Reading Revelation Responsibly - Week 1
JAN 05
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John Sullivan (FBC Trustee + Deacon) - Revelation 1 (Revelation 1:1-19; Daniel 7:1-2, 9-13; 10:1-6)

Women riding many-headed beasts?  Talking eagles? Many-faced creatures that sing on a sea made of glass? The Book of Revelation can be confusing, and even a little frightening.

Although we often focus on the prophetic nature of the Revelation, it is meant to give hope to believers in every age. Let's study this often-misunderstood part of the Bible.


​Reading Revelation Responsibly - Week 1

Lesson Handout

I. ​Introduction
​A. ​Author of the Book
​B. ​Date of the Book’s Writing
​C. ​Genre of the Book

​II. ​Reading Revelation Irresponsibly
​A. ​Specific Predictions About Today
​B. ​Future Focus
​C. ​Present Focus
​D. ​Past Focus
​E. ​“Breaking the Code”

​III. ​The Theme of Revelation
​A. ​Witness
​B. ​Uncivil Worship
​C. ​The Lamb of God versus the Dragon and the Systems of the World
​D. ​Hope for Now, Hope for the Future