The Next Steps on the Journey with Dr. Leroy Nunery, II
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On this edition of Agency Nation Radio, Will Jones, Independent Agent magazine editor-in-chief sits down with Dr. Leroy Nunery II, president, Evolution Advisors LLC, and author of the 2018 “The Journey of African-American Insurance Professionals,” and the follow-up study “The Next Steps on the Journey: Has Anything Changed?” released in January 2023.
While the new study shows positive change in the industry, with 60% of respondents agreeing their agency is committed to diversity, nearly 84% of respondents remarked that they still encounter obstacles in their career because of either conscious or unconscious racial bias.
Tune in as Leroy and Will discuss how the George Floyd murder was a turning point for race in the insurance industry, with more resources and initiatives devoted to inclusion. Still, Leroy says the industry has an awareness issue. With his years of expertise championing diversity in American business, he shares what you can do now—your next steps on the journey to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
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