2018-12-23 Carole Baskin’s Diary
OCT 19, 2022
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I Always Run Out Of Time

I am almost never on time because I always think I can cram just one more thing into whatever I’m doing before I have to go and then I’m down a rabbit hole and miss appointments, deadlines, and of course holidays.  I’ve always despised Christmas.  Weirdly, as a kid, I felt bad that my parents would give me stuff because I didn’t need or want for anything material.  As an adult I despise the commercialization and the expectation of gifts to the point where you have to buy stuff and give it to people even though you have no idea if they are even going to like it or have any use for it.   Maybe I’m just not terribly thoughtful and that’s why I can’t come up with time determined gift ideas.  I prefer to give gifts as I see something and think, “they are going to love this!” 


I offered to give Jamie a $17,000 trip to study snow leopards in the wild with the Snow Leopard Trust and she says she’s considering it.  I don’t know if her reason for not jumping at the idea was because of the cost (so she said) or if she thinks that’s a lot to spend to freeze your extremities off and never actually see a cat.  I bought a paper wallet for Howie a long while back, thinking, “he’s going to love this!” and I don’t think he’s even opened it yet.  I was so sure it was going to be one of those technological break throughs in men’s wear, that I bought a much fancier one to give him for Christmas...which is going to be a pretty stupid gift now, so I’ll probably hang onto it.


I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time editing this diary and exporting copies for security reasons.


Hi, I’m Carole Baskin and I’ve been writing my story since I was able to write, but when the media goes to share it, they only choose the parts that fit their idea of what will generate views.  These are my views and opinions. If I'm going to share my story, it should be the whole story.  The titles are the dates things happened. If you have any interest in who I really am please start at the beginning of this playlist: http://savethecats.org/


I know there will be people who take things out of context and try to use them to validate their own misconception, but you have access to the whole story.  My hope is that others will recognize themselves in my words and have the strength to do what is right for themselves and our shared planet.  


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