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The Bolt Report, Tuesday 5 December

Labor in shambles after a third released detainee allegedly reoffends, Brittany Higgins gives more evidence in Lehrmann's defamation trial. Plus, King Charles & Queen Camilla are set to head down under next October. See for privacy information.

Dec 05
The Bolt Report, Monday 4 December

Two released detainees reoffend just weeks after the High Court overturned a 20-year precedent. Plus, the COP28 climate summit is attracting more and more hypocrites every year. See for privacy information.

Dec 04
The Bolt Report, Thursday 30 November

Labor must walk away from the Greens and any party endorsing vile anti-Semitism, General Keane is sure Hamas have Iran's fingerprints all over them. Plus, could Nikki Haley contest Trump's lead or is it simply unassailable?  See for privacy information.

Nov 30
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 29 November

A council in South Australia scraps Welcome to Country, inflation dips lower than expected this month. Plus, ITV accused of culling Nigel Farage's airtime on 'I'm a Celebrity'. See for privacy information.

Nov 29
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 28 November

The High Court reveals their indefinite detention ruling was unanimous whilst an unmonitored detainee is still missing, Israel-Hamas ceasefire extended for two additional days. Plus, calls for carbon passports to limit air travel back on table.  See for privacy information.

Nov 28
The Bolt Report, Monday 27 November

Support for Albanese and his greenie government is in freefall, Winston Peters discusses his new role as New Zealand's deputy prime minister. Plus, Hamas releases a third group of hostages, how many more exchanges can we expect? See for privacy information.

Nov 27
The Bolt Report, Thursday 23 November

Albanese's green revolution is failing miserably and it’s costing Australians, Labor is downplaying their decision to grant 860 visas to Palestinians. Plus, a live update from Israel as the ceasefire & hostage-prisoner swap deal is delayed. See for privacy information.

Nov 23
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 22 November

Labor grants over 860 temporary visas to Palestinians, our very own Patrick Christys berated at a pro-Palestinian protest in London. Plus, Australia is not prepared for a drought season. See for privacy information.

Nov 22
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 21 November

China is exposing the depth of Anthony Albanese's weakness, Labor's electric vehicle strategy is in shambles, Lachlan Murdoch visits Ukraine proving just how fit he is for the role. Plus, who really is Argentina's new president? See for privacy information.

Nov 21
The Bolt Report, Monday 20 November

Labor's handling of the China-Aust naval incident proves dictator Xi Jinping is playing Albanese for a fool, new hope for the plight of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. Plus, doctors demand caution over gender-affirming care in children.  See for privacy information.

Nov 20
The Bolt Report, Thursday 16 November

Labor has left Alice Springs to its own devices after Voice defeat as it battles a catastrophic crime crisis. Plus, opposition leader Peter Dutton is doing Albanese's job for him whilst he jets off to the U.S. again.  See for privacy information.

Nov 16
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 15 November

Labor asleep whilst migrant criminals roam our streets. Quarterly wages growth hits a 26-year high, yet still sits below the inflation rate. Plus, Suella Braverman writes Rishi Sunak a scathing letter upon her dismissal as home secretary.  See for privacy information.

Nov 15
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 14 November

Labor's immigration policies curtailing the Australian dream of home ownership. Andrew slams the latest climate scaremongering as child abuse. Plus, our own panellist Louise Elliot accused of trans hatred. See for privacy information.

Nov 14
The Bolt Report, Monday 13 November

Andrew highlights the real idiocy of Penny Wong's comments. Anti-Semitic protests sweep though Australia. Plus, the High Court overturns a 20-year precedent allowing migrant criminals to be released. See for privacy information.

Nov 13
The Bolt Report, Thursday 9 November

Scott Morrison joins The Bolt Report to discuss Israel, the Liberal party and what his future holds. Plus, Donald Trump skips another GOP debate whilst his contenders scurry to threaten his lead.  See for privacy information.

Nov 09
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 8 November

The ABC continues to push its hysteric Great Barrier Reef coral narrative. Plus, Andrew speaks to Gregory Andrews on the 7th day of his hunger strike outside parliament, in protest of the government's coal and gas exports. See for privacy information.

Nov 08
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 7 November

Andrew Hastie slams the Albanese government's defence strategy. The RBA lifts the cash rate to 4.35%. Plus, what did we really get out of the prime minister's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping? See for privacy information.

Nov 07
The Bolt Report, Monday 6 November

With Anti-Semitism rising across the world, one preacher in Australia is calling for the murder of Jews. Plus, the Labor government is on a mission to control even more of what you do. See for privacy information.

Nov 06
The Bolt Report, Thursday 2 November

The government is not learning from the past, mushroom cook arrested over fatal lunch, Labor calls for Israel to pause Hamas war. Plus, a look at what to expect during the U.S. 2024 election.  See for privacy information.

Nov 02
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 1 November

Another community fights back against Labor's proposed offshore wind farms. King Charles expresses his 'deepest regret' for Kenya's past. Plus, the Albanese government continues to fumble their response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. See for privacy information.

Nov 01
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 31 October

The Hamas-Israel conflict has exposed a dark misinformation crisis. Stan Grant speaks out after the Voice's defeat. Plus, Andrew speaks with best-selling author and human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali live from London. See for privacy information.

Oct 31
The Bolt Report, Monday 30 October

Renowned psychologist and author Dr Jordan Peterson joins the show to talk about his fight against fearmongering with Andrew Bolt. Plus, a live update from Tel Aviv on the escalating conflict in the Middle East. See for privacy information.

Oct 30
The Bolt Report, Thursday 26 October

Bruce Lehrmann named as the 'high-profile man' accused of raping a woman in Toowoomba two years ago. The ABC continues to push its abhorrent anti-Israel agenda. Plus, just how important was Anthony Albanese's trip to The White House? See for privacy information.

Oct 26
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 25 October

General Jack Keane confident the Israel & Ukraine wars are linked. South Australia pushing ahead with a state Voice despite the referendum defeat. Plus, the Israel-Hamas war is prompting a wave of vile anti-Semitism.  See for privacy information.

Oct 25
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 24 October

Serious concerns over Chinese-made solar panel systems in Australia. Labor preventing Australians from climbing our beautiful scenery. Plus, the 'Yes' camp thinks releasing an unsigned letter to parliament will con Australians. See for privacy information.

Oct 24
The Bolt Report, Monday 23 October

Albanese arrives in Washington DC just after announcing a trip to China in November, the peak body behind the 'No' campaign has declared Labor's misinformation laws as their next target. Plus, a live update from Israel on the escalating conflict.  See for privacy information.

Oct 24
The Bolt Report, Thursday 19 October

Greens and Albanese's Labor govt MUST correct the record about the Gaza hospital attack. Plus, it seems time to ditch the offensive & divisive Welcome to Country ceremonies. See for privacy information.

Oct 19
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 18 October

IDF releases evidence indicating the Gaza hospital bombing was carried out by a Palestinian militant group, why was the media so quick to blame Israel? Plus, Joe Biden visits Tel-Aviv and reaffirms his support for the Jewish state. See for privacy information.

Oct 18
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 17 October

Cheng Lei interviews for the first time since her release exclusively on Sky News Australia. Plus, the first Australian repatriation flight from Israel lands in Sydney carrying 222 passengers. See for privacy information.

Oct 17
The Bolt Report, Monday 16 October

Albanese, along with the rest of the 'Yes' camp, ferociously search for a scapegoat for their failed referendum. Plus, the Israel-Hamas conflict enters its 9th day as the IDF prepares for a ground invasion on Gaza. See for privacy information.

Oct 16