary trying time of international strike and concern.

1h 4m
Feb 28
Episode 943: Listen to this show because IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! How can potatoes kill you?

Jonathan will tell you about 1 How to get rid of the hiccups: Bullshit old wives tales 2 Proof that there is no life after death? 3 Bruce Willis once said he didn’t want to play a dead guy in a movie. Nope, not THAT one. James will tell you about 1 A creepy German guy who was the basis of the first sci-fi novel ever. 2 How potatoes can kill you 3 The hilarious origin of the word “fascist” Rod will tell you about 1 What came first, the color orange or the plant? 2 How to get a free Tesla! 3 the word bikini, deadline, cup of joe and bite the bullet

1h 15m
Feb 09

Turkeys used to be revered as Gods The most successful sniper of WW1 First ever zoo! Ken Griffey Jr was not as good as Stan Musial Green children! First dinosaur bones found Making a motorcycle out of a car Belgian guy who hated his family, even after death Celebrities not good at being themselves

1h 20m
Jan 12