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The Bolt Report, Thursday 28 September

Two months on and the Albanese Government remains dubiously vague on their Qatar decision, a much-needed fact-check of Noel Pearson. Plus, Andrew deep dives into the dark escalation of the migrant crisis.  See for privacy information.

Sep 28
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 27 September

Seems Victoria will still be run by a socialist leftie as Jacinta Allan is announced as Victoria's 49th Premier, Qantas leaders brutally grilled at the aviation senate inquiry. Plus, migrant crises are escalating across the globe. See for privacy information.

Sep 27
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 26 September

Dan Andrews' resignation shocks the nation as Bolt analyses his tragic leadership journey. Plus, Warren Mundine's National Press Club address puts a nail in the 'Yes' coffin. See for privacy information.

Sep 26
The Bolt Report, Monday 25 September

Latest Newspoll shows the Voice is essentially dead, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo steps aside as he faces an investigation over leaked text messages. Plus, union-dominated super funds are falling victim to the left's woke agenda. See for privacy information.

Sep 25
The Bolt Report, Thursday 21 September

Albanese's COVID inquiry is a dirty fix and an opportunity for Labor to evade accountability, Barnaby Joyce joins us from Washington, DC where he and an unlikely alliance are pushing for Julian Assange's release. Plus, more doddery Biden.  See for privacy information.

Sep 21
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 20 September

Climate change hysteria is making our government lose sight of real climate emergencies including low dam levels, Yes23 push out their latest celebrity-filled Voice advertisement. Plus, Rishi Sunak slows down the march to net zero. See for privacy information.

Sep 20
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 19 September

The Voice is sparking more dangerous and divisive ideas including a First Nations jury & an LGBTQI+ advisory body, 'Yes' protestors hurl abuse at attendees of a 'No' event. Plus, a US comedian caught out embellishing racism for laughs. See for privacy information.

Sep 19
The Bolt Report, Monday 18 September

Yes23's latest ad uses guilt-trip tactics to flip voters, Chris Bowen's anti-nuclear tirade sparks a heated debate on energy. Plus, China's defence minister joins the missing persons list of people under Xi Jinping's government. See for privacy information.

Sep 18
The Bolt Report, Thursday 14 September

The ABC spreading fake stories of Indigenous children’s corpses? Shoplifting statistics skyrocketing since the Covid-19 pandemic. Plus, Australian tycoon Tim Gurner’s outrageous claim that made him the most dislikable person overnight. See for privacy information.

Sep 14
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 13 September

Andrew exposes Marcia Langton's history of calling opposition racists, the Qantas catastrophe gets even worse, should the board resign? Plus, political scientists Roger Pielke Jr on climate change hysteria. See for privacy information.

Sep 13
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 12 September

Presbyterian Church takes a stance against race politics, US President Joe Biden suffers another embarrassing press conference blunder as doubts grow over his fitness for the job. Plus, more women blasted for defending female rights. See for privacy information.

Sep 12
The Bolt Report, Monday 11 September

The latest poll shows support for the Voice is free-falling, Annastacia Palaszczuk fronts claims of internal turmoil within her party. Plus, China's premier dismisses claims of a Chinese spy in the UK. See for privacy information.

Sep 11
The Bolt Report. Thursday 7 September

Sporting codes learn the cost of playing politics, the cost of the Humelink project blows up along with all the other dud, green schemes from Labor. Plus, General Jack Keane explains how Russia will never kill Ukraine's spirit.  See for privacy information.

Sep 07
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 6 September

Peter Dutton sheds light on Labor's relationship with Qantas, Jacinta Price's father speaks about his daughter's fight against division. Plus, Princess Diana's secret tapes revealed. See for privacy information.

Sep 06
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 5 September

Greenie claptrap damaging The Age's credibility as they promote climate change hysteria, a gruelling week sends Qantas CEO Alan Joyce out the door prematurely. Plus, an odd wave of wealth shaming is on the rise. See for privacy information.

Sep 05
The Bolt Report, Monday 4 September

Latest Newspoll shows Labor's support is dwindling whilst the No vote tips over a majority. Donald Trump is the favourite GOP candidate amongst its voters despite multiple indictments. Plus, how will the Voice members actually be decided? See for privacy information.

Sep 04
The Bolt Report, Thursday 31 August

Labor in foolish denial as AEMO warns of potential blackouts this summer, our national airline can't get out of hot water as Australia's consumer watchdog ACCC takes Qantas to court. Plus, Prince Harry reignites his royal feuds.  See for privacy information.

Aug 31
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 30 August

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull provides an update on her battle against the Victorian Liberal Party, Stan Grant plays the race card and accuses The Australian of pushing a smear campaign. Plus, Chris Bowen won't accept his green scheme failures. See for privacy information.

Aug 30
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 29 August

Residents outraged as Qld's Kaban wind farm blocks the clear night sky, a proposed Australia-NZ merger is exactly what this nation doesn't need. Plus, the Albanese government won't honour their word on asylum seekers. See for privacy information.

Aug 29
The Bolt Report, Monday 28 August

Teals backflip on their election promises as they start pushing for a major tax overhaul, Dan Andrews trying to get away with his Commonwealth Games disaster. Plus, why do so many politicians stumble when questioned about female anatomy? See for privacy information.

Aug 28
The Bolt Report, Thursday 24 August

Global warming hysteria is escalating, outrage over referendum ballot paper, Qantas announce sky high profit. Plus, Rick Gates joins the show to discuss the Republican debate. See for privacy information.

Aug 24
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 23 August

Bolt exposes the censorship on the Voice No campaign, frightening new evidence that Albanese government's shift to wind and solar power is going up in flames. Plus, Patrick Christys with the latest on the Royal Family feud. See for privacy information.

Aug 23
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 22 August

Mark Latham quits One Nation and accuses the party of 'defrauding NSW electoral funds', Donald Trump's lead over rivals now seems unassailable. Plus, what is hidden in the intergenerational report? See for privacy information.

Aug 22
The Bolt Report. Monday 21 August

Albanese blurring lines on his approach to nuclear, Gary Johns fronts up after his 'learn English' comment gains harsh criticism. Plus, the evidence against the Biden family is building day by day. See for privacy information.

Aug 21
The Bolt Report, Thursday 17 August-001

Albanese gets a cool reception, Labor’s national conference underway, Hillsong founder not guilty of cover up. Plus, Albanese nowhere to be seen with Matildas post semi-final game. See for privacy information.

Aug 17
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 16 August

Bolt fact checks claims made by Lidia Thorpe at the National Press Club and explains the reality of the Blak Sovereign Movement. Plus, Sophie Elsworth on the ABC Ombudsman's latest report on claims the public broadcaster is bias.   See for privacy information.

Aug 16
The Bolt Report, Tuesday 15 August

Growing pressure for Lily D'Ambrosio to be sacked as Dan Andrews downplays the branch stacking saga, Adam Giles says farmers are bearing the brunt of Labor's net zero agenda. Plus, former US president Donald Trump faces a fourth indictment.   See for privacy information.

Aug 15
The Bolt Report, Monday 14 August

Leaders quick to use Matildas victories for political ammunition, fatigue for Welcome to Country ceremonies escalating across the nation. Plus, London's mayor dividing city by culture as he hosts a 'Black on the Square' event. See for privacy information.

Aug 14
The Bolt Report, Thursday August 10

University campuses becoming 'hostile' to free speech, Labor's unattainable green agenda killing our energy supply. Plus, General Jack Keane discusses how the West must unite against China before it's too late.  See for privacy information.

Aug 10
The Bolt Report, Wednesday 9 August

As the Coalition takes a firm stance on nuclear energy, Labor continues to ignore any of its benefits. The ABC is terrifying school children with climate change hysteria. Plus, Harry as happy as can be as Meghan Markle is missing in action. See for privacy information.

Aug 09