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As heard on Radio Stations around Alaska...On Top of the World Radio is a daily one minute program with an uplifting message to get you going...all the way to the Top of the World!! YOU were born with a purpose....YOU were born to live your dreams! I'm Chris Story wishing you Health...Wealth...and Prosperity.

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Episode 727: What if you're a BIG FAT LIAR... and How Even Napoleon Hill Failed epically

Today's podcast is the show that might change your life! Email me at AlaskaMattersRadio@gmail.com visit my site:  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com   Hope we get a chance to connect....chris story

Mar 29
Episode 726: Why "Fake it 'till YOU make IT" Sucks!

From the Files of the Backyard Millionaire. Check out my new show... The Backyard Millionaire ~ How to Create Wealth Where YOU are with What You've got! Catch my show wherever you get your podcasts:  The Backyard Millionaire Radio Show! https://blubrry.com/backyardmillionaire/

Mar 24
Episode 725: When the WORLD Tells you NO ... and Pablo's Hippos

What a glorious day to be alive! May this find you well and living On Top of the World. YOU were Born to Live...on Purpose and with a purpose. Today's radio show was a blast, you'll enjoy this podcast or your money back. Welcome to the top of the World....bout to get real up in here (as the kids say). Be sure to grab one (or all three of my books ) ...in fact, BORN TO LIVE IS A TRANSFORMATIONAL SHORT STORY THAT MIGHT MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS SOME INSPIRATION IN THEIR LIFE. https://www.ilovehomerak.com/books

Mar 08
Episode 724: Optimism from On Top of the World in Homer Alaska

YES!  This is a Good Day! You have the power within you to become who you want to be...do what you want to do and contribute all you can while you're here. Come with me for an hour...suspend your disbelief and challenge yourself to live your best life! www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com chris story

Feb 21
Episode 723: A Millionaire Minute ... Can YOU Save Your Way to a FORTUNE ??

From the files of the Backyard Millionaire ...here's a one minute Radio Show! YOU can subscribe to the Backyard Millionaire show right HERE. chris  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Feb 20
Episode 722: From the Files of the Backyard Millionaire ... Down Turn could mean YOUR TURN

Hello from Homer Alaska! (YOU will want to subscribe to my brand new radio show ...the Backyard Millionaire...How to Create Wealth Where YOU are with What YOU'VE got!) https://blubrry.com/backyardmillionaire What a thrill to be on this journey with you. Becoming a Backyard Millionaire is so much more than just a Million Dollar Net Worth! A whole life..is the GOOD Life. On this episode, you'll hear actual tips on investing, getting a mortgage and living a Healthy Long Life. Thank you for being here...stick around, we're just getting started. Send me a message anytime from my website: www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com Also, you can grab a copy of my book there as well:  GET the BACKyard Millionaire BOOK HERE. https://www.ilovehomerak.com/books Until next time, I'm Chris Story wishing you Health, Wealth and Prosperity! c

Feb 17
Episode 720: Habits of Successful Real Estate and Investors

Plus....Lewis Schiff on Suze Ormans not practicing what she preaches... We answer the Question:  Can you SAVE your way to WEALTH? Also...Can REAL ESTATE be a FEEL GOOD Business too? Come on in...the water is warm! YOU Really CAN make a Million Bucks in your own BACKYARD. Chris Story https://www.ilovehomerak.com/books

Feb 10
Episode 719: Millionaire Minute - The Magic of Illusion

From my other podcast...the Backyard Millionaire.  YOU can subscribe here:   https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-backyard-millionaire/id1629323001 or Android here: https://www.subscribeonandroid.com/feeds.blubrry.com/feeds/backyardmillionaire.xml

Feb 03
Episode 718: Millionaire Minute ...from the Backyard Millionaire!

HOW does Jeff Bezos start his day?  DIFFERENTLY... just like you! Be sure to subscribe to my other podcast.... THE BACKYARD MILLIONAIRE - https://blubrry.com/backyardmillionaire/

Feb 02
Episode 716: BRAND NEW Radio Show... The Backyard Millionaire - How to Create Wealth!

Hello From Homer Alaska Very exciting times here...after 15 years on radio...it is time to launch a new show. I've committed to helping 2000 people become Backyard Millionaires.... (owning and controlling @ least 4 homes in their area). So...that means a RADIO show dedicated to the concepts and philosophy that can make that a reality for YOU!  HERE is a link to that SHOW https://blubrry.com/backyardmillionaire/ The Backyard Millionaire show was BORN on 1/26/23....here is the sound of its first gasps for life :) Let's GO! Chris Story

Jan 27
Episode 715: Real Estate 101 - Insights from a Backyard 'Billionaire'

Spend an hour with me! You'll enjoy this show...filled with stories and good ideas and a dash of humor! Chris www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com GET my Book HERE! https://www.ilovehomerak.com/books

Jan 20
Episode 714: Invest Like a Millionaire & Alaska Real Estate

Today we go over the Alaska Real Estate Stats from Homer to Anchorage. Plus tips on Investing and how to set goals beyond your reach. ....and not to mention some amazing MUSIC as always. YOU were Born to Live...On Top of the World Chris  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Jan 11
Episode 713: How to Become Wealthy in 2023

YOU Really Can Make a Million Bucks in Your Own Backyard...here's how! chris story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com Here's a link to grab my book on Creating Wealth Where you ARE...with WHAT you've GOT! https://www.amazon.com/Backyard-Millionaire-Create-Wealth-Where/dp/198225730X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=ZETBDK4JCDNO&keywords=backyard+millionaire&qid=1672970658&sprefix=backyard+millionaire%2Caps%2C507&sr=8-1

Jan 06
Episode 712: Freedom From Fear and Living the Good Life

What a way to start the year. Fantastic Music...thoughts and ideas to launch you into the best year YET! 2023...Hello! Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did doing it! Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Jan 03
Episode 711: How TO Change YOUR LIFE in the NEW YEAR!

What if you're making it too complicated? Real change can happen in an instant, the moment you make a decision and change the path of your life. Plus...how to Impress anyone in Business and a Backyard Millionaire Moment. Had a GREAT last show of the year, hope you enjoy! Chris 

Dec 29, 2022
Episode 710: Christmas Special with Paul Harvey and Ronald Reagan - God Bless America

Merry Christmas to you and Yours from On Top of the World in Homer Alaska www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com chris story

Dec 22, 2022
Episode 709: Is now the right time to get an EQUITY Loan?

Tune in and find out...plus stay tuned for a bonus feature that didn't make it to air today. Chris  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Dec 09, 2022
Episode 708: Alaska and Ranked Choice Voting

Alaska now has ranked choice voting. I'll be frank with you... 9 out of 10 people I've spoken to this past election cycle hate it....didn't understand that this is what was voted on in 2020.  The scheme was ...promote the elimination of Dark Money....and the subtext was ranked choice. I call it a $7,000,000 bait and switch. My guest is Art Mathais with AlaskansForHonestGovernment.org Hear what he's got to say and make up your own mind on Ranked Choice. Chris Story

Dec 07, 2022
Episode 707: On Living a FREE and Prosperous Life ...and the ART of DEBATE

Had such a blast on today's show...and such great music. YOU'LL learn how to prepare a WINNING SPEACH and how to influence anyone. Plus...we dip into Capitalism and Thinking Like a Billionaire! www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com Chris 

Nov 29, 2022
Episode 705: Black FRIDAY with a GOLDEN ATTITUDE

Some Amazing Christmas Music we played today as well as thought provoking ideas to help you live your best life...On Top of the World! www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com Chris Story

Nov 25, 2022
Episode 701: Million Dollar Ideas and how to CURE Loneliness

Now this is what I call RADIO!  Had such a blast today ...hope you enjoy the show as well.  Chris  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Nov 02, 2022
Episode 699: Alaska Constitutional Convention - To be or Not to be?

Paul Seaton and Sen. Mike Shower joined me to discuss whether Alaska should vote for or against a Constitutional Convention. *Plus we ask you what you think. *Plus...how to make people like you. *Plus a strange poem that will make you think. www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Sep 21, 2022
Episode 698: THE ABC's of Wealth Building

.....spoiler alert:  REAL ESTATE!  But...give the entire show a listen before you make up your mind. YOU can't control THE Economy...but you can control YOUR Economy! www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Sep 08, 2022