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2024-03-28 - BBI

New UK women’s basketball coach Kenny Brooks’ introductory news conference; (10:00) highlights from Barnhart/Calipari interview on BBN Tonight AND (20:00) the man who conducted it, Keith Farmer; (29:00) UK voice Darren Headrick on the new women’s coach and UK at Ole Miss baseball; (39:00) Unforgettable guard Sean Woods on UK’s quick exit and what the future might hold; (59:15) Keeneland’s Dr. Stuart Brown on equine safety with the meet coming up PLUS Jerry can’t handle living in Kramer’s apartment…

1h 21m
Mar 29
2024-03-27 - BBI

John Calipari will be sticking around - but can he change? Darrell Bird of the Cats’ Pause, who covered Travis Perry’s season from summer workouts through an offer from UK to the Sweet 16 championship; UK’s new (old) O Line coach on what he expects this spring; West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore and an observation about an over-sized pastry.

1h 20m
Mar 28
2024-03-20 - BBI

Special edition tonight: Oakland coach Greg Kampe on why he was hoping his team would face UK among all the 3 seeds; Northern Ky coach Darrin Horn with a scouting report on Oakland, Ky’s 1st-round NCAA tournament opponent; and the remainder of our conversation here in the garage with UK All-American Rex Chapman as he talks about his struggles as a high school and college player and the stories he tells in his new memoir. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t happy with it, but said he doesn’t like anything media-related that he does.

1h 18m
Mar 21
2024-03-14 - BBI

Rex Chapman, live and in color, stops by the garage to talk about his new memoir. Part 1 of our discussion (Part 2 airs next week); Jordan Cornette of NBC Sports, who called the UK-Tennessee game for Westwood One Radio, along with our own Darren Headrick; Unforgettable Sean Woods looks ahead to the SEC Tournament; West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore on Kenny Payne, post-season tournaments, Aaron Rodgers and the intrinsic value of One Shining Moment…

1h 19m
Mar 15
2024-03-13 - BBI

High school tournament fields have some interesting matchups for the boys AND the girls; (17:00) UK voice Tom Leach looks back on the UT win and ahead to the SEC Tourney; (39:00)Transylvania women’s coach Juli Fulks on her undefeated team’s run to the Final Four; (1:01:00) ex-UK staffer Martin Newton, now AD at Samford and a member of the NCAA tournament Selections Committee, on how they seed and bracket teams ahead of selection Sunday PLUS Rodney complains about sub-standard health care when he was a baby…

1h 21m
Mar 14
2024-03-08 - BBI

Surprises throughout the rivalry of the UK-Tennessee series; one of the national talking heads has Kentucky as one of the dangerous teams in the upcoming NCAA Tournament; (19:45) Ben Roberts of the Herald-Leader previews Cats vs Vols; (39:00) author/sportswriter Dr. John Huang pays a visit to the garage and talks UK sports AND his latest book collaboration - with his late father; (1:15:00) plus Heroes, Fools and Flakes including a man who stole millions from an NFL team and doesn’t think he deserves jail time…

1h 20m
Mar 09
2024-03-07 - BBI

UK Senior Night is a success; Nick Saban basically says selfishness in too many of his players drove him to early retirement; (19:00) Unforgettable Sean Woods looks back on his “unique” Senior Night and last night’s win over Vandy; (39:00) Jeff Piecoro of the UK football network on Saban, as well as upcoming spring practice; (58:00) West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore talks hoops and moose; PLUS a mysterious shopper makes an important purchase from Ted…

1h 19m
Mar 08
2024-03-01 - BBI

I battle a sore throat and meanwhile here John Calipari on Reed Sheppard; (11:00) Sir Charles finally takes to the internet; (19:00) I talk with Tom Leach, the Voice of the Wildcats; (39:00) Unforgettable Sean Woods breaks down Ky’s latest win; (59:00) West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore and The Dude tries to clear things up…

1h 20m
Mar 02
2024-02-20 - BBI

John Calipari doubles down on his post-Auburn remarks about defense and team improvement; Rick Pitino blasts his own players; Jack Givens brags on the Cats and shamelessly plugs his new memoir (as he should - it’s a fun read); David Sisk of Cats Illustrated liked what he saw in UK at Auburn and West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore…

1h 20m
Feb 21
2024-02-09 - BBI

UK softball coach Rachel Lawson likes the new pitch clock; Shaq remembers the first time he heard about Kobe; (11:00) a college football coach has a hilarious exchange with a potentil transfer over NIL money; David Letterman on Taylor Swift; (19:00) Justin Rowland of Cats Illustrated on the OC search and UK vs Gonzaga; (39:00) EKU’s AW Hamilton on his first-place team; (1:01:00) Unforgettable Sean Woods on Ky’s get-right win over Vandy; Heroes, Fools and Flakes and Captain Oveur has some pointed questions in the cockpit for Joey…

1h 21m
Feb 10
2024-02-08 - BBI

John Calipari on his team’s improving defense; WKYT’s Brian Milam covered UK at Vandy; UK’s acrobatic shortstop, Grant Smith; West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore with a Super preview and a tribute to “Blazing Saddles,” released 50 years ago this week…

1h 21m
Feb 09
2024-02-05 - BBI

We dissect Calipari’s post-UT loss comments; Kent Spencer talks UK basketball and latest football news; an Unforgettable, Sean Woods, on the coaching industry and what’s up with Wildcat defense and Jeff Piecoro on UK’s search for a new OC PLUS relationship advice from Shrek’s buddy, “Dunkey…”

1h 20m
Feb 06
2024-02-02 - BBI

On this Groundhog Day edition of the BBI, we talk about the departure of UK OC Liam Coen; UK vs Tennessee hoops with Jack Givens; UK football mid-season transfers check in; we offer several viewpoints on the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce flap (including comments from Charles Barkley, Colin Cowherd, Pat McAfee and Kelce himself); and West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore on a number of topics, including a concession stand concoction that’s equal parts creative and disgusting,

1h 19m
Feb 03
2024-02-01 - BBI

It’s an abbreviated show tonight ahead of UK women’s basketball; John Calipari breaks down the breakdowns from Wednesday’s loss to Florida; Mark Story on the Kentucky Sports Figure of the Year voting and a look ahead to Tennessee, which will come to Rupp Arena Saturday night ticked off and ready to fight.

Feb 02
2024-01-30 - BBI

Mark Stoops on re-hiring Eric Wolford; John Calipari on his “finishing five;” Maggie Davis of BBN Tonight, Jeff Drummond of Cats Illustrated and Ryan Black of the Courier-Journal talk UK football and basketball PLUS The Dude tries to keep things straight.

1h 18m
Jan 31
2024-01-26 - BBI

UK All-American Jack Givens of the UK Sports Network shares a painful memory that eventually helped one of his UK teams become a title contender; NFL picks and predictions; (20:00) UK network’s Cameron Mills on how Justin Edwards could turn things around, as well as what has to happen at Arkansas Saturday; (39:00) ex-UK OC Tony Franklin, who coached Lions’ QB Jared Goff at Cal/Berkeley, where Goff became the overall #1 NFL Draft pick (Goff is one win away from playing in his 2nd Super Bowl); (1:01:00) ex-UK bkb assistant Doug Barnes on this current team and some of its challenges. And a warning about unnecessary surgery from Kramer…

1h 19m
Jan 27
2024-01-25 - BBI

John Calipari doesn’t want his players manhandled; (10:45) ex-UK guard Jim Master on why he donated $1M to his alma mater; (19:30) Ben Roberts of the Herald-Leader on what it will take for UK to turn things around at Arkansas; (39:00) UK baseball coach Nick Mingione on the upcoming season, just three weeks away; (1:01:00) Darren Headrick previews tonight’s UK-Arkansas women’s game…

1h 7m
Jan 26