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As heard on Radio Stations around Alaska...On Top of the World Radio is a daily one minute program with an uplifting message to get you going...all the way to the Top of the World!! YOU were born with a purpose....YOU were born to live your dreams! I'm Chris Story wishing you Health...Wealth...and Prosperity.

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Episode 770: YOU say Stress - I say Distress - we all say Eustress . . .

There are several types of stress in life... one of them is killing you!! News @ 11 :)  YOU needn't wait till 11...you can simply listen to the show now.  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Mar 20
Episode 769: Freeze the Squeeze Kenai Peninsula Borough

Connect with the assembly at www.KPB.us  Freeze the Squeeze: 1. Pause the increases in assessed values:  use 2023 valuations for this tax year 2. Pass an ordinance capping the rate of rise year over year to not more than 5% per annum. 3. Step up Senior Exemption to $500,000 effective 2024 Tax Year. 4. Explore transitioning into an elected tax assessor vs. KPB Employment. (Answering directly to the people) The Government is going to need to learn to do more with more...just not thaaaat much more!

Mar 12
Episode 764: an HOUR of Optimism ...world Class Radio Right here!

Radio like you've never heard it before! www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com 

Feb 14
Episode 763: Living On Purpose: Embracing Optimism and Endurance

**Introduction:**Welcome to "On Top of the World Radio" with your host, Chris Story, broadcasting live from Homer, Alaska. Today's episode is all about living with purpose, optimism, and endurance. - Honoring the legacy of Toby Keith, a beloved country artist, and delving into the surprising truth behind the creation of the Secret Service. - Join us as we discuss Tucker Carlson's intriguing journey to Moscow for a historic interview with Vladimir Putin. - Discover how simple hobbies like gardening, cooking from scratch, and DIY home maintenance can not only save money but also enrich your life. - Learn mindfulness practices from Thich Nhat Hanh and embrace Aristotle's philosophy of self-realization in today's fast-paced world. - Embrace optimism as a guiding principle and discover six habits to stop and start living with purpose. - Embark on a culinary adventure with poached salmon and reflect on the enduring qualities of granite and words. As Marcus Aurelius said, "Right and Good Fortune are both on my side." Join us next time as we continue our journey of living on purpose and embracing life's challenges with optimism and endurance.

Feb 07
Episode 759: EVERY Choice in YOUR life has LEAD you to HERE!!!

**Podcast Show Notes - On Top of the World Radio 1/9/2024 ** - Introduction:   - Anthem: Live from Homer, Alaska, it's On Top of the World Radio on Purpose! - **Promise Yourself:**   - Empowering self-affirmations:     - Be strong and peaceful.     - Share health, happiness, and prosperity.     - Build up friends and see their goodness.     - Embrace optimism and turn thoughts into reality.     - Work for the best, expect it, and support others.     - Forget past mistakes and focus on future achievements.     - Maintain cheerfulness and spread smiles.     - Dedicate time to self-improvement.     - Live free from worry, anger, fear, and troubles. - **Golden Opportunity on Vacation:**   - Goldfish crackers' history:     - Founded in 1962 by Margaret Rudkin.     - Swiss origin tied to a cookie manufacturer.     - Introduced flavors and smiley face in 1997.     - Willard, Ohio, produces 50 million+ crackers daily. - **Yellowstone and Yosemite Story:**   - Reflection on Yellowstone's oddities.   - Praise for the 1923 show, focusing on American history. - **The Word - Born to Live:**   - Promotion of "Born to Live" by Chris Story.   - Synopsis of Abe's journey finding hope. - **AHD-mənts:**   - Definition: Remnants or parts left over.   - Example of finding hope remnants in journals. - **Times Like These - P. Harvey:**   - Historical events on this day from 1349 to 2015. - **Dale Carnegie's Tips:**   - Gratitude, connecting with others, living in the present, avoiding criticism, and setting realistic goals. - **Viktor Frankl and "Man's Search for Meaning":**   - Brief mention of Frankl's survival and impactful book. - **Write Now - Schoolyard Millionaire:**   - Excerpt emphasizing balancing ethos, pathos, and logos. - **Think and Grow Rich - Imagination:**   - Exploration of two forms of imagination and creation. - **Closing - On Top of the World Radio:**   - Closing anthem and motivational message: Do all you can with what you've got, and remember you are here for a purpose. - **Ronald Reagan Quotes:**   - Three quotes reflecting Reagan's views on government and individual freedom. - **Closing Bee Gees Message:**   - Encouragement to listen to your heart, express what's on your mind, and live out loud.

Jan 09
Episode 758: Welcome to your life ..in the year 2024 - Goal Setting and living the Good Life!

I can't wait to see who you become in 2024. Remember to embrace who you are on the way to where you're headed in life. all my best; Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Jan 02
Episode 757: How to SET GOALS for LIFE on PURPOSE

plus a reading of my book... Born to Live - Finding Purpose on the Road to Hope www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com/books

Dec 26, 2023
Episode 756: Dr. Douglas Frank on Election Integrity in America

No matter who you voted for in 2020 for President, you can't deny the reality that it was unlike any other election in our lifetime. And why, if you question 2020 election your persecuted...when questioning the 2016 election was called patriotic?  Somethings not right, and Dr. Frank is asking the hard questions, following the trail to the Truth, and paying a price for it.  Here is my conversation with Dr. Frank as heard On Top of the World Radio....Radio on Purpose and with a Purpose! Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Dec 13, 2023
Episode 755: One More Holiday ...

Hold the ones you love closely.  Look Forward. Learn from the Past. Remember...the Good life is lived right here in the Present. www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Dec 06, 2023
Episode 754: Optimism from On Top of the World in Homer Alaska

Welcome to "On Top of the World Radio" on November 28, 2023. I'm your host, Chris Story, broadcasting live from Homer, Alaska. Today's show is all about embracing the power of positivity and gratitude. We kick off with a powerful reminder to "Promise Yourself." ### Promise Yourself: - Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. - Spread health, happiness, and prosperity to everyone you meet. - Find something special in each of your friends. - Embrace the sunny side of everything and let your optimism shine. - Think, work, and expect only the best. - Celebrate the success of others with the same enthusiasm as your own. - Forget past mistakes and focus on greater future achievements. - Wear a cheerful countenance and share smiles with every living creature. - Dedicate time to self-improvement rather than criticizing others. - Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to allow trouble. ### The Science of Getting Rich: - Today, we're diving into the Science of Getting Rich through Gratitude, inspired by Wallace D. Wattles' work in 1910. - Tune in as we explore the greatness of gratitude on page 63. ### Quotes to Inspire: - "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." - Helen Keller - "I am fundamentally an optimist. Part of being optimistic is keeping one's head pointed toward the sun, one's feet moving forward." - Nelson Mandela - "An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill - TBC Radio presents "THE WORD" at 803.9424 or tbcradio.com. - Today, we're not just sharing one word but a volley of words. Here are ten synonyms for "optimist":   - Positive thinker   - Hopeful person   - Bright-sider   - Upbeat individual   - Positive-minded person   - Sunbeam   - Pollyanna   - Rosy outlook   - Cheery soul   - Silver lining seeker ### Times Like These: - Despite challenges, remember, there have always been times like these 1. **1520:** Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Pacific Ocean. 2. **1895:** First American automobile race. 3. **1925:** Grand Ole Opry premieres in Nashville. 4. **1942:** Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire in Boston. 5. **1960:** Mauritania becomes independent from France. 6. **1971:** Mars 2 orbiter reaches the surface of Mars. 7. **1987:** South African Airways Flight 295 crashes into the Indian Ocean. 8. **2008:** Moonlight Sonata played by 53,000 people in Mexico City, setting a new Guinness World Record. Join us as we navigate through history and embrace the positive energy of today. Stay tuned for more inspiration on "On Top of the World Radio."

Nov 29, 2023
Episode 753: Your Network will become your Net-Worth - From the Backyard Millionaire Radio show

Here's the opening of my sister show:  The Backyard Millionaire - How to Create Wealth Where you are with what you've got! Follow BYM also, you'll love it! Chris  www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com/podcast

Nov 24, 2023
Episode 752: How Inflation Works and Winning Friends and Influencing People in the Digital Age

**On Top of the World Radio - November 14, 2023** **Episode: "Promise Yourself, Quantum Leap, and Alaska Adventures"** Welcome to On Top of the World Radio, where wisdom meets adventure. In this episode: 1. **"Promise Yourself":** Embrace strength, optimism, and compassion, shaping a better world for yourself and those around you. 2. **"A Formula for Change":** Understand change with the 20-50-30 rule—20% support, 50% wait, 30% resist. Navigate change dynamics effectively. 3. **"Quantum Leap in Life":** Change doesn't have to be slow. One decision, massive action—leap into a new life direction for success. 4. **"Beware of Statistics":** Delve into the deceptive world of statistics. Not everything presented as a statistic is as straightforward as it seems. 5. **"Remember America":** Senator Rand Paul highlights fiscal challenges. Reflect on Ronald Reagan's words on inflation and current economic realities. 6. **"The Word - Sanguine":** Explore the optimism of "sanguine," rooted in Latin. A term evolved to convey positivity in challenging situations. 7. **"Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age":** Dale Carnegie's timeless principles for effective communication, even in the digital era. 8. **"Alaska Adventure Highlights":** Discover the wonders of Alaska, from Denali National Park to the Northern Lights and dog sledding. 9. **"Lottery Luck in Virginia":** A last-minute lottery ticket brings a Virginia man $5 million. What would you do with the sudden windfall? 10. **"What Would You Say?":** Sometimes, silence is the best response. Explore the art of saying nothing in communication. 11. **"Top 10 Dog Names":** For pet lovers, discover the top 10 male and female dog names—inspiration for your furry friend. 12. **"Most Popular Baby Names":** Uncover the trends in baby names, providing inspiration for parents-to-be. 13. **"Born to Live Review":** A heartfelt review of "Born to Live" brings a listener to tears. Chris, thank you for sharing your story. Buy BORN TO LIVE today at www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com/books Thank you for joining On Top of the World Radio, where every episode is an opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired. Until next time, stay on top of the world!

Nov 14, 2023
Episode 751: The Science of Wealth and Mastering the ART of DEBATE

Learning to DEBATE well is a skill that will pay you back in every walk of life! Today...you'll learn 4 basic principles that will help you WIN Every Debate! Plus... cracking the code of the Secret Science of Getting Rich. And...some fantastic bumper music to get you through the night. YOU were BORN To LIVE! On Top of the World Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Nov 08, 2023
Episode 750: A Clear Path to Wealth and the Best thing YOU can do for the WORLD

Wow...this is a jam packed show with guest Robert G. Allen Learn how to create WEALTH and do the best thing you can do for the planet...all in one podcast! chris www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Oct 25, 2023
Episode 749: Silas Luke Jones - In Studio live performance

Meet Silas Luke Jones - one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  Going absolutely nuts on social media, with millions of downloads of his songs...and yet he's the same humble young man we met a few months ago here on Top of the World. Destined for great things in the Music World...Silas has a heart, head and family on board to keep him grounded. Wishing him all the very best, share this with a friend, and let's watch Silas as he heads to the Top of the World! Chris Story

Oct 18, 2023
Episode 748: YOU'RE not Alone ...United means UNITED!

2020 .....NEVER Again.... we won't be fooled again! Or...will we? That's up to you! Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com

Oct 16, 2023
Episode 744: The GREAT Quest for All Americans!

The GREAT Epic Journey we call a QUEST isn't the only type. YOU can begin your QUEST where you are with what you've got. Right now. Tune in....start with this PODCAST and see where it takes  you. All my best; Chris Story www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com/books 

Sep 21, 2023
Episode 742: Small Town Paper Cancels Capt. America...

Use your voice or lose your voice! Greg Sarber was cancelled by his local paper...he took matters into his own hands:  www.SewardsFolly.substack.com  Celebrate America here in Homer Alaska... On Top of the World!

Sep 05, 2023