3/20 1 Samuel 15 - Saul Serves Himself
MAR 20
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When God gives a command, sometimes we only half-heartedly obey. Today in our study of 1 Samuel 15, we’ll see that this is exactly what Saul did, and he was condemned for it too! Join us as we look at Saul’s heart and learn how to bring our own into wholehearted submission to God.


1.    What was the Lord’s command, through Samuel, in verse 3? What reasons did the podcast give for why God would have given a command such as this? How does verse 33 shed light on the Amalekites? 
2.    What was the outcome of this battle? Did Saul obey the Lord’s commands? 
3.    How does Esther 3:1 (and Haman being an “Agagite”) shed light on Saul’s obedience here?
4.    How did Saul justify his actions in this passage?
5.    What was the Lord’s estimation of Saul in verses 10 & 11? Why?
6.    In terms of what this chapter shows us about Saul’s heart, what was the difference between the heart of Saul versus the heart of David?
7.    According to verse 22, what should Saul have done? Why is this the most important step? 
8.    What does verse 23 say about rebellion? Why does the Lord characterize these sins in these ways?
9.    What does this passage show us about complete obedience, even when we’d rather not? 

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