Healing From Within with Sheryl Glick
MAR 24
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Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Vincent Genna author of The Secret That’s Holding you Back which allows you to see if you’re not pursuing a rewarding career, not in loving relationships, not financially secure, healthy or vital don’t even know your purpose or passion, then you are stopping yourself without even knowing it. Sheryl’s dad used to say often, “You are your own worst enemy. Indeed, all of us have fears and let’s find out how to improve that form of limitation from our childhood fears. Vincent, a gifted psychic medium psychotherapist with a genuine loving approach to provide healing for body mind and spirit shares 39 years of training research and experience in the Metaphysical Psychological and Spiritual fields to help you dive into your psyche, to release unconscious blockages, resistances, and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, so you can live the life your soul intended to in this incarnation. https://vincentgenna.com/

Learn more about Sheryl here: http://www.sherylglick.com/