2018-12-14 Carole Baskin’s Diary
OCT 14, 2022
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I Forgot My Password

I have one password to open my computer and then password service to open the 500+ programs and secure sites I use.  A couple years ago it crashed and I had to reset its password and most of those other sites, so I did the old lady thing and wrote down the main password on a sticky note and put it in my top desk drawer.  Stupid.  I know.  But I thought it would be worse not being able to access the world.  


Yesterday I walked in sat down, and just stared at the computer.  I could not remember my password to save my life.  I couldn’t even remember the sticky note Plan B.  


I decided coffee might help and made a cup, took my vitamins, confessed my memory loss to Howie, tried to get consolation from Pearlie, and finally I saw it in my head and was able to start my day.  That led me to seeing if I’d ever created a page of help for everyone if I die or become incapacitated and I had created such last year, so I updated it to yesterday’s date.  


Knowing that my mind is going, or at least having some pretty significant shut downs, I’m even more compelled to finish this diary.  I discovered a folder full of emails between Howie and me and have been putting those in order and in this book and falling in love with him over and over as I do.  All of the beautiful things I thought and said about him during our meeting and falling in love are even more true today.  Thankfully there are better ways to store passwords than on a sticky note now, so no more of that nonsense. 


Hi, I’m Carole Baskin and I’ve been writing my story since I was able to write, but when the media goes to share it, they only choose the parts that fit their idea of what will generate views.  These are my views and opinions. If I'm going to share my story, it should be the whole story.  The titles are the dates things happened. If you have any interest in who I really am please start at the beginning of this playlist: http://savethecats.org/


I know there will be people who take things out of context and try to use them to validate their own misconception, but you have access to the whole story.  My hope is that others will recognize themselves in my words and have the strength to do what is right for themselves and our shared planet.  


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