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2023-09-26 - BBI

Mark Stoops wants his UK crowd good and rowdy (lubricated?) when the Florida Gators come to town; (19:00) Cameron Mills of the UK Sports Network on his sit-down interviews with every basketball Wildcat; (1:01:00) ex-UK RB Anthony White on the Vandy win & the Gators PLUS a survivor of some nasty witchcraft…

1h 19m
Sep 27
2023-09-21 - BBI

(Only one hour as we make way for volleyball Friday night): Mark Stoops on what it will take to beat Vandy; ‘Dores coach Clark Lea on what it will take to be more like Kentucky; (19:45) our weekly melt of all the great plays from the win over Akron (32:00) plus Heroes, Fools and Flakes (naturally, Coach Prime is in there somewhere)

Sep 22
2023-09-20 - BBI

Sometimes coaches go against the grain and in a couple of instances, it’s not only successful but admirable as well (see Boulder, Colorado and Athens, Georgia for recent examples); (13:00) Liam Coen sees progress in Ky’s O-Line going into the Vandy game; (18:00) Ryan Black of the Courier-Journal looks to Cats-Commodores and peers down the road at Ky basketball; (39:00) Nashville radio legend George Plaster on Vanderbilt’s attempts to keep up with the rest of the SEC (18:15) and West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore laments, among other things, the stampede of talking heads on pre-game shows PLUS John Candy is taking drink orders…

1h 18m
Sep 21
2023-09-19 - BBI

Mark Stoops talks about the challenge of mixing the bitter with the better when it comes to teaching his team; Justin Rowland of Cats Illustrated and podcaster Van Hiles (ex-UK DB) break down the win over Akron and look ahead to Vandy; Ray Davis on how he zipped through the Zips; Shannon Sharpe torches Jets QB Zach Wilson and a mysterious customer has some questions for a stuffed cashier…

1h 21m
Sep 20
2023-09-15 - BBI

It’s a Birthday Bash with a look back at the opening of Commonwealth Stadium 50 years ago on this date, as well as other notable events and birthdays happening on September 15; (17:00) Jack Givens of the UK Sports Network remembers coming to games at CWS as a respite between basketball workouts (he also talks some hoops and how Reed Sheppard impressed him at a fishing hole); (45:00) Coach Nick Mingione with a report on fall workouts for UK Baseball; (1:00:00) a final tribute to the late EKU legend, Roy Kidd plus (1:14:00) Heroes, Fools and Flakes - one of them is a guy who sees no value in tailgating…

1h 18m
Sep 18
2023-09-14 - BBI

Liam Coen is happy to be back and ready to work on cleaning up Kentucky’s sloppy (my word) play so far this season; (7:00) Jets WR Garrett Wilson shares a conversation he had with Aaron Rodgers at halftime of the Monday night game; (18:00) Richmond native Keith Farmer of LEX18 and BBN Tonight on UK and his childhood memories of Roy Kidd; (41:00) the football Wildcats are anxious to improve; (45:00) the highlight melt of UK’s win over the Colonels and (1:05:00) Billy Rutledge and I preview this weekend’s NFL schedule plus… a Texas Longhorn fan is feeling all right, all right all riiiiight….

1h 18m
Sep 15
2023-09-13 - BBI

We take issue with comments allegedly made by what would appear to be tone-deaf NFL owners; (8:00) great radio calls of the Jets’ winning play vs Buffalo; (17:00) Christi Thomas of the UK Sports Network and (41:00) Lindsey Gough of WKYT look ahead to UK-Akron; (58:00) West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore with a slate of potentially great college and NFL games plus some choice words about artificial turf and some terrific advice from Kramer…

1h 17m
Sep 14
2023-09-12 - BBI

Tonight’s show includes special segments on the great Roy Kidd, the EKU coach who passed away Tuesday morning. We start with comments from current EKU coach Walt Wells; (11:00) we also remember two milestones including the night Pete Rose became the Hit King; (19:00) UK Voice Tom Leach joins us on the day he’s to be inducted into the Ky Sports Hall of Fame; (41:00) interviews with friends and former EKU staffers on Coach Kidd PLUS a spirited rendition of “Cabin on the Hill” and (1:01:00) Jeff Drummond of Cats Illustrated, who began his career in Richmond, covering the Colonels.

1h 18m
Sep 13
2023-09-08 - BBI

Mark Stoops says the Wildcats have worked hard at cleaning up their act heading into the matchup with EKU; (16:00) Colonels coach Walt Wells on the legacy of Roy Kidd; (18:00) Kent Spencer of WHAS on U of L’s win over Murray State and what ’ll be looking for in Saturday’s game; (39:00) Eli Gehn of WLEX says being on the sideline at Kroger Field last week was weird because it got so quiet; (51:00) Heroes, Fools and Flakes and there’s been some confusion in the cockpit…

1h 18m
Sep 11
2023-09-07 - BBI

Brad White liked a lot of what he saw (10:00) but knows there’s much to clean up in the UK defense; (18:00) Brian Milam of WKYT on UK’s season opener and the legacy of EKU legendary coach Roy Kidd; (41:00) WLAP’s Billy Rutledge makes his NFL picks; current Colonels coach Walt Wells on QB Parker McKinney’s decision to skip the transfer portal and an apology (sorta) from Nick Saban…

1h 18m
Sep 08
2023-09-06 - BBI

Like everyone else on the UK sideline, OC Liam Coen wasn’t satisfied with Saturday’s win but he loved what he saw from Ray Davis, who himself is looking ahead only to EKU. (6:00) We relive the radio highlights from the win over Ball State; (19:00) Ryan Black of the Courier-Journal breaks down the win over the Cardinals; (39:00) color analyst Jim Tirey of the EKU radio network with a preview of what to expect from the Colonels; West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore talks college football and NFL throwback unis and we listen in on an efficient minor league mound visit (hint: there was a lot of s**t going on out there)…

1h 18m
Sep 07
2023-09-05 - BBI

EKU coach Walt Wells is a true fan of southern rock; (10:25) Colonels QB Parker McKinney wants another shot at a D1 opponent; (19:00) former UK DB Van Hiles breaks down Ky’s win over Ball State; (39:00) Cats Illustrated publisher Justin Rowland says it was a solid start for the Wildcats; (1:01:00) sportswriter/blogger/author John Huang on how far UK football has come through the years; and insults are best delivered with an outrageous accent…

1h 18m
Sep 06
2023-08-31 - BBI

Two UK defenders have worked at gaining muscle (it appears they’ve succeeded); (20:00) John Clay of the Herald Leader on what to expect from Saturday’s game; (39:00) Haven Fields, color analyst for the Ball State radio network; (59:00) OL coach Zach Yenser on Jager Burton’s progress at center and (1:04:00) UK volleyball coach Craig Skinner on a challenging double dip this weekend with Pittsburgh plus - confusing times in outer space(balls)…

1h 18m
Sep 01
2023-08-30 - BBI

Mega dose of UK football featuring (2:00) OC Liam Coen, (11:00) QB Devin Leary and (39:00) RB Ray Davis; (20:00) ex-UK DB Van Hiles’ season preview; (44:00) UK Network stat man Corey Price with his media poll of top players in the history of Commonwealth Stadium/Kroger Field & (1:00:00) West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore plus some confusion on a plane in peril…

1h 18m
Aug 31
2023-08-29 - BBI

Mark Stoops says he WILL have a united team this year; Stoops surprised a walk-on with a scholarship after practice and the team erupted (that’s unity); (20:00) Voice of the Wildcats Tom Leach looks ahead to the opener; (39:00) EKU radio voice Greg Stotelmyer looks ahead to the Colonels’ opener at Cincinnati Saturday; (59:00) northern Kentucky sports writer Dan Rieffer and just how big can a Twinkie be?

1h 18m
Aug 30
2023-08-25 - BBI

We talk UK’s non-conference basketball schedule; Devin Leary on his voice in the huddle; (19:00) UK Network analyst Jeremy Jarmon believes the Wildcats are sitting on a big season; (54:00) Craig Skinner likes what he’s seen in pre-season volleyball workouts as his team prepped to open the season Friday night; (1:01:00) a recap of the week including Heroes, Fools and Flakes and a substitute teacher has had enough from his non-responsive students…

1h 18m
Aug 28
2023-08-24 - BBI

Nine days from UK’s opener, we look back on the night Will Levis ran roughshod over U of L; (12:00) D Coordinator Brad White on Deone Walker’s progress at DT; (20:00) Mitch Brown of Fox56 WDKY; (39:00) Kendrick Haskins of WAVE in Louisville on how recruiting battles are heating up between UK and U of L with a new staff in place for the Cards; (1:07:00) UK volleyball All-American Azhani Tealer previews the season opener and The Dude sets things straight.

1h 18m
Aug 28
2023-08-23 - BBI

We go deep on UK football depth; (21:00) Keith Farmer of LEX18/BBN Tonight rejoices in the impending football season; (41:00) Jeff Drummond of Cats Illustrated on how Mark Stoops and staff have built the latest UK football roster; (1:01:00) West End Bureau Chief Gary Moore with his 2 Guys & and 6-Pack plus some wise words from a “Dun-key”

1h 22m
Aug 24
2023-08-22 - BBI

Will Levis scores BIG with Hellman’s mayo; (9:00) Chris Rodriguez says UK helped prep him for the NFL; (21:00) ex-UK QB1 Bill Ransdell says it could be a big season for the Cats; (41:00) Mike Miller of the Field of 68 newsletter is impressed with what he saw of Calipari’s bunch in Canada; (1:01:00) Georgetown College coach Chris Oliver wants his Tigers back in the NAIA playoffs.

1h 25m
Aug 23
2023-08-21 - BBI

Back from the bottom of the ocean to re-set on UK football; (20:00) we get caught up with Aaron Gershon of The Cats’ Pause; (41:00) Mark Story of the HL on his terrific column in the Sunday paper, “Proudest Moments in UK Sports History;” (1:01;00) a word or two about scuba diving and the island of Bonaire (1:11:00) and a tribute to our late beagle, Toby.

1h 22m
Aug 22