2019-01-06 Carole Baskin’s Diary
OCT 27, 2022
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Praise of Big Cat Rescue from Joyce Fitch

Carole and Howard,


I can’t thank you enough for letting me join the BCR family for a few weeks.  It was such a treat for me!  I learned a lot and had such a great experience being able to spend  so much time with the cats.  Everyone was so nice to me and so many people had fun stories to share.  Thanks to Chelsea, I was able to do every tour and was with lots of difference keepers.  I talked Ted’s ear off every night, but he seemed to enjoy my adventures.  I had to miss the night tour because my family seems to think they come first 😃 and they surprised us.


Aleesa let me help out in the gift shop and I did some parking lot work and  a bit of cleaning so I felt at home.  Absolutely a wonderful experience!


Both Ted and I speak often about how remarkable BCR is.  You have created such an exemplary organization;  everyone appears to know exactly what to do and they go about their tasks professionally and happily.  No one breaks the rules - not even bending them.  How commendable is that?  Very!


We went on a private tour on Friday with Barb and she was great.  I wanted to see the cats I couldn’t when backing up tours and we got to see Purrfection, Pharaoh, Sapphire, Duchess, Des, Loki and then the rest of the crew.


I would love to come back when you get the new tigers so please keep me in the loop about their arrival.


I will re-read the beginning of Zoo College and figure out how to write a plea to be able to quicken my pace to Internship etc.  We will be planning more visits when we get ourselves organized and look at obligations, but we are sure we will return next year for longer but at the same time of year so I hope I can help out again.  I talked to Aleesa and offered to help with inventory next year if she is interested.  Both she and Chelsea are great!


Again - Thank you!


Ted is a retired vet from IL and Joyce has her masters degree in science and has been a teacher and consultant to organizations including Apple and Google.  


Hi, I’m Carole Baskin and I’ve been writing my story since I was able to write, but when the media goes to share it, they only choose the parts that fit their idea of what will generate views.  These are my views and opinions. If I'm going to share my story, it should be the whole story.  The titles are the dates things happened. If you have any interest in who I really am please start at the beginning of this playlist: http://savethecats.org/


I know there will be people who take things out of context and try to use them to validate their own misconception, but you have access to the whole story.  My hope is that others will recognize themselves in my words and have the strength to do what is right for themselves and our shared planet.  


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Music (if any) from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) This video is for entertainment purposes only and is my opinion.  Closing graphic with permission from https://youtu.be/F_AtgWMfwrk