Pro Wrestling Coalition: Saturday Night Carnage
DEC 29, 2021
Description Community

It’s Saturday night! And we don’t exactly know what that means? But one thing is for sure!? And that’s the PWC Saturday Night Carnage! Where the boys of the PWC Review Aew’s Rampage! Coming from the Greensboro colosseum! In a special Christmas 🎄 nIght edition of rampage! We talk about Cody Rhodes and where he fits into the bigger picture? Is Cody a heel? Is he a face?also Is hook the next big thing in aew? Tune in Buckle up and get ready! As Jimmy T and Michael Davis!aka 8Trac Black! With the professor Chabelo Vera Cruz calling into the show giving his perspective! As the PWC AND THE PW-HUSTLE join forces once again! In an all new edition of the PWC CARNAGE!!!